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Webinars and White Papers

White Paper | Manufacturing Instruments for Orthopedic Robotics and Surgical Navigation

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

Robot-assisted medical procedures are becoming more pervasive, increasing from 1.8% to 15.1% of all general surgeries between 2012 and 2018.1 Despite the capital expense of orthopedic robots, hospitals are spending millions to add them to their surgical suites. This white paper by MedTorque discusse... Read more »

White Paper | Osteoconductive PEEK Meets Injection Molding

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

Until now, it has been virtually impossible to manufacture implants from compound plastics with bioactive particles by injection molding. For orthopedic device manufacturers, VESTAKEEP® Fusion offers the added value of fully preserving the osteoconductive function during injection molding. The uniq... Read more »

On-Demand Webinar | Orthopedic Product Development: Expert Advice and Lessons Learned During COVID

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

COVID has tested R&D and product development leaders in new ways, from collaborating with teams remotely, identifying technology to interact and train surgeons, and maintaining clinical trials progress. In this on-demand webinar, orthopedic R&D and engineering leaders discuss how they've kep... Read more »

White Paper | From Powder to Spinal Cage Production: Added Value for Spinal Implants through Additive Manufacturing

by GE Additive | Mar 2021

Additive manufacturing offers an opportunity to increase the value of spinal cages without adding cost or manufacturing time. In using additive, spine companies can design and manufacture a unique and smart geometry offering many advantages. Among these are improved cage geometry and functional inte... Read more »

White Paper | Properties of Additively Manufactured Titanium Parts—A Comparative Study

by Carpenter Additive | Feb 2021

Additive manufacturing of orthopedic implants using Ti64 alloys has been successful across spine, hip, knee, and extremity applications due to the alloy’s inherent biocompatibility and good mechanical properties combined with additive’s ability to tailor porous structures enabling osseointegrati... Read more »

White Paper | Additive Manufacturing: Capability Report on Production-Ready Parts

by Tangible Solutions | Feb 2021

Additive manufacturing has transitioned from a prototype-only mentality to production-centric technology. As orthopedic device companies consider additive manufacturing as a production choice, it’s valid to ask: How reliably does the technology produce a wide mixture of parts? This white paper det... Read more »

White Paper | Finishing 3D Printed Devices with MATRIX MCD Apatitic Abrasive

by Himed | Nov 2020

The emergence of additive manufacturing technologies into orthopedics has been transformative, advancing device intricacy and performance while offering patient-specific solutions. While 3D print resolution has steadily advanced during this evolution, post-processing is often a necessity to remove s... Read more »

On-Demand Webinar | Technology Trends in Biomechanical Testing

by BONEZONE | Nov 2020

In this webinar, you’ll discover how biomechanical testing technology can be leveraged to develop innovative orthopedic products. Two prime biomechanical technologies are optical measurement and CT systems. Optical measurement systems are used for 3D shape, movement, displacement, strain and vibra... Read more »


On-Demand Webinar | State of Orthopedics: Expert Advice to Conquer Uncertainty

by BONEZONE | Oct 2020

Navigating day-to-day processes and strategic goals amid a pandemic has brought myriad challenges to orthopedics. How do you maintain supply chain continuity? How do you execute product development with a remote team? How do you adjust to major regulatory delays like EU MDR? This on-demand webinar b... Read more »

On-Demand Webinar | Design for Manufacturability: Unlock the True Benefits

by BONEZONE | Oct 2020

The benefits of design for manufacturability (DFM) extend well beyond collaboration with manufacturing engineers. To ensure products are developed in alignment with organizational goals, leadership should leverage a DF(x) philosophy to manage myriad considerations that define successful, and profita... Read more »