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Articles Tagged "3D printing"

Materialise Acquires Option to Buy Link3D

by BONEZONE | Apr 2021

The potential acquisition may accelerate the roadmap to offer cloud-based access to an integrated software platform.   ... Read more »

INKplant Partners Collaborate on Regenerative Medicine

by BONEZONE | Apr 2021

Nineteen partners from universities, research centers, SMEs, multinational corporations and hospitals are forming a multidisciplinary team to join different biomaterials and 3D printing technologies to build biomimetic implants.   ... Read more »

LimaCorporate and HSS Open First Provider-based Design and 3D Printing Center for Complex Joint Reconstruction

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

HSS patients will be scanned onsite, and their custom implant will be designed and fabricated in the onsite center using LimaCorporate's Trabecular Titanium technology. This design and manufacturing service will also be accessible to patients from other U.S. hospitals.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Welcomes Greg Morris as Chief Technology Officer

by BONEZONE | Feb 2021

Mr. Morris has been involved in advanced manufacturing since founding Morris Technologies in 1994.   ... Read more »

Researchers Pioneer 3D-Printed Bone Structures with Living Cells

by BONEZONE | Feb 2021

The technique could prove to be a solution for autologous grafts and bone reconstruction.   ... Read more »

Stratasys Enhances Digital Anatomy 3D Printer

by BONEZONE | Jan 2021

The Digital Anatomy 3D printer enables physicians to practice inserting screws with biomechanical realism similar to a human anatomy.   ... Read more »

Precision ADM Appoints Pablo Batista as Vice President, Engineering and Operations

by BONEZONE | Jan 2021

Precision ADM has its roots in the orthopedic medical device industry and has developed an Advanced Digital Manufacturing® process which includes design, engineering and manufacturing.   ... Read more »

4D Biomaterials Furthers Commercialization for 3D Tissue Scaffolds

by BONEZONE | Jan 2021

The company is developing polycarbonate-based resins, which can be formed into materials that have good shape memory and promising tissue-healing performance.   ... Read more »

Solvay Partners with PrinterPrezz on 3D Printing for Medical Devices

by BONEZONE | Dec 2020

Solvay and PrinterPrezz are collaborating to develop 3D printing selective laser sintering solutions for implants and other medical devices.   ... Read more »

Tsunami Medical Chooses GE Additive Printers for Spinal Implants

by BONEZONE | Dec 2020

The company added an array of GE Additive Concept Laser AM systems at its facility in Italy.   ... Read more »

White Paper | Finishing 3D Printed Devices with MATRIX MCD Apatitic Abrasive

by BONEZONE | Nov 2020

The emergence of additive manufacturing technologies into orthopedics has been transformative, advancing device intricacy and performance while offering patient-specific solutions. While 3D print resolution has steadily advanced during this evolution, post-processing is often a necessity to remove s... Read more »

Dimension Inx Raises $3.175 Million for 3D-Printed Implants

by BONEZONE | Nov 2020

The company uses a patented materials design and manufacturing platform to create 3D-printed implants for tissue repair and regeneration.   ... Read more »

Additive Industries Announces New Flagship 3D Metal Printer MetalFAB-600

by BONEZONE | Nov 2020

The company expects to present the new 3D metal printing model towards the end of 2021.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Granted FDA Clearance for New 3D-Printed Spine Devices

by BONEZONE | Oct 2020

The clearance addresses the company’s GAIA Lumbar Interbody Fusion Device family of spine implants.    ... Read more »

3D Systems Gains FDA Clearance for Patient-Matched Surgical Guidance

by BONEZONE | Oct 2020

3D Systems’ VSP technology received 510(k) clearance as a service-based approach to personalized surgery, combining medical imaging, surgical simulation and 3D printing.   ... Read more »

3D Printing and Robotics Lead China’s Technology Opportunities

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2020

OEMs and consultants said the primary market opportunities in China will be tied to advanced technology, including systems that aid surgeries and implant surface structures. ... Read more »

FDA Clears First 3D Printed HAnano Surface Modified Implant

by BONEZONE | Aug 2020

Promimic AB announced Innovasis received the first FDA 510(k) clearance of a 3D printed porous titanium implant modified with the company’s HAnano Surface.... Read more »

3 Questions on 3D Printing

by Patrick McGuire | Aug 2020

As 3D printing of orthopedic implants and instruments evolves, so too will the technology used to design and manufacture products. We reached out to experts to discuss design, software, materials and post-processing.... Read more »

Why Nexxt Spine Prioritized In-House 3D Printing

by Mike Evers | Aug 2020

Nexxt Spine President Andy Elsbury shares how bringing 3D printing in house has helped the company with product development, manufacturing response and positioned them for COVID recovery.... Read more »

Linde Partners with 3D Medlab to Optimize 3D Printing of Complex Structures for Medical Devices

by BONEZONE | Jul 2020

Atmospheric conditions in the additive manufacturing process can be optimized to produce complex latticed structuresfor medical devices.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Enters Exclusive License Agreement for Spinal Interbody Technology

by BONEZONE | Jul 2020

The worldwide license agreement addresses spinal interbody device technology patent rights from the University of California, San Francisco.   ... Read more »

Exactech Transitions Equinoxe Stemless Shoulder to 3D Laser Printing Process

by BONEZONE | Jul 2020

The bone-conserving anatomic total shoulder is now being manufactured using direct metal printing with high precision lasers to create its porous bone cage.   ... Read more »

FDA Repeats Call for Advanced Manufacturing Efforts

by Carolyn LaWell | Jul 2020

FDA's CDRH Director Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren emphasized the need for a greater focus on Advanced Manufacturing during the MDIC 2020 Annual Public Forum. FDA leadership noted COVID-19 has furthered its Advanced Manufacturing efforts, which will be tied to the Case for Quality Initiative. ... Read more »

New 3D-Printed Liquid Crystal Elastomer Developed for Spine

by Heather Tunstall | Jul 2020

A new material could prove to be an improvement on current treatment techniques for spinal fusion and potential disc replacement. The research team created a 3D-printed semi-crystalline liquid crystal elastomer spinal fusion cage that more closely mimics the properties of biological tissue. ... Read more »

3T Additive Manufacturing Dramatically Reduces Part Setup Time

by BONEZONE | Jul 2020

3T Additive Manufacturing achieved a reduction in its part setup time from five hours to ten minutes with adoption of technology from Renishaw.   ... Read more »

Admatec to use CAM Bioceramics' Bioresorbable Ceramic Material for 3D Printing

by BONEZONE | Jun 2020

Admatec will employ the materials on its Admaflex 3D printing systems to serve the medical and dental markets.   ... Read more »

Investment Boosts 3D Printing at Protolabs

by BONEZONE | Jun 2020

Protolabs commenced work on a £10.5 million investment that will increase its 3D printing capability by 50% to meet growing demand.   ... Read more »

Materialise Launches Mindware, Advisory Service for 3D Printing

by BONEZONE | May 2020

Materialise Mindware offers business managers a direct line of access to strategic, tailored advice on use of 3D printing to address their needs and challenges.   ... Read more »

3D Systems Names New President & CEO

by BONEZONE | May 2020

Dr. Jeffrey A. Graves replaces retiring CEO Vyomesh Joshi.   ... Read more »

Evonik Launches Implant-grade PEEK Filament for Medical Applications in 3D Printing

by BONEZONE | May 2020

Evonik is the first company to launch a 3D-printable PEEK filament as an implant-grade material for medical applications.   ... Read more »

3 Design and Manufacture Considerations for Outsourcing

by BONEZONE | May 2020

Create a list of questions and considerations for your supplier partner. What are their capabilities? What is their expertise? What best practices do they follow?... Read more »

3D Systems Performs Advanced Figure 4 Materials Testing

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

The company is first in the additive manufacturing industry to conduct and provide comprehensive, consistent materials test data to help engineers efficiently, effectively evaluate AM production materials for their applications.   ... Read more »

Digital Metal's Software Upgrade Triples Print Speed

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

For medical and dental devices, Digital Metal's services open new possibilities for cost-effective mass customization.  ... Read more »

SLM and Canwell Medical Partner to Speed Certification and Serial Production

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

Canwell Medical is one of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of orthopedic implants, instruments and continuous passive motion devices for post-surgical rehabilitation.   ... Read more »

Amplify Additive Receives ISO 13485 Certification

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

The company uses Electron Beam Manufacturing to create implants for orthopedic patients, saving time and money and improving clinical outcomes.   ... Read more »

6 Orthopedic Trends You Can’t Ignore

by Carolyn LaWell | Mar 2020

3D printing, robotics, regenerative medicine and minimally invasive surgery are among the trends that orthopedic veterans say you must consider to remain relevant in the next decade.   ... Read more »

3D LifePrints Gains Funding to Support Global Expansion

by BONEZONE | Mar 2020

The company provides anatomical models for procedure planning, surgical cutting guides and titanium implants for craniomaxillofacial procedures.  ... Read more »

Dimension Inx Issued U.S. Patent for the 3D-Painting System

by BONEZONE | Mar 2020

The patent protects proprietary inks for tissue repair and regeneration.   ... Read more »

3D-Painted Hyperelastic Bone Brings New Material to Orthopedics

by Heather Tunstall | Mar 2020

Dimension Inx is bringing 3D-painted orthopedic devices to market to aid tissue repair and bone regeneration. The materials offer alternatives to titanium and polymers.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Accelerates Device Design and Innovation

by Gautam Gupta, Ph.D. | Feb 2020

Forward-thinking medical device manufacturers have embraced the benefits of AM in designing their implants and instruments, as well as one-of-a-kind products that can only be made with AM.... Read more »

Oxford Performance Materials OsteoFab PEKK Study Results

by BONEZONE | Feb 2020

In vivo research found that PEKK displays more favorable bone response vs. PEEK and Ti-Coated PEEK.   ... Read more »

ASTM, America Makes Prioritize Additive Manufacturing Data Management

by Heater Tunstall | Feb 2020

 ASTM and America Makes are among additive manufacturing organizations creating a data collection and utilization roadmap to bolster the additive process.... Read more »

3D Printing Bioresorbable Powder Launched by Evonik

by BONEZONE | Feb 2020

RESOMER PrintPowder enables high-resolution 3D printing of implants via Selective Laser Sintering.   ... Read more »

FossiLabs Offers 3D Printed Fully Porous PEEK Bone-Like Scaffolds

by BONEZONE | Jan 2020

The company is producing 3D-printed PEEK porous medical implants with advanced hydrophilicity.   ... Read more »

Stratasys Appoints Yoav Zeif as New CEO

by BONEZONE | Jan 2020

The move supports the company's next stage of growth as it expands the 3D printing industry.   ... Read more »

GE Healthcare Partnering to Advance 3D Biofabrication

by BONEZONE | Dec 2019

The companies will create an integrated and agile way to print cells using cellular imaging and six-axis digital biofabrication.   ... Read more »

Materialise Expands Reach in Brazilian Markets

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

An investment in Engimplan allows Materialise to bring its expertise in personalized, 3D printed implants to the region.   ... Read more »

3D Systems and Antleron Partner on Biomedical 3D Printing

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

3D Systems’ MultiJet Printing (MJP) and Figure 4 technologies combined with Antleron’s bioengineering expertise lay the foundation for bioprinting solutions that may improve personalized patient care.   ... Read more »

VELO3D Announces Assure Quality Assurance and Control System for 3D Metal Printing

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

Assure provides traceability of machine health, part integrity and build reporting. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is the first user of Assure.  ... Read more »

Guyson International Launches Powder Flush System for Trabecular Structures

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

Guyson International introduced the Powder Flush system to clean 3D-printed trabecular implants.    ... Read more »

Stryker Gains FDA Clearance for SAHARA Lateral 3D Expandable Interbody

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Stryker received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the SAHARA® Lateral 3D Expandable Interbody System featuring Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology. This is the first and only 3D-printed lateral expandable device on the market.   ... Read more »

ADAM to Launch Human Trials of 3D-Printed Bone

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

The startup plans to complete pre-clinical trials within the month and commence first human trials by the end of 2019. The project seeks to reduce the cost for synthetic bone production by half.   ... Read more »

Autocam Medical Equipment Installed in University Lab

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Autocam Medical is a partner in the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership program to encourage careers in engineering and manufacturing.   ... Read more »

New GE Additive Facility Opens in Germany

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

The new facility is part of a continued investment in lean manufacturing sites in response to growing customer demand.   ... Read more »

GE Additive, Oerlikon Joining Additive Manufacturing Cluster in Bavaria

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

The initiative aims to accelerate the use of additive manufacturing in various industries through integrated research and development initiatives.   ... Read more »

Marie Langer Appointed CEO of EOS

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

EOS is restructuring management to optimally position the company in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving 3D printing market.   ... Read more »

Stryker, SeaSpine and Innovasis Ink New Licensing Deals

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Conformis will supply patient specific instrumentation to Stryker, Innovasis signed a deal to access porous HA PEEK and SeaSpine is entering the 3D-printed interbody space.   ... Read more »

Stratasys Introduces Digital Anatomy 3D Printer

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

The company also launched BonMatrix material for orthopedic printing applications.    ... Read more »

Mantiz Producing Spinal Implants with Shining 3D Printers

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Korea-based Mantiz has entered the 3D-printed device arena.   ... Read more »

3D Systems Gains FDA Clearance for VSP Orthopaedics for Surgical Planning

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

The virtual surgical planning technology is available on Onkos Surgical's My3D Personalized Solutions platform.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz and Osseus to Develop 3D-Printed Spine Implants

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

Applications for multiple spinal devices are slated for submission to FDA within the year.   ... Read more »

Rosler AM Solutions Adds 3D Printing Services

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

AM Solutions, a brand of the Rösler Group, has added services that complement its post processing offerings.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Blends 3D Printing Open-Ecosystem and Clinical Expertise

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2019

PrinterPrezz utilizes an open-ecosystem business model and collaborates across the supply chain with companies like GE Additive, Materialise, nTopology and SI-BONE. Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alan BC Dang shares the startup's vision for 3D printing orthopedic devices.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Innovator Andy Christensen Joins Precision ADM Board

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

Mr. Christensen played a role in the very first FDA clearances for additive metal implants for the orthopedic and spine space.   ... Read more »

3D Systems Gains Additional FDA Clearance for DICOM-to-PRINT Software

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

FDA's clearance of D2P marks the company's entry into the Point of Care market with its growing demand for in-house manufacturing of patient-specific anatomic models.   ... Read more »

Evonik Invests in 3D Printing Startup in China

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

Meditool manufactures 3D-printed neuro and spine surgery implants. This is Evonik Venture Capital’s first direct investment in China.   ... Read more »

Oxford Performance Materials Opening Japan Facility

by BONEZONE | Jul 2019

A partnership with JSR Corporation will advance OPM’s OsteoFab 3D-printed implant and OXPEKK biomedical materials technology platforms throughout Asia.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Gains ISO 13485:2016 Certification

by BONEZONE | Jun 2019

PrinterPrezz achieves ISO 13485:2016 certification for Quality Management Systems for the medical device industry.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Establishes Co-Location Center to Accelerate Additive Manufacturing of Medical Devices

by BONEZONE | Jun 2019

The company is partnering with UCSF to develop next-generation 3D-printed medical devices.   ... Read more »

Materialise Certifies HP Printers for 3D Printed Anatomic Models

by BONEZONE | Jun 2019

The certification ensures that medical professionals can use HP 580 series printers with Mimics software to print patient-specific anatomical models for diagnostic and surgical planning purposes.   ... Read more »

Tangible Solutions Issued No Form 483s Following FDA Inspection

by BONEZONE | Apr 2019

The inspection reviewed additive manufacturing equipment validations and records, as well as other controls and procedures.   ... Read more »

Tangible Solutions and Cedarville University to Develop 3D Printing Technology

by BONEZONE | Apr 2019

This partnership will explore ways that 3D printed architecture, structure and surface design affect the function of 3D-printed titanium for orthopedic implant design and manufacture.   ... Read more »

Evolve Additive Solutions Growing in Rochester, NY

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Evolve Additive Solutions, provider of the additive manufacturing Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process, is expanding its operations in the Rochester, NY region.    ... Read more »

Victrex and Bond Partner on 3D Printing for PAEK Parts

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

To give customers an accelerated route to market for 3D-printed PAEK parts, Victrex has made a multi-million Euro investment in Bond High Performance 3D Technology.   ... Read more »

Renishaw Demonstrates Additive Capabilities for Spinal Implants

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Renishaw collaborated with Irish Manufacturing Research and nTopology to demonstrate the advantages of additive manufacturing in the production of spinal implants.... Read more »

Tangible Solutions Expands 3D Printing Facility

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

Tangible Solutions partners with companies beginning in the prototype phase through production strategy and sustainment.   ... Read more »

PrinterPrezz to Provide Metal 3D Printing Services to SI-BONE

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

PrinterPrezz will provide development and build services for potential future 3D-printed devices.    ... Read more »

DePuy Synthes Plans Additive Manufacturing R&D Expansion at Ireland Facility

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

DePuy Synthes’ investment includes a 3D-printing Development and Launch Center and implementation of the Johnson & Johnson 3D Bioprinting Laboratory. Projects will focus on advancing materials in additive manufacturing, coatings and surface treatments.... Read more »

Advant Medical Receives Boston Scientific Supplier Achievement Award

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

The Galway, Ireland-based contract manufacturer is a tier-one vendor to many medical companies globally.   ... Read more »