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Articles Tagged "robotics"

8 Orthopedic Companies New on Our Radar

by BONEZONE | Apr 2021

To help you identify new companies, we're sharing ones we've found recently with notable FDA 510(k) clearances, funding, new products and studies. Here, we highlight entities with technologies for robotics/digital, spine and orthobiologic applications.   ... Read more »

4 Spine Acquisitions from 1Q21

by BONEZONE | Apr 2021

NuVasive, SeaSpine, Implanet and Neo Medical announced purchases to expand their spine portfolios.   ... Read more »

Infographic: 15 Orthopedic Robots

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

The number of orthopedic robots has expanded to 15 systems from 12 companies. While today's robots are primarily used to perform more predictable procedures through real-time feedback and implant placement accuracy, future generations are expected to incorporate AI, AR and greater surgical... Read more »

DePuy Synthes Gains FDA Clearance for VELYS Robot with ATTUNE Knee

by BONEZONE | Jan 2021

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution adapts to the surgical workflow, and helps surgeons execute accurate bony cuts.   ... Read more »

Elos Medtech Investing to Support Orthopedic Robotic Surgery

by BONEZONE | Nov 2020

In  recent years, Elos Medtech has developed a strong product offering in orthopedics through specialization and investments in the company's core competencies.   ... Read more »

3D Printing and Robotics Lead China’s Technology Opportunities

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2020

OEMs and consultants said the primary market opportunities in China will be tied to advanced technology, including systems that aid surgeries and implant surface structures. ... Read more »

AV&R Launches Robotic Systems for Implant Production

by BONEZONE | Aug 2020

The company has developed robotic systems that now perform various surface finishing processes on implants such as knees and hips.   ... Read more »

Video: How to Respond to Digital Health Disruption

by Carolyn LaWell | Jun 2020

How will COVID-19 spur the digital disruption in orthopedics? How should industry react? Our video interview with digital health expert Dr. Stefano Bini provides answers. ... Read more »

6 Orthopedic Trends You Can’t Ignore

by Carolyn LaWell | Mar 2020

3D printing, robotics, regenerative medicine and minimally invasive surgery are among the trends that orthopedic veterans say you must consider to remain relevant in the next decade.   ... Read more »

Enabling Technology is Here to Stay

by Mike Evers | Mar 2020

Commentary from executives and spending patterns of the largest orthopedic companies have affirmed that robotics will continue.... Read more »

Fusion Robotics Goes Small with 4-Pound Robot

by BONEZONE | Mar 2020

Fusion Robotics seeks to introduce the world’s first portable spinal robotic navigation offering. It can easily fit within a suitcase for simple travel.   ... Read more »

ARCH Medical Solutions Grows Capabilities for Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Acquires MMi Sonora

by BONEZONE | Feb 2020

MMi provides high-precision complex machining, prototyping to production, testing, assembly and finishing.   ... Read more »

FDA-Cleared Navigation, Planning and Robotic Systems

by Julie A. Vetalice | Feb 2020

Enabling technology will be a large focus in 2020. In preparation for announcements to come, we took stock of FDA 510(k) cleared products from 2018 to 2019.... Read more »

Can Technology Boost DePuy Synthes' Knee Franchise?

by Mike Evers | Feb 2020

DePuy Synthes’ competitors have dominated both industry news cycles and the market itself. Rajit Kamal, Vice President and Global Knee Franchise Leader, aims to change that through a combination of hardware and technology.... Read more »

Glebar Launches the CAM.3 Micro Grinder

by BONEZONE | Feb 2020

The expanded features of CAM.3 will offer designers a wide array of fabrication capabilities for orthopedic parts.   ... Read more »

RTP Develops Material Solutions for Surgical Robotics

by BONEZONE | Jan 2020

RTP Company offers thermoplastic technologies with special properties such as strength, flame retardance, wear/chemical/impact resistance, color, etc. for surgical robotic systems.   ... Read more »

Johnson & Johnson Bolsters Digital Surgery Tools with Verb Surgical

by BONEZONE | Jan 2020

JNJ, parent to DePuy Synthes Companies, entered into an agreement to acquire the remaining ownership stake in Verb Surgical. The transaction is expected to close in 1H20.   ... Read more »

MCRA Selected by THINK Surgical to Support FDA Clearance for Surgical Robot

by BONEZONE | Dec 2019

THINK Surgical's TSolution One® active robot for total knee replacement was previously CE Marked.   ... Read more »

Globus Medical Leaders Discuss Joint Replacement and Robotics Expansion

by Mike Evers | Dec 2019

We sat down with leaders from Globus Medical to discuss their entrance into the joint replacement market, robotics’ role in orthopedic surgery and the company's future as a full-scale musculoskeletal player.... Read more »

DePuy Synthes to Promote TINAVI Robotic Solutions in China

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Together, the companies will jointly promote the rapid development of digital surgery and technological medical innovation, providing insights for the Chinese medical industry through local collaboration and optimizing patient experience.  ... Read more »

THINK Surgical Gains FDA Clearance for Robotic Knee Replacement Application

by BONEZONE | Oct 2019

Previously available in Asia Pacific and European markets, the TSolution One system is now cleared for use in the U.S. in total knee replacement.  ... Read more »

NASS Review: Spinal Robotics, Enabling Technologies, 3D Printing and Biologics

by Mike Evers | Oct 2019

Enabling technologies were the story of the North American Spine Society 2019 Annual Meeting, with the top spine players prominently featuring an array of robotic-assisted surgery ecosystems.   ... Read more »

6 Companies Expand Robotic, Imaging, Navigation Tools via 2019 M&A

Acquisitions in the first nine months of the year afforded joint replacement and spine companies access to new enabling technologies to boost their robotic, navigation and imaging systems. We review the acquisitions and what they could mean each company's technology. ... Read more »

How One Orthopedic Surgeon Improves the Delivery of Care through Connectivity

by Mike Evers | Sep 2019

Apps, robotics and wearables all collect data that could affect a surgeon's decision and their patient's outcomes. Entrepreneurial surgeon Padraic Obma, M.D., advocates that surgeons and device companies think bigger and broader about utilizing data to deliver orthopedic care.... Read more »

Stryker Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Mobius Imaging and Cardan Robotics

by BONEZONE | Sep 2019

To bolster its spine division, Stryker is acquiring Mobius Imaging and its sister company, Cardan Robotics for up to $500MM in cash. The acquisition provides Stryker with immediate entry into the intra-operative imaging segment to complement its implant and navigation offerings.   ... Read more »

AI, Robotics, Wearables among Technologies Orthopedic Surgeons Want Advanced

by Mike Evers | Aug 2019

 At OMTEC 2019, five orthopedic surgeons advocated for leveraging new technology and processes to enhance operating room, patient and supply chain experiences. ... Read more »

Portescap Offering New Surgical Motors for Small Bone Applications

by BONEZONE | Aug 2019

The size 9 motors can withstand 1,000+ sterilization cycles and are suitable for use with robotically-assisted surgical devices.   ... Read more »

Orthopedic Innovation Driven by Instruments

by Barry Parker | Aug 2019

Orthopedic device companies commercializing robots need to consider the capabilities of their manufacturing partners. ... Read more »

Medtronic VP Says Instruments Integral to Robotic Advancements

by Carolyn LaWell | Aug 2019

Instrument design and manufacture play a critical role in robotic and navigation technology. Companies will look to develop smaller and lighter instruments in future system iterations.   ... Read more »

Globus Medical Enters Hip, Knee Market with StelKast Acquisition

by Julie A. Vetalice | Aug 2019

Globus Medical also announced the launch of a robotic system for joint replacement in late 2020. The company seeks to leverage recent hardware and software investments in robotic technology.... Read more »

Fusion Robotics Gains Funding to Support Spinal Robotics System

by BONEZONE | Jul 2019

Fusion Robotics closed a financing round with lead investment by Alex Lukianov of Lukpartners, LLC and Kevin Foley, M.D. Proceeds will help ready the company's spinal robotics platform to obtain regulatory clearance and begin commercialization.   ... Read more »

Surgeons Weigh in on Robotics' Role in Orthopedics

by Hal Conick | Jul 2019

Robotics remains a polarizing topic amongst orthopedic surgeons. The OMTEC 2019 surgeon keynote highlighted the arguments for and against the technology.... Read more »

Infographic: Robots in Orthopedics

by BONEZONE | Jun 2019

Robotics is a priority for the top players in orthopedics. Our infographic highlights the ten robots presently on the market, including launch dates and markets served.... Read more »

Orthopedic Industry Surpasses $50 Billion in Global Revenue

by Mike Evers | Jun 2019

Orthopedic industry revenue reached $51.2 billion in 2018, as the top players prioritized connected ecosystems of products, flagship technologies like robotics and outpatient procedures.... Read more »

THINK Surgical Completes Enrollment for Study of Active Robot for TKR

by BONEZONE | May 2019

The company has filed a submission to FDA for clearance to market its active robot for use in total knee replacement procedures.   ... Read more »

Zimmer Biomet Gains FDA Clearance of ROSA ONE Spine System

by BONEZONE | Apr 2019

The company now has FDA 510(k) clearance for knee, spine and brain applications on one robotic platform. ROSA SPINE features dynamic tracking that allows it to move with the patient, supporting accuracy without the need to be attached to the patient or the surgical table.   ... Read more »

Brainlab Acquires Medineering, Robotics Platform

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Brainlab is creating the first openly scalable medical robotics platform paired with an efficient software ecosystem.  ... Read more »

3 Early-Stage Orthopedic Computer-Assisted Companies to Know

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

The proliferation of computer-assisted technology companies entering the joint replacement, spine and trauma markets indicates to us that industry believes that there's room for product introduction and adoption. Here we highlight three of those companies and their very different intraoperative... Read more »

Smith & Nephew Acquires Brainlab Joint Replacement Business

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Brainlab provides pre-operative planning, intra-operative navigation and tools for post-op evaluation and information sharing. Smith & Nephew also gains access to cloud computing, tracking, augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image fusion and anatomic segmenta... Read more »

Corin Enters Orthopedic Robotics Market with OMNI Acquisition

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Corin entered into a binding agreement to purchase OMNI, maker of the OMNIBotics® robot-assisted total knee replacement system. The acquisition accelerates Corin’s joint replacement growth strategy and gives it a greater foothold in the U.S.... Read more »

Biologics, MIS, Robotics: Why Surgeons Say to Prioritize These Technologies

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

These expert surgeon voices—upon which we often rely to identify both trends and opportunities of interest to you—speak to critical topics, including orthopedic industry evolution, minimally invasive spine surgery, robotics and sensors, and value-based implants.... Read more »

Most Popular Articles of 2018 Featured Robotics, Contract Manufacturer M&A

by BONEZONE | Jan 2019

What else did you read about the most on our website last year? Arthroscopy/soft tissues companies to watch; products in spine, knee and hip; surgeon perspectives on implant material choice; supply chain quality; labelling mistakes, Brazil and more. ... Read more »

Medtronic Completes US $1.7 BB Acquisition of Mazor Robotics

by BONEZONE | Jan 2019

The previously announced purchase demonstrates Medtronic’s belief in the future of guided spinal procedures. Mazor joins Medtronic’s Neurosurgery business, part of the Restorative Therapies Group’s Brain Therapies division.... Read more »

Zimmer Biomet Completes First Procedures Using ROSA Knee Robot

by BONEZONE | Nov 2018

These first five cases were all performed in a single surgery day by one surgeon—this perhaps hints at the company’s positioning of ROSA as efficient and minimally disruptive to procedure flow. ROSA is expected to receive FDA 510(k) approval in 1H19.... Read more »

Smart Devices, Robotics, Sensors: Tools to Improve Patient Outcomes

by BONEZONE | Oct 2018

Dr. Martin Roche explains how these technologies are shaping the future of orthopaedic surgery: "A surgeon needs data to make objective decisions intra-operatively. The subjective Art of Surgery is poorly translatable ... Through all this rapid evolution, the clinician must take a leadership role."... Read more »

Corin Increases Footprint with Acquisition of Global Orthopaedic Technology

by BONEZONE | Oct 2018

Global Orthopaedic Technology (GOT), which bills itself as the largest Australian-owned orthopaedic implant designer and manufacturer, was established in 1999 and serves Australia and the U.S.—two markets in which Corin has an established presence.... Read more »

NASS Conversations Reaffirm Focus on Additive, Computer-Assisted Surgery, Materials

by BONEZONE | Oct 2018

The spine industry is fixated on two concepts: procedure enhancement via surgical assistance technologies and device design via coatings, materials and manufacturing.... Read more »

Large Spine Players Focus Acquisitions on Robotics, Navigation, Additive

by BONEZONE | Sep 2018

Medtronic, DePuy Synthes, Stryker and Globus Medical—four of the five largest spine companies ranked by revenue—announced acquisitions in the last month. We recap the additions to their product portfolios.... Read more »

AIRO Focuses on Robotic, Artificial Intelligence Application for Joint Reconstruction

by BONEZONE | Sep 2018

Brett Robertson, Managing Director for the Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics, explains how AIRO is leveraging decades of orthopaedic expertise to deliver a platform technology that unites lasers, robot-assisted motion, computational modeling, AI, digital sensing and real-time responses.... Read more »

Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference Offers Insights on Funding, Startups

by BONEZONE | Sep 2018

Orthopaedic professionals can expect to hear about technologies being commercialized by 22 companies along with insight from long-term investors during the conference, held October 23-24 in Memphis, Tennessee.... Read more »

Robotics in Orthopaedic Surgery: Answers to Three Questions

by BONEZONE | May 2018

We examine the players and products, address data and adoption, and look at who is driving the push toward the technology.... Read more »

Knee and Hip Manufacturers Focus on Additive, Materials, Robotics

by BONEZONE | Mar 2018

Among our takeaways from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting include the trend that products must correlate to better patient outcomes and more efficient (quicker, less expensive) procedures.... Read more »

Smith & Nephew's NAVIO Used in Bi-Cruciate Retaining Total Knee Replacement

by BONEZONE | Nov 2017

SNN completed the first robotics-assisted bi-cruciate retaining total knee replacement with its NAVIO® system and the JOURNEY™ II XR bi-cruciate retaining total knee.... Read more »

Surgical Assistance: Milestones and Funding

by BONEZONE | Oct 2017

Within the second half of 2017, we’ve noticed a jump in announcements pertaining to what we call “surgical assistance” tools: platforms designed to improve ease of use, support a personalized implant fit for patients, etc. Here’s what’s been making the headlines.... Read more »

Medtronic Assumes Exclusive Commercial Rights for Mazor X

by BONEZONE | Sep 2017

Medtronic entered Phase II of its strategic partnership with Mazor Robotics, granting Medtronic exclusive global distribution of the Mazor X surgical robotic assistance platform. The partnership affords Medtronic the lead in robotics amongst the largest spine players.... Read more »

DePuy Synthes Adds Hip Replacement Navigation through JointPoint Co-market Agreement

by BONEZONE | Sep 2017

DePuy Synthes entered into an exclusive U.S. agreement with JointPoint to co-market a surgical navigation platform for total hip replacement, beginning in 2H17.... Read more »

China’s Medtech Policy Sets Path for Orthopaedic Manufacturers

by BONEZONE | Feb 2017

The Chinese government has prioritized medical device development, as well as local and international investments by domestic device companies. These initiatives, along with shifts in OEM to hospital distribution channels and newly-structured tiered healthcare, are expected to affect and shape the o... Read more »

Positioned for Growth: Exactech, Others Move Surgical Assistance Forward

by BONEZONE | Oct 2016

First total shoulder procedures and the first U.S. knee revision procedure have now been performed using ExactechGPS, a Guided Personalized Surgery system combining pre-op planning with intra-op real-time computer assistance.... Read more »

Glen Carlson Jr. Retires from Acme Manufacturing

by BONEZONE | Sep 2016

After 58 years of service in design and manufacturing of integrated robotic automation, Glen Carlson Jr., Chairman, is retiring.... Read more »

Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet Enter 2-level Cervical Disc and Robotic Markets

by Carolyn LaWell | Aug 2016

In efforts to invigorate revenue growth, Medtronic and Zimmer Biomet have focused on niche technologies that expand their portfolios—but have yet to prove wide scale adoption.... Read more »

Medical Tracking Solutions Adds OMNIlife science to Client Roster

by BONEZONE | May 2016

Medical Tracking Solutions (MTS), developers of iTraycer, announced the addition of OMNIlife science to the company’s client roster. OMNI is an orthopaedic device company focused on robotic-assisted total joint surgery, as well as the design and marketing of hip and knee implants. “Our growth s... Read more »