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Articles Tagged "hip"

FDA 510(k) Recap: Joint Replacement Updates and Line Extensions

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

To date in 2020, joint replacement players like Arthrex, Conformis, DePuy Synthes, Medacta, Zimmer Biomet and others have gained FDA 510(k) clearance for a variety of updates and line extensions for their knee, hip and shoulder devices.    ... Read more »

DePuy Synthes Announces CE Mark for BI-MENTUM Dual Mobility Hip

by BONEZONE | Mar 2020

Currently available in the U.S., BI-MENTUM is slated to enter European markets in April 2020. The system complements other hip stems with highly polished necks, including the company's CORAIL Hip System that has more than 2.5 million implantations to date.  ... Read more »

FDA 510(k) Recap: 10 Products in Joint Replacement and Spine

by Julie A. Vetalice | Nov 2019

This month, we look at companies that received their first orthopedic-related clearance such as FX Shoulder USA, Amplify Surgical and restor3d, and others like Exactech, Smith+Nephew and THINK Surgical that have interesting new technologies or line expansions.... Read more »

Smith+Nephew Launches OR30 Dual Mobility Hip

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

OXINIUM Technology is the first advanced bearing material available to support modular dual mobility throughout the entire offering.   ... Read more »

Total Joint Orthopedics and CeramTec Launch Novel Femoral Head

by BONEZONE | Nov 2019

Pre-clinical testing of the implant shows that the anatomically contoured design retains the same joint stability and dislocation resistance as currently available head designs.   ... Read more »

CMS Proposes Total Knee and Total Hip Outpatient Changes

by Julie A. Vetalice | Aug 2019

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced its recommendation to cover total knee replacement in ASCs and total hip replacements in outpatient settings.... Read more »

Hip Replacement Companies Expand Portfolios with New Product Launches

by Julie A. Vetalice | Jun 2019

A conversation with a surgeon pioneer of the anterior approach and a recap of 10 product launches provide a review of the hip replacement space.... Read more »

Maxx Orthopedics' First Successful Procedure with Libertas Hip Replacement

by BONEZONE | May 2019

The Libertas total hip replacement system comprises cemented and cementless femoral stems, cementless acetabular cups designed for use with highly crosslinked polyethylene modular liners and either Biolox delta or cobalt chrome head options in multiple head diameters and offset options. ... Read more »

Exactech Gains FDA Clearance for Alteon Cup and XLE Liner

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

The Alteon Cup is used with the Alteon XLE highly crosslinked vitamin-E enhanced acetabular liners. A patented gamma irradiation and mechanical annealing process, tailored to the vitamin E content, is used to achieve the desired crosslink density for these liners.... Read more »

Corin Enters Orthopedic Robotics Market with OMNI Acquisition

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Corin entered into a binding agreement to purchase OMNI, maker of the OMNIBotics® robot-assisted total knee replacement system. The acquisition accelerates Corin’s joint replacement growth strategy and gives it a greater foothold in the U.S.... Read more »

CCJR Founder A. Seth Greenwald Reflects on Joint Replacement Advancements

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

Current Concepts in Joint Replacement has given surgeons a platform to debate surgical techniques and discuss trending topics of the day. Upon selling the meetings to the Hip and Knee Societies, we asked CCJR's Founder what excites him, what concerns him and what’s to come in joint replacement.... Read more »

Kyocera Expands U.S. Business with Purchase of Renovis Surgical Technologies Assets

by BONEZONE | Jan 2019

Renovis Surgical Technologies is a developer of hip and knee joint reconstruction, spinal and trauma devices. The transaction complements U.S. sales of Kyocera’s own FDA-cleared total hip devices and grants the company access to spine products—a segment in which it formerly did not operate.... Read more »

Most Popular Articles of 2018 Featured Robotics, Contract Manufacturer M&A

by BONEZONE | Jan 2019

What else did you read about the most on our website last year? Arthroscopy/soft tissues companies to watch; products in spine, knee and hip; surgeon perspectives on implant material choice; supply chain quality; labelling mistakes, Brazil and more. ... Read more »

Corin Increases Footprint with Acquisition of Global Orthopaedic Technology

by BONEZONE | Oct 2018

Global Orthopaedic Technology (GOT), which bills itself as the largest Australian-owned orthopaedic implant designer and manufacturer, was established in 1999 and serves Australia and the U.S.—two markets in which Corin has an established presence.... Read more »

b-ONE Ortho Gains FDA 510(k) Clearance for Total Hip

by BONEZONE | Sep 2018

The b-ONE™ cementless total hip system is the company’s first product following a US $20.0MM round of Series A financing.... Read more »

Robotics in Orthopaedic Surgery: Answers to Three Questions

by BONEZONE | May 2018

We examine the players and products, address data and adoption, and look at who is driving the push toward the technology.... Read more »

Study: Indentations on Artificial Femoral Heads Could Improve Implant Longevity

by BONEZONE | May 2018

By simulating the textured surface of cartilage, researchers from the University of Arkansas and the Czech Republic have found that using prostheses with square micro-dimples could extend the life of hip implants.... Read more »

Knee and Hip Manufacturers Focus on Additive, Materials, Robotics

by BONEZONE | Mar 2018

Among our takeaways from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting include the trend that products must correlate to better patient outcomes and more efficient (quicker, less expensive) procedures.... Read more »

French Court Rules in Favor of CoorsTek Medical in Ceramic Hip Suit

by BONEZONE | Mar 2018

CeramTec attempted to block the manufacture and sale of CoorsTek’s CeraSurf®-p pink ceramic component.... Read more »

The Contribution of Biomaterials to the Dawning of the Age of the Forgotten Hip

by BONEZONE | Mar 2018

Primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) has undergone 25 years of product development, thanks to contributions from a host of materials technologies. We look back at the history and also look forward to predict advancements.... Read more »

Smith & Nephew’s eCAP Shows 97% Decrease in Readmission Rates

by BONEZONE | Feb 2018

The initiative is designed to mitigate risk associated with readmissions in value-based healthcare reimbursement models.... Read more »

Consensus Orthopedics’ TracPatch Targets Efficiency in Post-Op Care

by BONEZONE | Jan 2018

TracPatch data provides the healthcare provider with anytime, anywhere insight into a patient’s recovery, allowing for immediate care adjustments.... Read more »

Polymer Designed for Jet Bearings Used in Hip and Knee Replacement

by BONEZONE | Jan 2018

M.M.A. Tech’s MP-1, originally developed for NASA, was recently implanted during hip and knee replacement procedures in Israel. After finalizing its clinical trials and gaining market access, the company plans to become a supplier to device companies.... Read more »

AAOS to Launch Orthopaedic Registries, Integrate With AJRR

by Robert Meyer | Nov 2017

As data plays an increasingly important role in orthopaedics, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons announced plans to create registries for a broad range of conditions and procedures.... Read more »

DePuy Synthes Adds Hip Replacement Navigation through JointPoint Co-market Agreement

by BONEZONE | Sep 2017

DePuy Synthes entered into an exclusive U.S. agreement with JointPoint to co-market a surgical navigation platform for total hip replacement, beginning in 2H17.... Read more »

MicroPort Orthopedics Launches Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup

by BONEZONE | Sep 2017

MicroPort Orthopedics launched the Procotyl Prime acetabular cup, the next step in the evolution of the Dynasty Acetabular Cup System. The device received FDA 510(k) clearance at the end of 2Q17.  ... Read more »

Plasma Biotal Opens India Facility for HA Coatings

by BONEZONE | Aug 2017

The entity will supply HA coatings, packaging and sterilization to the Indian orthopaedic device market and international mid-tier market.... Read more »

3D-Printed Model Reduces Surgery Time, Cost

by BONEZONE | Aug 2017

A new study has shown potential for a cost savings of $2,700 when using a 3-D printed model for surgical planning. The savings are derived from a 25% reduction in surgery time when the 3-D printed models were used. ... Read more »

Hip and Spine: New Players Receive FDA 510(k)s

by BONEZONE | Jul 2017

Of the 56 orthopaedic-related 510(k)s that FDA released in June, we share observations and insights on two total hips, one interbody fusion system and a pedicle screw system.... Read more »

Rosler Launches New Machine for Total Joint Finishing

by BONEZONE | Jun 2017

Rosler launches new machine to cut cycle times, while creating complex geometries for total joint implants.    ... Read more »

Material Scientist Predicts Hip and Knee Advancements

by BONEZONE | May 2017

Surgical assistance technologies and services to track episodes of care have dominated joint reconstruction product development conversations in recent years, as players seek to innovate in a space that already claims highly successful procedures and implants.... Read more »

Exactech Divests Spine Assets

by BONEZONE | Mar 2017

ChoiceSpine expands breadth of product and global distribution with acquisition.... Read more »

Hip: New Standards Set to Measure Taper Junction Geometry

by BONEZONE | Feb 2015

Adaptive designs have emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional clinical studies due to the potential to reduce resources, time and costs. However, several critical components must be considered to determine whether such a trial design is a fit for you.... Read more »

AJRR Releases Annual Report on Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

by BONEZONE | Dec 2014

Adaptive designs have emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional clinical studies due to the potential to reduce resources, time and costs. However, several critical components must be considered to determine whether such a trial design is a fit for you.... Read more »

Consumers Union Seeks Warranties to Support Hip, Knee Implants

by BONEZONE | Oct 2013

Adaptive designs have emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional clinical studies due to the potential to reduce resources, time and costs. However, several critical components must be considered to determine whether such a trial design is a fit for you.... Read more »

Need for Data in Unproven Implants

by BONEZONE | Aug 2013

Adaptive designs have emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional clinical studies due to the potential to reduce resources, time and costs. However, several critical components must be considered to determine whether such a trial design is a fit for you.... Read more »