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Articles Tagged "manufacturing"

Xenco Medical Takes a Single-Use, Pre-Loaded Approach to Spinal Implants

by Heather Tunstall | Aug 2019

In an effort to curb infections and sterile processing inefficiencies, Xeno Medical has developed a new material and rethought manufacturing and packaging for its spinal implants.... Read more »

The Lathe: Engineers Take Note of Dimensions When Designing Components

by Deborah Munro, D.Eng | Jul 2019

Lathes operate differently than other machine tools; therefore, engineers must take note of design considerations for a lathe machined component.... Read more »

The Mill: What Design Engineers Need to Know about This Important Orthopedic Tool

by Deborah Munro, D.Eng | May 2019

The mill is a machine shop workhorse used for a wide array of machining tasks from simple facing to complex surface profiling. Almost every orthopedic implant and instrument is at least partially fabricated on a mill. Understanding its use is valuable to all design engineers.... Read more »

The Orthopedic Business Model: Why it’s Different and How to Stay Competitive

by Dale Tempco | Mar 2019

Long lead times have summoned questions about why and how the industry faces months-long waits for products to be manufactured. We’ve been in this situation before, and need to look no further than our business model to know that we’ll be in this situation again.... Read more »

Skills Gap Hampers Manufacturing Growth, Says Tooling U-SME Report

by BONEZONE | Jan 2019

Manufacturers recognize the challenge of the skills gap, but far too many fail to change their workforce development and training processes. The report details manufacturers’ trouble areas and identifies best practices for strengthening your team.... Read more »

SLM Solutions Names Aaron LaLonde Director of Applications Engineering

by BONEZONE | Dec 2018

Mr. LaLonde’s background is in additive manufacturing; he will work with the company’s orthopaedic customers.... Read more »

Why the Inadvertent Release of Non-Conforming Products is Reportable, Recordable

by BONEZONE | May 2018

It is recommended to err on the side of caution in these situations and report the product release, as well as record any internal corrections.... Read more »

Successful Medical Device Design Transfers Hinge on Advance Planning

by BONEZONE | Apr 2018

Elements of a well-constructed plan include an understanding of regulatory requirements, a comprehensive review of all documentation and a thorough understanding of manufacturing methods and processes.... Read more »

Precision, Accuracy Among Swiss Machining Benefits

by BONEZONE | Feb 2018

"Because of the technology," one supplier says, "you’re able to drop off parts to the customer complete and don’t have to go to secondary operations, which costs money and time. Swiss-type screw machines are so complete, in terms of capabilities."... Read more »

Renishaw’s SFP2 Improves Surface Measurement Ability of REVO System

by BONEZONE | Feb 2018

  This surface finish measurement probe works with the company’s REVO 5-axis measurement system... Read more »

Tegra Medical Adds Manufacturing Space in U.S. and Costa Rica

by BONEZONE | Sep 2017

Tegra Medical is responding to customer needs and demand for a strong ex-U.S. presence.... Read more »

Proper Equipment Utilization Reduces Costs and Improves Margins

by BONEZONE | Jun 2016

When it comes to reducing cost or improving margins, the first place many companies go is their suppliers. Although there may be opportunity there, often the most cost-saving and margin-improving benefits can be found on their own factory floor. A good tool to measure this is to calculate your Overa... Read more »

TA Instruments Announces Move of the Electroforce Group

by BONEZONE | Jan 2016

TA Instruments, manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry, announced that ElectroForce Systems Group has moved to a new facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The ElectroForce Systems Group manufactures mechanical testing systems that are used to chara... Read more »

Trending Technology: Metal Injection Molding

by Hannah Corcoran | Dec 2014

Metal injection molding has garnered attention in the orthopaedic industry, due to the technology’s ability to produce complex shapes at high production rates and decreased costs.... Read more »