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Voice of Industry

How COVID Has Impacted the Delivery of Spine Care

Dr. Eeric Truumees, a member of NASS's Board of Directores, shares COVID-19's impact on his practice and current and future trends in spine care. 

How OIC’s Value-Based Implant Platform is Meeting the Moment During the Pandemic

Long before the pandemic began upending almost everything about orthopedics and life in general, the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Orthopedic Implant Company, Itai Nemovicher, was hard at work pioneering a more affordable and transparent way to distribute implants. Now, in the context of the current environment, Mr. Nemovicher’s work seems prescient.   

Video: Lincotek CEO Shares Preparations for COVID Recovery

Lincotek was integrating its acquisition of CoorsTek Medical and preparing for multiple facility expansions when COVID hit. Company CEO Winfried Schaller shares how the company prioritized its planned investments, what they're hearing from orthopedic device companies and lessons learned throughout the pandemic.