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Voice of Industry

5 Questions on Engineering, Extremities and Experience with Paragon 28's CTO

Not everyone can credit a decades-long career to their dog. But Frank Bono, CTO and CO-Founder of Paragon 28, Inc. does exactly that. He shares what he learned at startups, offers advice for the next generation of engineer hires and shares his thoughts on extremities reconstruction, the last orthopedic frontier.

Orthopedic Success Will Require Digitalization of Supply Chains and Products

3D printing, AI, augmented reality, robotics, sensors and virtual reality all hold promise to disrupt orthopedic manufacturing, supply chains and the delivery of patient care. Stefano Bini, M.D., Founder and Chair of DOCSF and OMTEC keynote speaker, shares his view on the integration of these tools.   

3D Printing Primed to Disrupt Orthopedic Manufacturing Models

3D printing has the potential to disrupt traditional orthopedic manufacturing models as device companies, contract manufacturers and hospitals adopt the technology. With growth of the technology, though, comes the need for a harmonized approach to guidelines and standards, says Gautam Gupta, Ph.D., of 3D Systems.