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Editorial topics listed below will be covered in print and online, and represent a partial glimpse of the articles we have planned for 2020. Of course, we are dedicated to keeping industry apprised of regulatory news, company product launches and industry trends monthly.  

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Materials due: 2/13/2020
Insertion Order

(issue ships 3/16/2020)


In-Depth Topic:
Materials - Polymers

Supplier Talks:

Technology Spotlight: 

Industry Update:
Product Development

Geographic Guide:

Personal Development: Critical Thinking

Supplier News:
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AAOS: March 24-28, Orlando (Bonus Distribution)

Materials due: 4/23/2020
Insertion Order

(issue ships 5/26/2020)


In-Depth Topic:
Materials - Metals

Supplier Talks:
Design Development

Technology Spotlight: 
Joint Replacement

Industry Update:
Orthopedic Forecast: 2025

Geographic Guide:

Personal Development: Time Management

Supplier News:
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OMTEC: June 9-11, Chicago (Bonus Distribution)

Materials due: 7/16/2020
Insertion Order

(issue ships 8/24/2020)


In-Depth Topic:
Additive Manufacturing

Supplier Talks:

Technology Spotlight: 

Industry Update:
Data Generation
and Predictive Analytics

Geographic Guide: 
Asia Pacific

Personal Development: Task Prioritization

Supplier News:
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NASS: October 7-10, San Diego 
(Bonus Distribution)

Materials due: 9/10/2020
Insertion Order

(issue ships 10/12/2020)


In-Depth Topic:
Design of Manufacturability

Supplier Talks:

Technology Spotlight:  
Artificial Intelligence

Industry Update:
Global Regulations

Geographic Guide:
 Emerging Markets 

Personal Development: Leadership

Supplier News:
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Startups to Watch Issue

Materials due: 11/5/2020
Insertion Order

(issue ships 12/14/2020)


In-Depth Topic
: Testing

Supplier Talks: RA/QA

Technology Spotlight: Trauma

Industry Update: Supplier Market

Personal Development:

Supplier News: Your announcement, email us!

Supplier and Service Provider Directory Issue

2020 Editorial Features

In-Depth Topic: Some subjects are just too important to cover from one angle. This section allows us to examine the most requested reader topics through multiple articles.

Supplier Talks: This feature focuses on a specific capability, and goes straight to the supplier or service provider for their perspective on the latest processes, technologies and best practices.

Technology Spotlight: What are the latest trends and future predictions for new products? In each issue we examine recent product developments specific to a segment of the market, asking industry veterans and surgeons to provide perspective.

Industry Update: How do today’s market forces affect individuals and their departments? We examine the who, what and how. Additionally, we’ll provide an update on size and outlook for the device company and contract manufacturer markets.

Geographic Guide: The diverse global economic, regulatory and healthcare environments mean that orthopedic companies need to employ different strategies for different countries. We ask industry experts to share their take on country-specific opportunities and regulatory requirements.

Personal Development: Soft skills and personnel constraints rank amongst readers’ top challenges. We provide tips on ways that you and your team can achieve consistent high performance.

Supplier News: Recaps of strategic announcements from suppliers and service providers. Send us your news—acquisitions, facility expansions, product launches—so that we can keep device companies up to date on your business.

Additional Departments and Features: BONEZONE highlights device company startups, case studies on successful processes and lessons learned from industry veterans. Do you have recommendations for these features? Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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