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Articles in category: Voice of Industry

Product Development Leaders Share Lessons on Keeping Teams Connected During COVID

by Patrick McGuire | Mar 2021

We assembled a panel of orthopedic veterans to share how they’ve kept teams optimized and connected, how they overcame challenges with external partners, and how COVID has shifted their thoughts on the future of work.   ...

Read more »

Why Concurrent Commercialization is a Superior Model for Product Development

by BONEZONE | Mar 2021

We look at advice from the archives as a reminder that your value inside your organization is proportional to your contribution to its corporate directives.... Read more »

Uri Arnin on Bringing a New Idea to the Table

by Annie Zaleski | Mar 2021

As a serial entrepreneur in the spine space, Uri Arnin believes new and innovative ideas for orthopedic implants require a balance between evolution and revolution. ... Read more »

Eric Ledet on Solving the Right Problems

by Annie Zaleski | Feb 2021

Dr. Ledet’s career crosses leadership roles in academia and industry. We spoke with him about the fortitude needed to innovate in orthopedics and the importance of asking the right questions.... Read more »

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Professional Development in 2021

by Patrick McGuire | Jan 2021

Members of BONEZONE’s Advisory Board offered advice for their orthopedic device company peers on advancing skillsets and knowledge.    ... Read more »

Infographic: 5 Challenges Facing Orthopedic OEMs

by BONEZONE | Dec 2020

The global spread of COVID-19 not only exacerbated present challenges, but presented new obstacles for orthopedic OEMs in 2020.... Read more »

Anika CEO Shares Lessons in Leading through Change

by Carolyn LaWell | Dec 2020

A lesson that the pandemic has taught Cheryl Blanchard, Ph.D., Anika's CEO, is the need to stay aware of how quickly and dramatically the world can change.... Read more »

Surgeons Share Lessons from 2020, Technology Predictions

by Kathie Taylor | Nov 2020

While 2020 brought unpredictability, it highlighted numerous opportunities for improvement of processes and technologies with digital tools, additive manufacturing and O.R. platforms. ... Read more »


Orthopedic Roundtable: How to Get Things Done in the Face of Uncertainty

by Patrick McGuire | Oct 2020

Orthopedics, often markedly resilient in the face of economic turbulence, faces a new set of complexities with COVID-19. Our Advisory Board shares how to contend with the short-term impacts of the pandemic and emerge stronger. ... Read more »

The Future of Instruments is Disposable, Durable and Smarter

by Heather Tunstall | Sep 2020

We spoke with instrument suppliers Intech, MedTorque, N2 Biomedical and Pacific Instruments to find out what is top of mind for their customers and learn how they’re helping orthopedic companies develop innovative solutions for better patient outcomes. Robotics, outpatient procedures and single-us... Read more »

How COVID Has Impacted the Delivery of Spine Care

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2020

Dr. Eeric Truumees, a member of NASS's Board of Directores, shares COVID-19's impact on his practice and current and future trends in spine care. ... Read more »

How OIC’s Value-Based Implant Platform is Meeting the Moment During the Pandemic

by Patrick McGuire | Sep 2020

Long before the pandemic began upending almost everything about orthopedics and life in general, the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Orthopedic Implant Company, Itai Nemovicher, was hard at work pioneering a more affordable and transparent way to distribute implants. Now, in the context... Read more »

Video: Lincotek CEO Shares Preparations for COVID Recovery

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2020

Lincotek was integrating its acquisition of CoorsTek Medical and preparing for multiple facility expansions when COVID hit. Company CEO Winfried Schaller shares how the company prioritized its planned investments, what they're hearing from orthopedic device companies and lessons learned throughout t... Read more »

Infographic: CEOs Talk Business Amid COVID

by BONEZONE | Aug 2020

COVID-19 has inspired orthopedic companies to rethink their business practices and strategies, from cultural tenets to surgeon correspondence.... Read more »

AAOS Reschedules 2021 Meeting

by Julie A. Vetalice | Aug 2020

This decision was made after significant evaluation and scenario planning focusing on the health and safety of meeting participants due to COVID-19.... Read more »

Why Nexxt Spine Prioritized In-House 3D Printing

by Mike Evers | Aug 2020

Nexxt Spine President Andy Elsbury shares how bringing 3D printing in house has helped the company with product development, manufacturing response and positioned them for COVID recovery.... Read more »

Video: Orchid CEO Talks COVID-19’s Impact on Orthopedics

by Carolyn LaWell | Jul 2020

“We’ve found opportunities to support their growth playbook, and enable them to continue to play offense," says Orchid Orthopedic Solutions CEO Jerry Jurkiewicz about working with device company customers during COVID-19.   ... Read more »

Winners Announced in For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge

by Julie A. Vetalice | Jun 2020

Six ideas to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions have won the “For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge” innovation-promoting initiative. The products revealed by challenge entrants have the potential to assist orthopedic patients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and help redu... Read more »

Orthopedics Needs Minimally-Invasive, Streamlined Products More than Ever

by Carolyn LaWell | May 2020

Medacta CEO Francesco Siccardi talks orthopedic opportunities, headwinds and strategies in regards to COVID-19 and market fundamentals. ... Read more »

For Such a Time as This – OrthoChallenge Deadline Extended

by Julie A. Vetalice | Apr 2020

To allow more time for submissions, leaders of the innovation-seeking OrthoChallenge initiative have extended the deadline from April 30 to May 10. Winning proposals will be announced within May.   ... Read more »

Tiger Buford Makes COVID-19 Predictions for Technology and You

by Carolyn LaWell | Apr 2020

 COVID-19 has the potential to affect the work of orthopedic professionals profoundly—both how work is conducted and the end product that is created. ... Read more »

New Product Challenge Calls on Orthopedic Community for Ideas

by BONEZONE | Apr 2020

Due to COVID-19, the orthopedic industry has experienced the cancellation of surgeries and therapies. As a result, patients must endure pain and limited mobility until treatments are rescheduled. To ease patient strains, leaders have developed a challenge with the hopes of quickly commercializing id... Read more »

6 Orthopedic Trends You Can’t Ignore

by Carolyn LaWell | Mar 2020

3D printing, robotics, regenerative medicine and minimally invasive surgery are among the trends that orthopedic veterans say you must consider to remain relevant in the next decade.   ... Read more »

Mathys CEO Shares His Vision for Joint Replacement Technology

by Heather Tunstall | Mar 2020

Augmented reality, virtual reality, services and the smart use of big data will have a huge impact on the joint replacement market, says Mathys CEO Benjamin Reinmann, M.D.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Accelerates Device Design and Innovation

by Gautam Gupta, Ph.D. | Feb 2020

Forward-thinking medical device manufacturers have embraced the benefits of AM in designing their implants and instruments, as well as one-of-a-kind products that can only be made with AM.... Read more »

5 Questions on Engineering, Extremities and Experience with Paragon 28's CTO

by Heather Tunstall | Jan 2020

Not everyone can credit a decades-long career to their dog. But Frank Bono, CTO and CO-Founder of Paragon 28, Inc. does exactly that. He shares what he learned at startups, offers advice for the next generation of engineer hires and shares his thoughts on extremities reconstruction, the last orthope... Read more »

Orthopedic Success Will Require Digitalization of Supply Chains and Products

by Carolyn LaWell | Dec 2019

3D printing, AI, augmented reality, robotics, sensors and virtual reality all hold promise to disrupt orthopedic manufacturing, supply chains and the delivery of patient care. Stefano Bini, M.D., Founder and Chair of DOCSF and OMTEC keynote speaker, shares his view on the integration of these tools.... Read more »

3D Printing Primed to Disrupt Orthopedic Manufacturing Models

by Gautam Gupta, Ph.D. | Dec 2019

3D printing has the potential to disrupt traditional orthopedic manufacturing models as device companies, contract manufacturers and hospitals adopt the technology. With growth of the technology, though, comes the need for a harmonized approach to guidelines and standards, says Gautam Gupta, Ph.D., ... Read more »

Early Additive Manufacturing Adopters Share Lessons in Implementation

by Carolyn LaWell | Dec 2019

Early adopters and staunch supporters of additive manufacturing shed some of the hype and paint a picture of what it takes to experience success with the technology. In this recap of their OMTEC 2019 discussion, they talk market barriers, opportunities and considerations for materials and validation... Read more »

Knee and Spine Osteoarthritis Ripe Areas for New Orthobiologic Products

by Heather Tunstall | Dec 2019

Dr. Steven Sampson, Founder of the well-known TOBI Symposium, shares his take on the state of regenerative medicine and the important areas of focus in the coming years.... Read more »

Medin CEO Shares Lessons in Leading Change

by Carolyn LaWell | Nov 2019

Bill Donaldson, a former U.S. Marine who has spent his post-military career transforming large manufacturers into high-performing companies through lean improvement processes, talks about how he's implementing a new business system and culture at a mid-sized case and tray company.... Read more »

PrinterPrezz Blends 3D Printing Open-Ecosystem and Clinical Expertise

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2019

PrinterPrezz utilizes an open-ecosystem business model and collaborates across the supply chain with companies like GE Additive, Materialise, nTopology and SI-BONE. Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alan BC Dang shares the startup's vision for 3D printing orthopedic devices.... Read more »

How One Orthopedic Surgeon Improves the Delivery of Care through Connectivity

by Mike Evers | Sep 2019

Apps, robotics and wearables all collect data that could affect a surgeon's decision and their patient's outcomes. Entrepreneurial surgeon Padraic Obma, M.D., advocates that surgeons and device companies think bigger and broader about utilizing data to deliver orthopedic care.... Read more »

AI, Robotics, Wearables among Technologies Orthopedic Surgeons Want Advanced

by Mike Evers | Aug 2019

 At OMTEC 2019, five orthopedic surgeons advocated for leveraging new technology and processes to enhance operating room, patient and supply chain experiences. ... Read more »

Orthopedic Innovation Driven by Instruments

by Barry Parker | Aug 2019

Orthopedic device companies commercializing robots need to consider the capabilities of their manufacturing partners. ... Read more »

How NuVasive Went from Additive Concept to Commercialization in 14 Months

by Jeph Ruppert | Aug 2019

NuVasive tapped 3D Systems' ecosystem to optimize its Modulus implant system. With no in-house additive manufacturing expertise, the spine company looked for a partner to offer software, manufacturing and regulatory support to get them from idea to launch.... Read more »

Materials are the Next Frontier for Orthopedics, Surgeon Says

by Kim Snell | Jul 2019

True advancements in orthopedics will come from new materials, specifically those that emphasize infection prevention and bone healing, says Dr. Gordon Donald, The spine surgeon, who has dedicated his career to coatings and materials development, shares his view of the future.... Read more »

Surgeons Weigh in on Robotics' Role in Orthopedics

by Hal Conick | Jul 2019

Robotics remains a polarizing topic amongst orthopedic surgeons. The OMTEC 2019 surgeon keynote highlighted the arguments for and against the technology.... Read more »

David Hovda on Innovation, Startups and Artificial Disc Replacement

by Heather Tunstall | Jun 2019

The CEO of Simplify Medical, David Hovda, shares how he got from the U.S. Navy to orthopedics, lessons he learned along the way and his vision for cervical disc replacement.... Read more »

3 OMTEC Takeaways: Personalized Medicine, Data and ASCs

by Hal Conick | Jun 2019

During OMTEC’s opening keynote panel, executives spoke to the questions: How will technology personalize the patient’s experience? What role will data play in surgeon and device company decision making? Will companies’ strategies for implant design and the supply chain change to meet the needs... Read more »

Randy Theken’s Views on Contract Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing and Much, Much More

by Carolyn LaWell | May 2019

Randy Theken of Theken Companies recently launched a contract manufacturing firm and has multiple business ideas in the works. We took the opportunity to ask him what excites him about orthopedics and what has led to his success during his 25+ year career.... Read more »

Orthopedic Coatings Expected to Rapidly Evolve, Says Surgeon

by Kim Snell | Apr 2019

“One of the most important and interesting technological developments in the realm of orthopedic devices is the creation of multifunctional coatings,” says Stuart B. Goodman, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and professor at Stanford.... Read more »

Joint Replacement: The Time has Come for Mass Customization of Implants

by BONEZONE | Mar 2019

Dr. Douglas Unis actively participates in clinical research related to hip and knee reconstruction, including anatomic knee alignment, 3D printing of implants and robotics. As founder and Chief Medical Officer of Monogram Orthopaedics, he is leading a team that intends to disrupt the industry with a... Read more »

Orthopedic Coatings Play Pivotal Role in Implant Success

by Jerry Jurkiewicz | Mar 2019

From rapid bone in-growth to wear resistance and antimicrobial properties, the role of orthopedic coatings in the success of a procedure is vital. Whether you design, manufacture, coat or perform the implant procedure, we’re all contributing to something bigger.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing: Considerations for Validating Your Material and Build

by Rob Meyer | Mar 2019

Four orthopedic additive manufacturing experts answer questions on validation of parts made on different locations on a build plate, process challenge parameters and safety hazards of additive materials.... Read more »

Biologics, MIS, Robotics: Why Surgeons Say to Prioritize These Technologies

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

These expert surgeon voices—upon which we often rely to identify both trends and opportunities of interest to you—speak to critical topics, including orthopedic industry evolution, minimally invasive spine surgery, robotics and sensors, and value-based implants.... Read more »

In Your Experience…Advice from Orthopedic Leaders to Inspire and Guide Your Year

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

We dove into our archives to gather advice from industry success stories—these experts model traits that make a successful businessperson and speak to the power of commitment and persistence in individual and team goals.... Read more »

CCJR Founder A. Seth Greenwald Reflects on Joint Replacement Advancements

by BONEZONE | Feb 2019

Current Concepts in Joint Replacement has given surgeons a platform to debate surgical techniques and discuss trending topics of the day. Upon selling the meetings to the Hip and Knee Societies, we asked CCJR's Founder what excites him, what concerns him and what’s to come in joint replacement.... Read more »

Awake Spinal Fusion Surgeon Urges Industry to Consider Patient Experience

by Carolyn LaWell | Jan 2019

Alok D. Sharan, M.D., shares how he started performing one-level lumbar spine fusion while patients are awake and offers product development considerations to device companies. “We believe that we’ve completely transformed the experience of spinal fusion surgery,” Dr. Sharan says.... Read more »

Foot and Ankle Implant Opportunities Lie in Design, Technique Improvements

by David Kay, M.D. | Dec 2018

David Kay, M.D., a foot/ankle surgeon, shares what he see in his crystal ball regarding plates, biologics and total ankle replacement: "We have a lot of unfinished work. Observe and listen to surgeons, sterile processing, material handlers and supervisors. Suspend your view of the world to see the p... Read more »

Orthopaedic Product Development: Forecasting Changes to Come

by Deborah Munro | Nov 2018

Considering surgical techniques, regulations and technologies together as a whole, expect to see significant changes in orthopaedics over the next decade. Here we present seven shifts that OEMs should consider when choosing new product development initiatives.... Read more »

Synthetic Bioresorbables: Orthopaedics’ Evolution from PLLA to New Formulas

These polymers have broad orthopaedic application. This article presents a focus on the transition away from Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA)-type resorbable polymers to updated and novel resorbable biomaterials that are designed to perform better clinically.... Read more »

Smart Devices, Robotics, Sensors: Tools to Improve Patient Outcomes

by Julie A. Vetalice | Oct 2018

Dr. Martin Roche explains how these technologies are shaping the future of orthopaedic surgery: "A surgeon needs data to make objective decisions intra-operatively. The subjective Art of Surgery is poorly translatable ... Through all this rapid evolution, the clinician must take a leadership role."... Read more »

Big Data, Biologics and Failure Rates Among Significant Interests for Surgeon

by Julie A. Vetalice | Oct 2018

"There has never been a greater need for the lowest rates of failure possible," says Dr. Adolph J. Yates. "Proven devices with low revision rates might be ... the safest bet compared to new designs that have yet to be vetted in an after-market environment."... Read more »

Surgeon Entrepreneurs Focus on Infection Prevention, Virtual Reality Training

by Carolyn LaWell | Oct 2018

Javad Parvizi, M.D. and Justin Barad, M.D. are leading critical conversations in orthopaedics and are thinking differently about product development—albeit in different ways—while maintaining a focus on better patient outcomes. ... Read more »

Spinal Cages Continue Trend Toward Metals, Expandable Designs

by Rob Meyer | Aug 2018

"Cage design has been a game changer in spine surgery." Three veteran spine surgeons provide insight into the shift to titanium, a forecast for the next five years in cage technology and thoughts on device companies' priorities.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Fueling Innovative Medical Devices

by Gautam Gupta, Ph.D. | Jul 2018

Gautam Gupta, Vice President of Business Development for the Healthcare division of 3D Systems, explains that "3D printing technology is at an inflection point and is well-positioned for adoption as a factory solution for large-scale production."... Read more »

Trauma Surgeon: Value-Based Orthopaedic Care Can Positively Impact U.S. Healthcare

by Julie A. Vetalice | Jul 2018

"The majority of devices have become commodities," says Dr. Peter Althausen. "Devices coming to market have not demonstrated improved outcomes, yet carry hefty price tags and are not affordable. Clearly there’s no winning argument to pay more for devices that do not improve outcomes."... Read more »

Success Story: Bruce Stroever on 30 Years of Leadership at MTF

by Carolyn LaWell | Jul 2018

Do what you say you’re going to do – pay attention – embrace change – have vision…recently retired MTF Biologics CEO Bruce Stroever shares practical advice for newcomers and veterans alike, as well as predictions for the orthobiologics market.... Read more »

Surgeons Seek Innovation in Instruments, Delivery of Care

by Carolyn LaWell | Jul 2018

OMTEC’s Closing Panel brought together surgeon executives and entrepreneurs with diverse market backgrounds—joint reconstruction, spine and trauma—to provide perspective on patient-specific instruments, single-use devices, ASCs and more. ... Read more »

Hospital, Surgeons Provide Insight Into Purchasing Priorities

by Rob Meyer | Jun 2018

The OMTEC® 2018 opening Keynote Panel offered perspective on hospital actions and priorities while addressing critical industry topics including pressure from public and private payors, bundled payments, value analysis committees and outpatient surgeries. ... Read more »

Executive Interview: Elos Medtech Commits New Investments to Orthopaedic Market

by BONEZONE | May 2018

Jodie Gilmore, Managing Director of Elos Medtech Onyx, explains how the company is developing cross-site relationships and building out capabilities and capacity.... Read more »

2011 Revisited: Guy Bradshaw Success Story

by BONEZONE | May 2018

Bradshaw Medical's founder shares how he grew his company to $25-$30 million in 12 years. "First and foremost, never forget where you came from," he told us. ... Read more »

Mid-Journey on the Road to the Forgotten Knee

Much was achieved in total knee replacement during the last 45 years in materials, design and computer technology. Robert A. Poggie, Ph.D., President of BioVera, takes a look back at the history and also looks forward to predict advancements.... Read more »

Why One Surgeon Entrepreneur is Focused on MIS, Orthobiologics and UDI

by Julie A. Vetalice | Apr 2018

Patrick Sweeney, M.D. is Founder of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, an ambulatory surgery center in Illinois that addresses a range of orthopaedic and spinal conditions. He is also an inventor/entrepreneur, holing 30+ U.S. and European patents.... Read more »

Knee and Hip Manufacturers Focus on Additive, Materials, Robotics

by Carolyn LaWell | Mar 2018

Among our takeaways from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting include the trend that products must correlate to better patient outcomes and more efficient (quicker, less expensive) procedures.... Read more »

The Contribution of Biomaterials to the Dawning of the Age of the Forgotten Hip

Primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) has undergone 25 years of product development, thanks to contributions from a host of materials technologies. We look back at the history and also look forward to predict advancements.... Read more »

Why You Should Stop Saying “Volume to Value” in Healthcare

"Our goal should continue to be to improve outcomes and experience for the greatest number of patients possible by providing them with the types of care and experiences that they want and would pay for," says Mark Froimson, M.D., MBA.... Read more »

Examining Critical Trends in Trauma Surgery

by Carolyn LaWell | Nov 2017

Complex fractures and complications from fractures are challenging trauma surgeons’ views on periprosthetic fractures, infection prevention, weight-bearing recommendations and percutaneous pelvic fractures.... Read more »

Coatings Support Early Integration, Infection Prevention

by Carolyn LaWell | Oct 2017

After reviewing company product launches, research and discussions, it's clear that implant coatings are of great interest to orthopaedic professionals.... Read more »

Quebec: Orthopaedic Innovation Hub

The Canadian province of Quebec is home to a robust orthopaedic industry characterized by innovation, research, a history of achievement, manufacturing prowess and investment.... Read more »

NuVasive Founder Talks Minimally Invasive Surgery

by Carolyn LaWell | Oct 2017

Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) products are a staple of today’s spine company portfolios. In anticipation of new devices to be launched at the NASS Annual Meeting, we asked James F. Marino, M.D. about the technologies.... Read more »

Innovation in Spine: Suppliers and Service Providers Weigh In

by Meryl Closs | Sep 2017

In preparation for attending the NASS Annual Meeting in October, we took time to speak to supplier and service provider companies to get a read on current trends and future advancements in spine.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Evidence: Industry Advances the Dialogue

by Carolyn LaWell | Sep 2017

A new white paper produced by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) Medical Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Workgroup offers an evidence-building framework that may be used to conduct studies and set guidelines.... Read more »

The Joint Surgeon's Wish List

by Julie A. Vetalice | Aug 2017

In the Knowledge Pod at OMTEC 2017, Dr. Dietz, a joint surgeon, shared his take on challenges with patient care using present systems and devices, and offered thoughts on what he’d like to see in the future. This article includes three points from Dr. Dietz’s Wish List.... Read more »

Value Analysis Committees: Develop Your Own

by Carolyn LaWell | Aug 2017

The influence of hospital VACs has created a market access risk that you must consider when assessing new technologies—before product development begins. How do you reduce that risk? One idea is to create your own panel of experts—or at the very least, interview experts—that extend beyond the ... Read more »

Yes, Your Work Influences Implant Purchasing

by Carolyn LaWell | Jun 2017

No matter your position within your company, it’s imperative that you consider how your work impacts the value created by your product. Committees have formed at hospitals and surgery centers across the U.S. with the mission to determine whether your product creates clinical and economic valu... Read more »

3D Scan of Bones Shows Joint Evolution

by BONEZONE | May 2017

Patient after patient presenting with similar musculoskeletal disorders—shoulder impingement, hip arthritis, knee dislocation—led orthopaedic surgeon Paul Monk, M.D., to ask himself a series of questions: Why are these happening? Are these conditions getting worse? Are our bodies fit for their p... Read more »

Elos Medtech’s Advantage Lies in Nimble Approach to Serve Orthopaedic Customers

by BONEZONE | May 2017

As part of its strategy to become a global solutions provider to the medical device industry, Elos Medtech acquired U.S. based Onyx Medical in 2015, effectively establishing a presence in the largest orthopaedic market.... Read more »

Value Analysis Committees, EU’s MDR Highlighted in OMTEC Surgeon Keynote

by BONEZONE | Apr 2017

Increased regulatory scrutiny and payor power continue to affect healthcare globally, leading companies to create cross-department teams and seek collaboration amongst customers within the supply chain in order to remain innovative and competitive.... Read more »

AAOS President Offers 5-Year Outlook on Device Advancements

by BONEZONE | Feb 2017

As industry and surgeons prepare to descend on San Diego for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Annual Meeting, we asked AAOS President Gerald R. Williams Jr., M.D., to offer perspective on the prominent areas for technology advancements in the coming years.... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing Experts Talk Quality

by BONEZONE | Dec 2016

Talk of the promise of additive manufacturing and 3D printing often centers on aspects of cost, speed, advanced designs, clinical outcomes. With any technology used in our highly-regulated, patient-facing industry, quality—of the process, of the machine, of the finished product, of the knowledge o... Read more »

Revisiting Predictions: Orthobiologics, Payors and ASCs

by BONEZONE | Dec 2016

Robert S. Bray, Jr., M.D., revisits predictions from his OMTEC 2014 keynote—talking sustainable medicine, orthobiologics, care delivery and what can be gained from a relationship between OEMs and insurers.... Read more »

NASS Recap 2016

by BONEZONE | Nov 2016

In 2015, it was interbody cages, sacroiliac joints, artificial discs and robotics. This year, enabling technologies of all kinds generated the most pre- and post-event buzz. Implants made with 3D printing technologies were highlighted, too, as were companies’ responses to changes in healthcare del... Read more »

Five Questions with Dr. Christopher Bono, NASS President

by BONEZONE | Oct 2016

In preparation for NASS, we spoke with Executive Director and CEO Eric Muehlbauer and Christopher M. Bono, M.D., President of NASS. Both discussed reimbursement matters—a concern for surgeons and device manufacturers alike. What else was on the President’s mind?... Read more »

NASS Preview: Growing Spine - International Markets, MIS and Product Portfolios

by BONEZONE | Sep 2016

In speaking with Eric Muehlbauer, Executive Director and CEO of NASS about the Society's priorities, as well as where the greatest opportunities lie for surgeons and device companies, three topics arose.... Read more »

Focus: The Need for Innovation in Orthopaedics is Real

by Hannah Corcoran | Sep 2016

Challenges in orthopaedics have created new opportunities to innovate. Here, we look at two: delivery of care and manufacturing techniques.... Read more »

5 Questions on the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

by BONEZONE | Aug 2016

The orthopaedic industry has become more invested in additive manufacturing, as demonstrated by product launches, partnerships and FDA’s recent guidance document on the technology. But, what do surgeons think about it?... Read more »

Problem-Solving Lessons from HSS Chief of Knee

by Carolyn LaWell | Jul 2016

Orthopaedic professionals in every division of every company are being asked to do more with less. During his OMTEC 2016 Keynote, Steven Haas, M.D., offered lessons in how to work through any challenge. ... Read more »

Building Evidence for Additive Manufacturing: What Questions Remain?

by Carolyn LaWell | Jun 2016

In order for additive manufacturing to move from tinkering technology to widely-used process, it’s imperative to prove its long-term benefits. In May, researchers, surgeons, device companies and additive manufacturing suppliers gathered to develop guidelines to build data and support reimbursement... Read more »

Trauma Surgeon Develops Fixation Platform, Looks to Future Innovations

by BONEZONE | May 2016

Thomas “Toney” Russell, M.D., an orthopaedic trauma surgeon and President and CEO of Innovision, developed the N-force fixation platform to meet his own clinical needs in optimal fixation of fractures in the extremities and pelvis. The N-force system was a massive regulatory endeavor for a surge... Read more »

Surgeons Seek Muscle-Sparing Techniques in Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair Market

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2016

Growth in the arthroscopy and soft tissue repair market is propelled by surgeon requests for devices that employ muscle- and tissue-sparing techniques to return patients to activity faster and with less pain. This is largely being driven by patients in this segment, particularly athletes and “week... Read more »

March’s Most Read Articles

by BONEZONE | Apr 2016

What were the most read articles for the month? Read on to catch up on the product launches and clearances at AAOS 2016, get the lowdown on prototyping demands and learn more about the Promimic/Danco Anodizing strategic partnership. Then read on with recommended reading.... Read more »

Sports Medicine Surgeon Embraces Push for Value in Industry

by Hannah Corcoran | Mar 2016

Brett Sanders, M.D., created Tensor Surgical in 2012, a value-based sports medicine company. The focus of the company is to stay lean and increase revenue, while continuing to work on tunnel-specific devices for arthroscopic shoulder repair.... Read more »

The Top Industry News from 2015

by BONEZONE | Jan 2016

Need a refresher on compliance initiatives and industry-shaping events? We’ve recapped the six most-read articles of 2015.... Read more »

Zoning In with Orthopaedic Surgeon Entrepreneurs

by BONEZONE | Dec 2015

BONEZONE looked back on some of the orthopaedic surgeon interviews conducted throughout the year to see what they had to say about the direction of the industry. Here, we recap four of those insights.... Read more »

Zoning In With LDR’s Christophe Lavigne

by BONEZONE | Sep 2015

Christophe Lavigne, CEO and President of LDR, spoke to BONEZONE on the direction of his company, highlighting strategies for growth.... Read more »

Zoning In with Doug Kohrs

by BONEZONE | Jul 2015

Doug Kohrs wants to be a catalyst for change in the orthopaedic industry as Managing Director of Responsive Orthopedics, a new company that recently received its first 510(k) for a total knee system and is focused on value-based healthcare solutions.... Read more »

OEM Executives Offer Perspective on Robotics, Orthobiologics and Hospital Changes

by Carolyn LaWell | Jun 2015

In anticipation of OMTEC, we highlight discussion between the keynote speakers on the latest technologies and market players. After presenting at the ORTHOWORLD Symposium in June, the three will reconvene to provide OMTEC’s Wednesday keynote.... Read more »

Zoning In With Richard Randall

by BONEZONE | May 2015

ichard Randall, recently appointed CEO of OMNI, plans to drive growth by expanding the company’s robotics portfolio and targeting new partners to implement robotic devices for joint surgeries.... Read more »

Zoning In with Rod Mayer

by BONEZONE | Mar 2015

How can small companies thrive in the orthopaedic industry? Rod Mayer, President of Nextremity Solutions, shares solutions for success.... Read more »

Materials a Major Driver in Implant Innovation

by Carolyn LaWell | Feb 2015

CEOs predict device innovation will come in the form of new materials. This recap of the panel discussion at The State and Future of the Orthopaedic Industry™ sympoisum offers detailed insight.... Read more »

Tecomet CEO Expects Supplier M&A to Continue

by Carolyn LaWell | Jan 2015

Consolidation has picked up at the supplier level as manufacturers seek to meet the needs of OEM customers that are also expanding through consolidation.... Read more »

Zoning In with Mark Augusti

by BONEZONE | Dec 2014

Mark Augusti of Integra LifeSciences discusses the company’s recent developments, including the creation of an independent spine company, SeaSpine.... Read more »

Surgeons and CEOs to Deliver Industry Forecasts at ORTHOWORLD Symposium

by BONEZONE | Dec 2014

What does the future hold for the orthopaedic industry? The State and Future of the Orthopaedic Industry™ Symposium, held January 20 in Nashville, will provide perspective on critical dynamics shaping the industry.... Read more »

Surgeons Share Spine Device Trends and Challenges

by Hannah Corcoran | Oct 2014

Spine surgeons discuss trends that excite them, their biggest challenges when using devices and what they want you to know when working with them to collectively improve spinal care.... Read more »

Zoning In with Dr. Vijay Goel

by BONEZONE | Oct 2014

Dr. Vijay Goel, Co-Director of the Center for Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovation (CDMI) shares the Center’s mission and initiatives to strengthen patient outcomes through academic resources supporting research.... Read more »

Zoning In with Trent Northcutt

by BONEZONE | Aug 2014

Since its founding in February 2012, Aurora Spine has launched more than a dozen products and became a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. CEO Trent Northcutt discusses the keys to growth management.... Read more »

Greater Memphis Medical Device Council Forms to Support Industry Health

by BONEZONE | Jul 2014

Seventeen medical device manufacturers have formed the GMMDC to address issues critical to the local medical device industry. GMMDC will seek to assist in matters of workforce training and education on available career paths to ensure a robust pool of talent for local manufacturers.... Read more »

Zoning In with Robert Weigle

by BONEZONE | May 2014

Robert Weigle, CEO of Benvenue Medical, discusses the importance of embracing clinical data in bringing the Kiva Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment System to market.... Read more »

Medical Education: A Look at the Future from a Device Perspective

by Stefan Pickartz | Apr 2014

The lack of continuing medical education standards across Europe bears to change in an outcomes-based healthcare system. Could the orthopaedic industry be far from manufacturers requiring surgeons to pass training before implanting their products?... Read more »

Metal Craft Enters New Growth Phase

by BONEZONE | Mar 2014

With the second generation of leadership at the helm, Metal Craft is striving to maintain the family business values it was founded upon while growing to the next level of service that its customers demand.... Read more »

Zoning In with Robert Johnson

by BONEZONE | Mar 2014

Acumed appointed Robert Johnson as president in 2013. Here, he shares how he drives continual improvement.... Read more »

High-Demand Education Featured at OMTEC 2014

by BONEZONE | Feb 2014

A number of the most-read BONEZONE articles from 2013 will be covered in greater depth as educational sessions at OMTEC 2014. Continue reading to learn how to enhance your expertise now and in June.... Read more »

Looking Ahead to 2014

by BONEZONE | Dec 2013

What should orthopaedic device manufacturers consider when doing business in 2014? BONEZONE asked regional experts to provide advice specific to multiple geographies.... Read more »

Zoning In with Todd Andres

by BONEZONE | Dec 2013

Todd Andres combined his background in materials and medical devices to co-found Spinal Elements in 2003. Since then, he has led the California-based company as its CEO. Here, he shares how to find opportunities and the challenges of building a company.... Read more »

Device Company Questions Answered

by Robert Packard | Dec 2013

Here are a few regulatory and supplier questions that Rob Packard fielded at OMTEC 2013 from people just like you. He’s coming back in 2014. Get your questions ready.... Read more »

Japan: Entering an Established Market

by BONEZONE | Nov 2013

While much emphasis has been placed on the double-digit growth in emerging markets, there are advantages to expanding business in established markets. This month, BONEZONE speaks to NuVasive about the orthopaedic industry in Japan.... Read more »

Zoning In with Howard Levy

by BONEZONE | Oct 2013

Howard Levy joined Biomet and the orthopaedic device industry in 2007, after serving in global strategic sourcing leadership positions that spanned diverse industries. Here he shares supply chain trends and the best professional advice he’s received.... Read more »

A Supplier’s View on the Indian Market

by BONEZONE | Sep 2013

One supplier discusses the opportunities and challenges it has experienced working in India’s growing orthopaedic device market.... Read more »

Zoning In with Tom Till

by BONEZONE | Aug 2013

After 25 years with DePuy Synthes, Tom Till left the device manufacturing world to educate the next generation of engineers, machinists and technicians. He shared lessons learned throughout his career.... Read more »

Voices from OMTEC 2013

by BONEZONE | Aug 2013

Orthopaedic device manufacturers, suppliers and industry experts met at OMTEC to discuss how to mitigate regulatory, manufacturing and supply chain challenges. Here are a few of the important conversations you may have missed.... Read more »

The Basics: A Look at the French Medical Device Market

by BONEZONE | May 2013

France’s medical device industry faces a high level of competition. Biomatlante shares its experience operating in its home country.... Read more »

Spotlight on Argentina

by BONEZONE | Feb 2013

Argentina’s orthopaedic device market faces the same challenges as those experienced around the world: pricing pressure and increasing productivity while reducing costs. However, it’s a young market ripe for growth.... Read more »

Spotlight on Brazil

by BONEZONE | Jan 2013

The World Bank ranks Brazil as the sixth largest country in the world in terms of gross domestic product at $2.47 trillion in 2011 GDP, and expects the country to continue to climb the list. Brazil’s increasing growth suggests that it is an attractive gateway to doing business in South America.... Read more »

OEM/Supplier Issues Roundtable, Part II: Orthopaedic Industry Leaders Weigh in on Commercialization Challenges

by BONEZONE | Jan 2013

As the New Year begins, it’s important that OEM and supplier relationships start off on the right footing. Price increases and heightened regulatory scrutiny mean that clear communication will be needed on both ends for successful commercialization. We asked OEMs to respond to one question regardi... Read more »

OEM/Supplier Issues Roundtable: Orthopaedic Industry Leaders Weigh in on Commercialization Challenges

by BONEZONE | Dec 2012

Solid communication between OEMs and suppliers keeps both sides proactively engaged in product commercialization and smooths the working relationship. As industry looks ahead to the coming year, we sought the OEM response to a single question: As you consider the year ahead, what action(s) can ... Read more »

Supply Chain Development in Orthopaedics

by BONEZONE | Oct 2012

The following is a transcript from the OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion, Supply Chain Development in Orthopaedics. Video available online.  Moderator, David Floyd: Challenges for OEMs mean challenges for the suppliers. The tightening of regulatory scrutiny, more overseas manufacturing ... Read more »

The State of American Medicine - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Aug 2012

Individuals and private corporations, not the government, make the world better. Dr. Lee Hieb has studied economics and history, and has thoughts to share on how an ever-growing bureaucracy may affect orthopaedics.... Read more »

Market Growth Rates in Orthopaedics - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Aug 2012

Where do you see the orthopaedic market going from here? Is orthopaedics still a growth story? Is the early intervention space an expanding market?... Read more »

Big Government's Argument for Government-run Medicine - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Big government seeks to increase access to healthcare, increase quality and decrease costs. How does the government do the opposite of this in every sense? ... Read more »

An Environment of Oppresive Taxation and Overregulation - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Taxation and overregulation are sucking the blood out of the American economy - and out of us. ... Read more »

What are the Symptoms of America's Disease of Decline? - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

General symptoms include under- and unemployment, escalating prices, diminishing middle class.... Read more »

What are the Economic Signs of America's Disease of Decline? - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Economic signs: Criminalization of violators; spending and borrowing; syndicalism; autarky...... Read more »

What is the Diagnosis? How do we Survive? - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Filtering these signs and symptoms through experts, F.A. Hayek, William Welk and Thomas DiLorenzo, Ph.D. ... Read more »

What is the Outcome? - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

What was the outcome of these economic realities?... Read more »

Conclusions: The Tipping Point - Orthopaedics and the Vampire Economy

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Stay lean, mean and be able to turn on a dime. Consider the solution of the 3 Cs: Cash, catastrophic insurance and local charity ... Read more »

Medical Device Excise Tax - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Why is the Medical Device Excise Tax bad for the orthopaedic industry? Are the orthopaedic device companies overreacting to the Excise Tax? How will the Medical Device Excise Tax affect smaller companies?... Read more »

Trends in Innovation and R&D Investment - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

What are the trends in R&D investment with orthopaedic companies? Are today's hip and knee replacements good enough?... Read more »

Supply Chain Development in Orthopaedics - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

What are the key overall trends for orthopaedic suppliers? Does the volume of inventory that OEMs keep onhand have a direct impact on the supply base? Do offshore manufacturing facilities affect OEM make vs. buy decisions? Does the investment community pay attention to the supply segm... Read more »

FDA - The Fly in the Ointment - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Is the FDA in the "denial" business? Is the FDA just in an "anti-industry" phase, or will this trend become the new status quo? What is the impact of regulatory compliance policy on the supply chain?... Read more »

The Orthopaedic Industry in Five Years - OMTEC 2012 Opening Panel Discussion

by BONEZONE | Jul 2012

Imagine we are attending OMTEC 2017 - what one thing in the orthopaedic industry will be most fundamentally changed? ... Read more »

Executive Interview: Michael E. Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions

by Michael E. Miller | Mar 2012

In 1990, Mike Miller combined his experience in exotic alloy manufacturing with his love for automobile racing and formed Stealth Technologies. With just five employees, Miller quickly established Stealth as a key supplier of high-performance auto parts to some of the top racing teams and engine par... Read more »

A Surgeon's Thoughts on Moving Forward

by BONEZONE | Dec 2011

We recently queried our Orthopaedic Surgeon Editorial Board to learn their personal views on industry challenges. The first response came from Charles R. Gordon, M.D.   Charles Gordon, M.D. is a clinician, scientist and entrepreneur. His experiences as a neurosurgeon and in the care of patien... Read more »

Challenges in the Supply Chain

by BONEZONE | Dec 2011

As stated by the Supply Chain Council, current economic pressures have had at least one positive effect: companies have taken an intense look at their supply chains, questioning all assumptions and endeavoring to root out inefficiencies. Roundtable discussions allow OEMs and suppliers to learn from... Read more »

Thoughts on Low-Cost Orthopaedic Device Companies

by BONEZONE | Oct 2011

In July, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Low-Cost Orthopedic Device Firms Aim To Shake-Up Market.” The following thread arises from an ORTHOWORLD Linkedin group discussion in which the question was posed, What are the group's thoughts/opinions on small firms offering discou... Read more »

Mauricio Arellano, President, Greatbatch Medical

by Mauricio Arellano | Jun 2011

As the leader of Greatbatch Medical, Mauricio Arellano is responsible for driving the design and manufacture of critical technologies for the orthopaedic, cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation and vascular access markets. Prior to joining Greatbatch, he held various management positions at Tyco... Read more »

Forrest R. Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, Avalign Technologies, Inc.

by BONEZONE | Jun 2010

Mr. Whittaker was named Chief Executive Officer of Avalign Technologies, Inc., in January 2007. His company-wide responsibility covers the four operating divisions of Avalign: Advantis Medical, Instrumed International, Nemcomed and NGInstruments. Mr. Whittaker has over 30 years of experience in the... Read more »