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Articles written by Tom Wallace

9 Naïve Notions About S&OP

by Tom Wallace | Jun 2016

In advance of OMTEC 2016, BONEZONE is looking back at some timeless articles and presentations from previous conferences that energized audiences and equipped attendees with actionable solutions. In this article, Tom Wallace pulls back the curtain on 9 Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) Myths ... Read more »

Sales & Operations Planning: Beyond the Basics

by Tom Wallace | Oct 2011

When Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) was first being used, we saw it as better way to accomplish two highly important things: balance demand and supply, and keep them balanced over time as demand and other factors shift integrate operational plans with financial plans, enabling the b ... Read more »

Forecasting: It’s Getting Better

by Tom Wallace | Jun 2011

My business career started back in the industrial “Dark Ages”—the 1960s. One of my first promotions was to head up the company’s sales forecasting group. But don’t be misled: this was definitely not a big deal. The department was small and possessed not a lot of talent, being viewed by man ... Read more »

Change Management and S&OP: Part II

by Tom Wallace | Dec 2010

In the last issue of BONEZONE, we covered the priorities involved in an implementation of Executive S&OP1 (Sales & Operations Planning) and pointed out that people were, by far, the most important element. This led to the conclusion that change management was critically important – more so ... Read more »

Change Management and S&OP

by Tom Wallace | Sep 2010

Some years ago, I spoke with a gentleman from Ford Motor Company’s Lean Supplier Institute whose job it was to help Ford suppliers implement Lean Manufacturing. We were talking about making meaningful changes, and he said something I’ve remembered all these years, “The hard stuff is the soft s ... Read more »

Nine Naive Notions About S&OP

by Tom Wallace | Mar 2010

The following is a list of “deal breakers” – things that can get in the way of successful implementation of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). To ensure success, you’ll need to eliminate these myths in order to get all of the key people on the same page. Myth #1: “We don’t need ... Read more »