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Articles written by Patrick McGuire

Trauma Technologies Emerge to Meet the Needs of Patient Anatomy

by Patrick McGuire | Nov 2020

 A burgeoning set of small orthopedic implant companies is developing devices designed to anticipate and suit individual patients’ unique anatomy. ... Read more »

How to Take a Risk-Based Approach to Biocompatibility

by Patrick McGuire | Nov 2020

The ISO 10993-1 changes have re-emphasized the need for orthopedic companies to understand and characterize the materials, processes and risks associated with medical devices. ... Read more »

Cerapedics’ Deliberate, Thorough Approach was Crucial for i-FACTOR’s Success

by Patrick McGuire | Nov 2020

Cerapedics is one of only two companies with FDA Class III bone graft technology on the market. The company's leadership team shares the long road to commercialization.  ... Read more »

Orthopedic Roundtable: How to Get Things Done in the Face of Uncertainty

by Patrick McGuire | Oct 2020

Orthopedics, often markedly resilient in the face of economic turbulence, faces a new set of complexities with COVID-19. Our Advisory Board shares how to contend with the short-term impacts of the pandemic and emerge stronger.  ... Read more »

Researchers Developing a Plastic Biomaterial for Use in Orthopedics

by Patrick McGuire | Sep 2020

“This is a new class of biocompatible plastic that is as strong as nylons but is much easier to shape and manipulate due to its unique structural design, which is only accessible using our synthetic approach," said University of Birmingham's Josh Worch, Ph.D. ... Read more »

How OIC’s Value-Based Implant Platform is Meeting the Moment During the Pandemic

by Patrick McGuire | Sep 2020

Long before the pandemic began upending almost everything about orthopedics and life in general, the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Orthopedic Implant Company, Itai Nemovicher, was hard at work pioneering a more affordable and transparent way to distribute implants. Now, in the context ... Read more »

3 Questions on 3D Printing

by Patrick McGuire | Aug 2020

As 3D printing of orthopedic implants and instruments evolves, so too will the technology used to design and manufacture products. We reached out to experts to discuss design, software, materials and post-processing. ... Read more »

OrthoDX Creates Prototype for Joint Replacement Implantable Sensor

by Patrick McGuire | Jul 2020

OrthoDX's intramedullary sensor is 10mm in diameter and detects micronic shifts in orthopedic devices. The company’s next steps are finding a material to encapsulate the sensor and ensuring that they can measure motion on all planes. ... Read more »

4 Orthopedic Companies to Watch from MedTech Innovator’s Cohort

by Patrick McGuire | Jul 2020

Orthopedic startups focused on enabling technology and new materials made MedTech Innovator's 2020 Cohort. The companies were chosen from over 1,000 applicants.  ... Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Next Meeting

by Patrick McGuire | Jun 2020

People are shockingly bad at running meetings. These practices will allow you to prepare for and execute a meeting that embraces different opinions and feedback.  ... Read more »

How to Transform Your Culture to Build Effective Teams

by Patrick McGuire | Jun 2020

Altering team culture can be a long journey, but organizations that are successful in this approach benefit from harmonious and productive environments. ... Read more »