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Articles written by Deborah Munro

How Do EDM and Cutting Tools Work?

by Deborah Munro | Oct 2019

Electric discharge machining (EDM), laser cutters and plasma cutters offer you alternative ways to cut metal parts at different speeds. We share what you need to know about these machine tools. ... Read more »

The Lathe: Engineers Take Note of Dimensions When Designing Components

by Deborah Munro | Jul 2019

Lathes operate differently than other machine tools; therefore, engineers must take note of design considerations for a lathe machined component. ... Read more »

The Mill: What Design Engineers Need to Know about This Important Orthopedic Tool

by Deborah Munro | May 2019

The mill is a machine shop workhorse used for a wide array of machining tasks from simple facing to complex surface profiling. Almost every orthopedic implant and instrument is at least partially fabricated on a mill. Understanding its use is valuable to all design engineers. ... Read more »

Drill Press Review: These Basic Principles Can Benefit Design for Manufacturability

by Deborah Munro | Feb 2019

The main purpose of a drill press is to machine holes. Orthopedic engineers should keep the following rules in mind to improve their drawings and make the machinists’ job easier. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Product Development: Forecasting Changes to Come

by Deborah Munro | Nov 2018

Considering surgical techniques, regulations and technologies together as a whole, expect to see significant changes in orthopaedics over the next decade. Here we present seven shifts that OEMs should consider when choosing new product development initiatives. ... Read more »

Eight Steps to Project Triage

by Deborah Munro | May 2018

Choosing which high-priority projects to work on first can be a challenging task; forming a strategy for triage is a highly recommended course of action for all professionals.  ... Read more »

Sensors: Conducting MEMS Research and Fabrication in Open-Use Facilities

by Deborah Munro | Feb 2018

Microelectro mechanical systems (MEMS) are an exciting and innovative technology that can bring increased functionality and capability to medical device designs, thus providing more diagnostic information and hopefully improving patient outcomes. ... Read more »

Examining Methods to Determine Sample Sizes

by Deborah Munro | Dec 2017

Consider use of the acceptance sampling approach or the six sigma acceptable error approach to determine a sample size using statistics.   ... Read more »

Learn to Incorporate Sensors Into Your Next Design Idea

by Deborah Munro | Dec 2017

Microelectromechanical Systems, referred to as MEMS devices or sensors, are being used for tasks that were previously only conceived of in science fiction. ... Read more »

Your EU Medical Device Regulation Guide

by Deborah Munro | Oct 2017

Big changes are underway for the European market and how it regulates medical devices with the recent unveiling of the Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745. ... Read more »

Entrepreneurial Engineering: Start with the Problem

by Deborah Munro | Aug 2017

Entrepreneurial engineers look beyond the obvious to see the bigger picture. So often, it’s less valuable to take problems at face value and solve them as assigned without looking at the matter more broadly. Ask yourself some key questions to gather ideas, make them tangible and lend detail to you ... Read more »