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If you’re reading this, chances are high that you are interested in growing your orthopedic customer base. And if that’s the case, we can help!

You will find all of the pertinent details of our advertising opportunities within a click of this page, so please have a look around. Eventually, though, we’ll need to talk. We aim to be your strategic PARTNER and to hold up our end of the deal, we seek to know WHY you’re advertising and WHAT you seek to gain from doing so. You could have just one goal or many…a budget of $500 or $50,000…whatever your circumstances, we want to know YOU so we may best serve YOUR needs. We’re thrilled to exceed expectations…that’s what makes the work fun!

Knowing you and your expectations is essential to a successful campaign. Make no mistake – you have a friend and a trusted advisor in us. (Plus, we’re really smart about orthopedics…it’s all we do.) Begin with a phone call or email to Mike or Brad…or peruse these various options. 440.543.2021



Brand building, positioning and even specific calls to action are perfect matches for As you can see on the homepage, a wide rectangular-shaped ad (leaderboard) is serving at the top and bottom. A tall rectangular-shaped ad (half page) and a square-shaped ad (medium rectangle) are serving on the right. Website ads circulate evenly through all available real estate (top leaderboard, interior pages, etc.).

  Display Ad Campaign
  Ads circulate evenly throughout all available
  real estate on 

  $100 per 1,000 impressions 
  (10,000 impression/min.)
  • 728x90 Leaderboard
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 300x600 Half Page

  • Animated ad formats: GIF, Rich Media files accepted.
    File size of 40K, 15 seconds or less 
  • Static ad formats: PNG or JPG files preferred 
    GIF files also acceptable, file size of 200KB or less


PREMIUM POSITIONS (Available June 2021)

Overslide Ads:
Floating banner ad positioned on the right side of screen.
1 Month - $2,250 (Run of Site)

Expandable Leaderboard:
Format containing two creatives that will be used to display a collapsed state and expanded state on mouseover.
1 Month - $1,295 (Homepage plus Main Navigation pages)




You are wanted! Get found in the SUPPLIER DIRECTORYIn the last 12 months, 7,800 people searched the 24/7/365 directory for qualified partners. They spend an average of 5 minutes querying by capability, certification, geographic region, keywords and company names.

  Directory Listing Options:   
  Basic Listing - $1,095 (1 year)

  Be found when OEMs are searching our online
  directory for new supplier partners.

  Featured Player Profile - $3,645 (1 year)

  The Featured Player Profile is our most
  comprehensive directory listing, providing both
  digital and print exposure.



(Available June 2021 only to companies with a directory listing)

Profile Boost:
This boost allows your company to appear higher in search results.
$750 for 1 year

Sponsored Capability Ads:
Your company's Premium Text Ads will appear at the top right rail of the search results when a user searches the directory for the given capability. Limited availability of four sponsors per capability.
3 Month -  $525                                    
6 Month - $900                                          
12 Month - $1,500 


This is an opportunity for your company to author articles that highlight your capabilities or outlook on best practices and industry trends. These articles are labeled as sponsored content to maintain transparency and trust with our readers. Articles can be submitted in the format that best conveys the topic idea (ex. Q&A, Case Study, etc.) and can include a short bio and contact information for the author. Your article should be void of marketing speak and will be edited by our team and sent to you for final approval. Article will be for exclusive use of BONEZONE, and not published with competing media outlets. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS.

   One time a year - $1,895
   Two times a year - $1,695
   Article must be submitted two weeks
   prior to assigned newsletter send.   


Features and Benefits:
• Article on BONEZONE website.
• BONEZONE eNewsletter - headline and snippet of the article will be
  displayed similar to other articles, but labeled as sponsored,
  and readers can click to view the full article on BONEZONE website.
• LinkedIn – Article will be shared via BONEZONE | OMTEC LinkedIn page.


Promote your company’s upcoming or on-demand webinar to our engaged audience of 17k+ with the twice monthly BONEZONE eNewsletter’s new webinar promotion offering. Your promotion may include the webinar title, date & time, brief description, and link to register for, or watch on-demand, your company’s webinars.

  One - two times year - $595 per promotion
  Three to five times a year - $495 per promotion
  Six times a year - $395 per promotion




Sponsor an upcoming webinar or create your own. We seek passionate leaders, innovators and subject-matter experts who employ exciting and engaging presentation styles on topics that are aligned with orthopedic industry challenges and opportunities. Our readership wants to consume webinar content; they crave relevant insights and expertise to exceed expectations and fulfill corporate directives. You can help. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS.

   Pro Level Webinar - $4,995
   Business Level Webinar - $3,995



• Gain personal exposure as an expert while showcasing
   your company’s competencies. 
• Nurture personal connections through audience engagement.
• Arm your team with qualified leads from the opted-in attendee list.
Build brand equity and awareness of your company and its capabilities.



BONEZONE’s twice-monthly eNewsletter is opened by an average of 3,000 readers each issue. eNewsletters are always content-rich and serve as an excellent platform to “launch” readers to your website, white paper, video or other digital resource.

24% click rate    19% open rate  17k+ twice-monthly circulation

    Readership By Company Type

    55% OEMs
    38% Supplier, Service Provider
    2% Distributor    
    2% University, Surgeon/Hospital, Society
    3% Unknown/Other 

    OEM Readers by Job Responsibility

    34%  R&D/Product Development
    17%  Executive Management
    16%  Sales, Marketing, Product Management
    14%  Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain
    10%  Quality, Regulatory, Clinical
    5%  Sourcing, Purchasing

    Top Leaderboard (590x72**) - $1,095
    Top Rectangle (300x250**) - $1,095
    Middle Leaderboard (590x72**) - $695   
    Middle Rectangle #1 (300x250**) - $895
    Middle Rectangle #2 (300x250**) - $895
   **Denotes width x height in pixels 

   Specifications (Static Files Only):
• File Type - PNG file recommended, JPG also accepted
   • Resolution - 72PPI to minimize image compression
   File size - 1MB or lower



  BZ OMTEC eNewsletter Ad Placements 2020 small



Your company displayed as 1 of 8 sponsors of these critical market update reports (Joint Replacement, Spine) and conference preview enewsletters (AAOS, OMTEC, NASS). Report is sent out in a special edition enewsletter previewing orthopedic industry conference and hosted on BONEZONE website. Readers must enter their name, job title and company to download the report.

What you get:
300x250 Rectangle Ad - links to your website or landing page of choice. Company Showcase - 360-385 characters (including spaces) highlighting core company capabilities and the value/services your company can provide to OEM customers.  VIEW EXAMPLE



2021 Schedule:
• AAOS Preview & Joint Market Update - July 
• NASS Preview & Spine Market Update - September



Can you solve a problem for an orthopaedic engineer? Do you have your solution detailed in a white paper?
If yes, publish your white paper with us to generate new, relevant, qualified leads.

Each time someone downloads your paper, an email notification containing the reader’s basic contact details will arrive in your inbox. Your white paper will be accessible and searchable from for a period of 6 months. During that time, we will monitor and promote your white paper to maximize the quantity and quality of leads generated. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS.

You can expect to receive 20+ leads direct to your inbox. (Some clients receive 40+ leads on their white paper!) 

   6 months - $1,195


• Please provide white paper in Word format.
• Its content is subject to approval from our editorial team.




BONEZONE Magazine publishes 5 times per year: March, June, August, October, December. VIEW PAST ISSUES

Print advertising is a great place to boost your brand awareness with OEM decision makers and influencers. Your print advertisement is ALWAYS positioned within valuable content and NEVER next to another ad. 6,000+ print magazines are distributed to 400+ unique device companies each issue. The print edition is accompanied by a digital edition, published online and shared with 7,000+ professionals globally.

Rates and Sizes 

Full Page $3,645   8.125" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)  adplacements


Half Page Vertical $2,745   3.85" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Half Page Horizontal $2,745   7.25" x 4.85" (no bleed)
Quarter Page  $2,245   3.5" x 4.85" (no bleed)
Premium Positions      
Front Inside Cover $5,915   8.125" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Front Inside Cover Spread  $8,495   16.25" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Back Outside Cover   $5,395   8.125" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Back Inside Cover  $4,495   8.125" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Back Inside Cover Spread  $6,395   16.25" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Double Page Spread $5,395   16.25" x 10.75" (+ .125" bleed)
Special Placements      
Sponsored Content  please inquire    
Full Page Player Profile (Limited space per issue)
Wraps, Inserts, etc. 
please inquire


    Circulation By Company Type

    85% OEMs
    14% Supplier, Service Provider
    1% Other (University, Surgeon/Hospital, Society)

    OEM Readers by Job Responsibility

    38%  R&D/Product Development
    21%  Executive Management
    17%  Quality, Regulatory, Clinical
    11%  Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain
    8%  Sales, Marketing, Product Management
    5%  Sourcing, Purchasing



Ad Submissions:

Please direct all creative materials to Karen Young
Files over 5MB can be submitted using a file transfer program such as Dropbox or WeTransfer 

Ads are acceptable in the following formats: 
Acrobat PDF, EPS, TIFF or High Resolution JPG files

• Imported images should be CMYK and 300 dpi (at actual size)
• Fonts should be embedded/collected/saved as outlines
• Crop marks should be offset <12pt
• Ink coverage 300% or less. White overprinting not accepted
• All small black text should be 100% K (black) 
 Ads cannot have placed OPI graphics
• Ads should not contain spot colors, and should be CMYK


Our team welcomes the opportunity to be of service. 440.543.2101   
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.