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BONEZONE Authors Present Solutions at OMTEC 2013

Want to get more in depth on the topics you read in BONEZONE®? Many of the familiar authors you read here will present at OMTEC 2013, providing a live and interactive approach to your relevant issues, while equipping you with tools to enhance your performance.

The categories covered here in BONEZONE - Legal, Clinical & Regulatory, Research & Development, Supply Chain Management, Business Critical and Voice of Industry - are the same educational tracks represented at OMTEC.

Here’s an overview of this year’s educational lineup and takeaways. It’s online, too, at


The State and Future of the Orthopaedic Industry: A High Altitude View
Takeaways: How current and pending regulations impact the supply chain; how stakeholders are responding. Which industry segments are expected to slow? How will healthcare reform affect industry growth and global competition?

The State and Future of FDA
Takeaways: How FDA changes manifest themselves regarding manufacturing, innovation and new product releases. How will future regulations affect current systems and processes?

Research & Development Track

Using Imaging Analytics to Improve Manufacturing Quality Assurance
Takeaways: The latest imaging techniques that can be applied to the manufacturing process and the economic benefit of implementing them.

Residual Stresses: Tools for Optimizing Components
Takeaways: How to use residual stresses in the manufacturing process to enhance the fatigue strength of orthopaedic metals.

The State and Future of Additive Manufacturing
Takeaways: Growth trends in the additive manufacturing segment, and ways that it may enhance orthopaedic device companies’ processes.

Legal, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs Track

The Role of Outcomes Data in the Development, Sales and Marketing of New Technologies
Takeaways: Changes in the marketplace that are altering the need for data, types of data needed by various stakeholders, how to demonstrate your product’s cost effectiveness, how to collect the best data to support the product.

How to Design and Execute a Clinical Trial
Takeaways: Techniques for the best investigative site selection and initiation, patient recruitment and retention, investigative site management, pre- and post-study reimbursement strategies and payer mandates for coverage.

Unique Device Identification: From Compliance to Value
Takeaways: What you need to know and do to comply, and how to drive data management benefits across your organization and beyond regulatory compliance.

Supply Chain Management Track

Purchasing Controls: The Challenges of Compliance in a World Market
Takeaways: How to meet regulatory requirements and supplier demand via six phases of controls.

OEM Panel Discussion: Procurement and Sourcing
Takeaways: Real life examples of how OEMs are dealing with sourcing and procurement challenges, and changes that may affect these supply chain links in the future.

Are Your Suppliers Qualified? Three Tools for Qualification
Takeaways: How to overhaul supplier quality programs, reduce costs and spend less time fixing problems caused by a weak supply chain.

Business Critical Track

Communication: Tools for Improving Workflow
Takeaways: How your communication affects the performance of individuals and your business as a whole.

Energizing and Leading a Team
Takeaways: Skills needed to ensure that your team is motivated, effective and successful, with tips on how to become a more effective leader and manager.