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WHO AM I? Who would I like to be? Engaged? Effective? Inspirational?

The most important job we all face is to manage ourselves. The better job we do of it, the more effective and valuable we are. I am sure that most of you have heard the expression, “The only constant is change.” Issues of job security, constant regulation pressure, more expected for less, time pressures etc., remind us every day how true this is, and it’s only likely to become more intense.

The only real constant in your life is you.

Please use the ideas in this article to ensure that you are well-prepared for what life deals to you.

This article will focus on three critical aspects of being successful. First, I will address the Business Basics in which any manager needs to be skilled in order to ensure that the business generates cash not only to survive, but also prosper. Second, I will contrast Leadership and Management and show why the distinction is important. Finally and most importantly, I will look at Human Energy and its importance in ensuring that people are fully engaged and performing their work with a sense of personal connection to the business mission. This article is intended to make you think about how to pull all this information together, and then how to develop actions to create.

Who I would like to be.”

Polls on employee engagement within the workplace indicate that up to 60% of people employed in the U.S. feel that their work is not appreciated, and that their contribution to the business is viewed by management as being of little value. Furthermore, most of these disaffected people have indicated that they will be seeking new employment when the economy improves. The major challenge for many businesses is to improve the level of engagement of its employees, not only to improve performance, but also to retain key people when greater job mobility returns.

As with all management tasks, the key to success is to determine where we are now, clearly define the desired outcome, prepare plans to achieve that objective and then monitor and adjust, as required. To assess where we are now, there are a whole host of tools and processes available to investigate human behavior from both a general perspective and in detail for ourselves. There are many types of assessments that can identify personality traits, learning styles, negotiating styles, etc. Many are available on the web; some are free.


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