Fort Wayne Metals Develops 4TiTUDE, Reportedly Strongest Commercially Pure Grade 4 Titanium

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Fort Wayne Metals Announced Development of 4TiTUDE, strongest commercially pure Grade 4 Titanium ever

February 11, 2014, FORT WAYNE, IN –– Fort Wayne Metals, a leading manufacturer of wire-based medical materials, is introducing 4TiTUDE™ – the first material to combine the benefits of pure Titanium with the strength of Ti 6Ai-4V ELI.

"Until now, implant designers working with Titanium had to decide what was more important for their device: the strength of alloyed Titanium or beneficial properties of commercially pure materials," explains Ric Snyder, Product Manager for orthopaedic and dental implant applications at Fort Wayne Metals. "With 4TiTUDE™, Fort Wayne Metals gives implant designers the best of both worlds. It's one material with no compromises."

4TiTUDE™ meets all requirements of ASTM F67 – it is commercially pure and will not release toxic aluminum or vanadium ions as Ti 6Al-4V ELI may. 4TiTUDE™ is also expected to promote osseointegration and accept osseointegrative coatings such as hydroxyapatite or calcium phosphate. And 4TiTUDE shows fatigue resistance equivalent to cold worked CP Grade 4 Titanium.

When it comes to strength, 4TITUDE is on par with cold worked alloyed Titanium: Fort Wayne Metals lists a minimum tensile strength of 1,172 Mpa (170 ksi) in diameters up to 4 mm and 1,103 Mpa (160 ksi) in diameters from 4–6 mm.

"That's a significant increase from the 950 Mpa or 138 ksi we typically see in cold worked CP Grade 4 Titanium," states Snyder. "This will certainly help our customers push the boundaries of implant design – for example by developing smaller dental implants with thinner walls and creating less invasive solutions for patients with narrow bone ridges and limited space between teeth."

4TiTUDE™ is now available exclusively from Fort Wayne Metals and its authorized distributors.

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