Geomagic Demonstrates How Medicine Meets 3D at OMTEC 2012 Event

Enabling Better Outcomes with 3D Solutions for Scanning Design, Manufacturing and Inspection of Patient-Specific Implants, Prosthetics, Surgical Guides, Study Models

Geomagic,®a global company providing 3D technology solutions for digital reality, will showcase best practices and output from its customers’ digital orthopedic product workflows at this week’s OMTEC 2012 event in Chicago beginning Wednesday, June 13th. As orthopedic implant manufacturers work to apply the latest technologies to their patient-specific implant processes, Geomagic’s customers demonstrate the results that are made possible when medicine meets 3D capture, touch-enabled design, 3D inspection and digital manufacturing technology.

Speakers and exhibits at OMTEC 2012 will depict the use of Geomagic’s products in the latest materials for the ultimate in personalized fit,       form and function. For example, Level 3 Inspection’s Bill Greene will outline the Bill Greene will outline the advantages of Computer Aided Inspection as a way to deliver better patient-specific forms, faster, with fewer iterations, less waste, and lower cost. Bill will be presenting at the conference on Thursday June 14, at 10 am CT.   

Geomagic will be demonstrating its Freeform® Modeling System for organic design and preparing files for manufacturing. Level 3 Inspection also will join Geomagic and demonstrate its scanning solution using Geomagic Qualify for inspection and analysis. (Source: Geomagic, Inc.)