Pacific Instruments Granted U.S. Patent for Double-Action Rod Cutter

        Pacific Instruments

Pacific Instruments, a global contract manufacturer and procurement source of orthopedic instruments, was granted U.S. Patent No.10,905,488 covering an innovative double-action rod cutter design for use on hard materials like cobalt chrome spinal fixation rods.

Partnering with Loukas Medical, a design consulting firm, Pacific Instruments seeks to keep raising the bar of quality and design of orthopedic instruments based on its technical expertise gained over 27 years in the orthopedic industry. Pacific Instruments also has U.S. Patent No. 10,327,828 on its Power Rod Bender since 2019. 

President and CEO of Pacific Instruments, Holger Gruenert, said, “The industry challenged us with bending and cutting hard cobalt chrome spinal fixation rods and we answered first with our Power Rod Bender and now with our Hybrid Rod Cutter. These two instruments elevate the bar for spinal instruments. I am proud that Pacific Instruments keeps making an impact toward servicing its customers with high-quality instrumentation in the orthopedic industry.”

Pacific Instruments supplies OEM orthopedic customers with custom and off-the-shelf orthopedic instruments. Loukas Medical is a design consulting firm and its owner, James A. Rinner, has over 55 years of experience in spinal implant and orthopedic instrument design. He holds 70 U.S. patents, mainly in the orthopedic field.