Dimension Inx Issued U.S. Patent for the 3D-Painting System

Dimension Inx was issued U.S. Patent No. 10,584,254, “A Universal Method for Production and 3D-Printing of High-Particle-Content 3D-Inks,” directed to compositions, materials and methods to produce and 3D-Print high-particle-content 3D-inks. The newly-issued patent is part of a family of patents previously granted in Japan (P6542807) and Australia (AU2015258978). Dimension Inx has exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize these inventions as part of an intellectual property portfolio licensed from Northwestern University. 

Proprietary 3D-Painting technology allows for high loading of bioactive ingredients, rapid printing and drying at room temperature, and the elimination of processing techniques like cross-linking and sintering. These features confer the necessary composition and microstructure of surgical implants that promote healing and tissue regeneration. The speed of manufacturing also supports the commercial scaling of novel medical products.

“As we move toward the clinic with our first medical products, this patent strengthens the differentiation and defensibility of our biomaterials platform,” said Caralynn Nowinski Collens, M.D., Chief Executive Officer. “Further, it advances our mission of delivering regenerative medical products to the patients that need them by being the industry partner of choice for biomaterials design and production.”

Dimension Inx, a materials and biofabrication company, plans to bring new 3D-printable materials and medical devices to market to aid tissue repair and bone regeneration in orthopedic applications.