Mantiz Producing Spinal Implants with Shining 3D Printers

Mantiz, a Korea-based manufacturer of spinal devices, has launched the PANTHER line of interbody fusion cages built with an in-house EP-M250 metal 3D printer from partner Shining 3D Tech in China.

Shining 3D's EP-M250 can prototype arbitrary complex structures and close to 100% density metal parts. The selective laser melting system is capable of processing metals such as stainless steel and alloys that are nickel-based, titanium and cobalt chromium. It has an optional, single-laser power of 200 watts or 500 watts, and produces scanning speeds of 8 m/s.

Using the EP-M250’s large print bed volume of 262 x 262 x 350mm, Mantiz can produce up to 50 PANTHER cages in a single operation. 

shining 3d printer

Source: Shining 3D