RoosterBio Launches Umbilical Cord hMSC System for Cell Therapy Product Development

RoosterBio launched a human umbilical cord (hUC) MSC-paired cell and media system designed for regenerative medicine product development. The RoosterVial™-hUC-MSC-XF allows scientists to generate billions of perinatal cells in a fraction of the time compared to the company's existing xeno-free hMSC plug and play systems. This product line is the only commercially available, high-volume perinatal MSC bioprocess system with a line of sight towards clinical translation.

“Until now, there was not a hUC-MSC on the market that would support the quality and scale needs of cell therapy product developers,” said RoosterBio Founder & Chief Product Officer Jon A. Rowley, Ph.D. 

The adoption of umbilical cord hMSC product development in Asia and Europe has demonstrated that hUC-MSCs are the fastest-growing tissue type and second in overall usage within hMSC Regenerative Medicine applications. hUC-MSC product development in North America has been slower to develop, due to the lack of availability of raw material.

RoosterBio announced a collaboration with Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics in May 2019 which gave RoosterBio an exclusive worldwide license to a patent estate related to the manufacture and global sale of hUC-derived MSCs. 

 Source: RoosterBio Inc.