Arctic Biomaterials Moves to New Facility

Arctic Biomaterials moved all functions of its medical facility to a new location with a better capability for medical production, with a 550-square-meter ISO Class 7 clean room, more injection molding capability and more space for all processing, QC and packaging needs, including a 300-square-meter laboratory with modern analytical characterization equipment. The new location is in Finland, at Lääkärinkatu 2, 33520 Tampere. 

The move supports growth in new product development and enables pursuit of new application areas. The capabilities and technological possibilities for R&D and OEM production will add value to the company's Arctic Biomaterials Glass Fiber Technology. 

Arctic Biomaterials develops and manufactures bioresorbable composite materials for medical applications, including ultra-strong glass fiber composites, even for load-bearing indications. They also provide product development and ISO Class 7 clean room contract manufacturing services for bioabsorbable implants (injection molding, extrusion, compression molding, laser cutting, machining, etc.).

Source: Arctic Biomaterials