Norman Noble Introduces New Rapid Development Prototype Services

Norman Noble, a contract manufacturer of next-generation implants, has added dedicated capacity in its Process Development Centers (PDCs) to produce prototype iterations faster for medical device OEMs. The new capability, dubbed Rapid Development Effort (RDE), is currently available for:

• 5-axis Micro Milling & Turning – Polyaxial Screws, Bone Plates

Rapid Development Effort fills a critical need for medical device OEMs that, until now, had to choose between an ultra-fast 3D printed plastic prototype, or fully conforming machined part requiring longer lead times to produce. The RDE service bridges the gap between the two. Medical device OEMs can now complete functional or verification testing on metallic-based prototypes within a short lead time, enabling the engineer to move faster to the next design iteration.

Norman Noble Process Development Centers support customers with micromachining of medical devices from initial prototype, through all stages of FDA approval, to full-scale manufacturing.

Source: Norman Noble

In October 2015, Norman Noble introduced SynchroFlash, a new machining capability that synchronizes Swiss turning & milling and laser machining into one efficient and cost-effective operation and in March 2015, the company opened a new process development center in Naples, Florida.