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Rollomatic Introduces New Model Pinch/Peel Grinding Machine ShapeSmart NP30

Rollomatic presented the ShapeSmart® NP30, replacing the original NP3+ model. 

Pinch grinding offers highest concentricity, particularly on long and thin parts. The rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass. This innovative way to grind roughing and finishing simultaneously eliminates a separate process and reduces cycle time. The machine utilizes two different grinding wheels running on separate spindles and positioned on independently controlled CNC linear slides.

Typical Applications:

  • Blank preparation for the orthopedic, dental and industrial cuttng tool industries
  • Grinding of grip attachments (quick‐disconnect) on orthopedic and dental cuttng tools
  • Core pins for pipettes in the plastic injection molding industry

New Features:

  • Both the finish and the roughing station have a separate direct‐drive synchronous spindle motor which provides better stock removal, less induced heat, better surface finish and longer wheel life.
  • Switch‐over of roughing station from 10° to 90° within a few minutes.

Existing Features:

  • Excellent mirror surface finishes and near‐zero TIR for drill margins can be achieved.
  • Repeatable process with tight tolerances and for long‐batch production.
  • Both grinding stations are equipped with super‐abrasive wheels with different grit sizes. One wheel carries out the rough grinding, while the other wheel is for finish grinding. The grit sizes and bond compositions are carefully selected to optimize the surface finish to be achieved, and find the right balance between minimal wheel wear and best cycle time.
  • A proprietary process that involves multi‐pass grinding and pinch finish grinding is used which has been developed over many years of testing.
  • Dimensional tolerances can be maintained over long or short production runs with the help of in‐process measurements and automatic compensation for wheel wear and for changes in ambient temperature.

On the many test production runs, results included much quicker set‐up times. Further, with the highest achievable material removal rate and a repeatable process on long‐batch production grinding, the machine outperformed alternative competitive equipment by more than 40%. The highly efficient synchronous spindles, running at maximum 35% power draw or less, do not release any heat into the machine or into the grinding process. This greatly helps with keeping the thermal stability of the machine.


Product Rollomatic pinch peel np30

Pinch and peel grinding technology.