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Additive Industries Announces New Flagship 3D Metal Printer MetalFAB-600

        Additive Industries' MetalFAB 600 3D Printer

Additive Industries, developer and manufacturer of 3D metal printers, has developed a new flagship model, MetalFAB-600. Product launch is slated for the end of 2021.

In the medical industry, Additive Industries employs metal 3D printing for orthopedic implants, patient-specific implants and also for some surgical instruments.

MetalFAB-600 will offer a build size of 600x600mm and 1000mm Z-height, one of the largest volumes in the industry, and 5x larger in volume than Additive Industries’ current MetalFAB1 that offers 420x420x400. MetalFAB-600 will feature a deposition rate up to 1000cc/hour, using 10x1kW lasers. Its platform will allow further expansion of the build volume and productivity in the future.

MetalFAB-600 is designed to achieve the lowest cost per part, targeting traditional casting and machining industries.

In support of this and other products in development, acting CEO Mark Vaes will reassume his role as CTO and manage the development team of the MetalFAB-600. Jonas Wintermans, co-founder of the company, will step in as acting CEO.

Jonas Wintermans: “Right now it is crucial for Additive Industries to develop and innovate. The new MetalFAB-600 project is very relevant for our customers and therefore important for Additive Industries. A larger build volume opens doors to more applications and more productivity. Larger build jobs also mean a need for higher laser power and maximum robustness, because users want their parts to reach the finish line when printing multiple day jobs.

To support Additive Industries’ growth and development ambitions, Highlands Beheer, investment company of the Wintermans family, has invested and committed a total of €28 million (USD $33 million) in the company in 2020.