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AV&R Launches Robotic Systems for Implant Production

        AV&R Robotics
AV&R's robotic surface finishing

AV&R, a specialist in robotic surface finishing, has developed robotic systems to perform various surface finishing processes such as polishing and ultra-polishing of knee and hip implants.

AV&R's robotic systems can also visually inspect orthopedic implants, detecting 2D defects on the glossy surface of prostheses. 

The BrainWave interface specializes in surface finishing and allows for control of the processes performed on complex surfaces. By facilitating the adjustment of system parameters and the development of new process recipes, BrainWave is the link between the robot and the operator.

ASIS software supports visual inspection. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to monitor the detection of surface defects. These BrainWave and ASIS interfaces have been designed as tools easily controlled by employees of orthopedic implant manufacturers.

The robotic systems can reduce the risk of injury to operators and contribute to health and safety objectives. A small footprint allows ease of integration into manufacturing plants. Technological innovations can automate the polishing of hard-to-reach areas, such as the knee box, or the detection of surface defects not visible to the human eye. Optimal control of surface finishing processes also reduces the consumption of the abrasives used and therefore significantly reduces production costs.

AV&R designs high-tech robotic systems that perform surface finishing processes (profiling, polishing, deburring, blending) and automated visual inspection for turbine gas and orthopedic implant manufacturers.