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Blogs and Apps That Bring Solutions

This issue’s feature is contributed by popular BONEZONE and OMTEC contributor, Kate Vitasek.

The Vested Outsourcing Blog(s) 



Image courtesy of Vested Outsourcing, Inc. 

The Vested Outsourcing blog serves several purposes, including education, comment and, of course, fun. The blog comprises four dropdown pages that include summaries of the 10 Ailments that can disrupt or derail outsourcing deals, explanations of the Five Rules or principles that guide practitioners to successful Vested partnerships, and one of my favorites, the Economics of Outsourcing, a series of posts about past and current economists who were and are influential in shaping the evolution of modern outsourcing.

Each week I submit two new posts under the From the Blog tab. From the Blog is a forum for education and comment about Vested Outsourcing and its relation to the real world of current events. It also features explanation on subjects covered in the two Vested books, Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing and The Vested Outsourcing Manual

I’ve published nearly 200 From the Blog posts since July 2009, covering the gamut of Vested topics from contract governance to collaboration, flexibility and shared value to pricing and even leaving money on the table. While it’s tough to choose favorites, one is 2-part series of posts called “The Gorilla vs. The Elephant” in which we explore what I call the theory of relativity: in outsourcing and over time, “what goes up must come down” and “what goes around comes around.”

A recent post describes the “Scope Nazi” and shares how flexibility and insight are a necessity when it comes to Scope of Work specs and workscope changes. (I also had fun with another post that relates a Dilbert cartoon on efficiency to one of the 10 Ailments, “The Activity Trap.” 

And that’s where the third purpose—fun—enters, because ultimately if a blog is not useful and fun, why bother?

—Kate Vitasek, The University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education