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Rollomatic Updates ShapeSmart NP50 Pinch/Peel Grinding Machine

Machine tool manufacturer Rollomatic has updated its ShapeSmart® model NP50 pinch/peel grinding machine with new capabilities relating to high‐accuracy punches and pins, both round and non‐round. Various materials can be ground on this machine such as carbide, ceramics, tool steel, stainless steel and more. It can perform form grinding of cuttng tools blanks for the industrial, medical and dental markets.

The patented option for pinch grinding non‐round parts now offers higher accuracy and speed. The non‐round process includes full pinch/peel grinding to ensure extremely high tolerances, form accuracy and the lowest total indicator runout achievable. This is particularly important for exceptionally thin and long parts. Oblong punches, form punches, squares out of center, corner radiuses and any other shape can be produced with this method. The NP50 is designed and dedicated for cylindrical grinding of carbide, HSS and stainless steel components with emphasis on highest achievable surface finish and concentricity.

Pinch grinding is designed to offer the highest concentricity particularly on long and thin parts. Rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass, eliminating a separate process and reducing cycle time. The machine utilizes two different grinding wheels running on separate spindles and positioned on independently controlled CNC linear slides.

The Rollomatic Group specializes in the development and production of high-performance CNC tool & cutter, cylindrical grinding and laser cutting machines. Rollomatic provides superior application solutions for the precision manufacturing of medical drills, burs, taps, reamers, shavers and other orthopedic and cranial cutting tools.

Product Rollomatic NP50

Rollomatic ShapeSmart® model NP50 pinch/peel grinding machine