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Suppliers Continue Polymer Advancements

Last year was a big one for polymer supplier news. Here’s a wrap up of recent strategic announcements.   

Evonik launches new VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK

Evonik has developed VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK radiopaque implant material based on PEEK that is combined with barium sulfate. This material supports radiographic contrast without artifact formation and does not heat up during magnetic resonance tomography.

VESTAKEEP i-Grade PEEK has been employed in spinal implants, sports medicine devices, etc. It is delivered as granulate or semi-finished products, such as plastic plates or rods. The barium sulfate formulation has different compound fill rates to suit different applications.

FossiLabs offers 3D-printed PEEK bone-like scaffolds

FossiLabs, a startup focused on the engineering of porous bone-like structures in PEEK, launched Fused Filament Fabrication FFF (pictured above) 3D-printed fully porous PEEK bonelike structures within implantable devices. The offering makes it possible to 3D-print solid or defined porous structures anywhere within the 3D space.

Previously, other product offerings have only had surface porosity or windows within defined layers. FossiLabs’ proprietary hardware and software allow easy identification of solid and controlled bone-like macroporous regions within existing client models, primarily for spine spacers and cages.

Parx Plastics’ antibacterial polymer gains EU patent

Parx Plastics was granted an EU patent application for use of the company’s biocompatible technologies in polymer components of orthopedic implants (e.g. hip and knee joints).

Parx technologies are incorporated in Saniconcentrates. The plastic receives an intrinsic change on a micrometric scale which results in antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics due to improvements in mechanical and physical properties. Surfaces are more resistant to attack by microbes and bacteria, lessening the risk of biofilm adhesion.

MediTECH receives license to supply Solvay Zeniva PEEK shapes

MediTECH, a registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group, entered into a licensing agreement with Solvay to fulfill customer orders for extruded stock shapes made with Solvay’s Zeniva PEEK.

The agreement names MediTECH as Solvay’s licensee for the global fulfillment of Zeniva PEEK extruded shapes and expands MediTECH’s role in a partnership between the two companies.

Stock shapes made from Zeniva PEEK are used in orthopedic and other implantable devices, yielding performance benefits of biostability, high strength and stiffness, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability.

Victrex invests in joint venture for PEEK in China

Victrex Hong Kong invested in a joint venture with Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Company to establish a PEEK polymer manufacturing facility in Liaoning, China.

This investment allows Victrex to serve regional customers from a local facility and in a more diverse way. Victrex will oversee the management of process know-how and intellectual property during the development of the polymerization process.
The new plant, slated to open in 2022, will eventually be able to produce up to 1,500 metric tons annually.