Stryker to Acquire Sterilization Specialist TSO3

TSO3, a Canadian company specializing in sterilization technology for medical devices, has agreed to be acquired by Stryker for CAD $68.4MM (USD $51.7MM). The transaction is expected to close in 4Q19.

TSO3 markets and licenses sterilization processes related to supplies and accessories for heat-sensitive medical devices.

The STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer, which is cleared in the U.S., Canada and Europe, is reportedly the most cost-effective low-temperature sterilizer on the market today per instrument sterilized, compared to hydrogen peroxide low-temperature sterilizers. It can sterilize orthopedic tools and batteries in the same load, saving time and costs.

The company provides a compatibility matrix to match devices to their low-temperature sterilization processes.

TSO3 also offers testing services to medical device manufacturers to validate and test the compatibility of devices in TSO3’s STERIZONE system.

For Stryker, the move comes at a time when companies are searching for innovative ways to make instruments more sustainable, cost-effective and efficient to manage. The EcoSmart program from CrossRoads Extremity Systems is just one example of ways that OEMs seek to solve pain points around re-sterilization for their customers. With the acquisition of TSO3, Stryker may see the opportunity for a similar program.