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Solvay Licenses MediTECH to Supply Zeniva PEEK Shapes

MediTECH®, a registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group, entered into a new licensing agreement with Solvay to fulfill customer orders for extruded stock shapes made with Solvay’s Zeniva® PEEK. The agreement names MediTECH as Solvay’s licensee for the global fulfillment of Zeniva® PEEK extruded shapes, and expands MediTECH’s role in a longstanding partnership between the two companies, bringing additional value to the customer channel.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has manufactured Solvay’s Zeniva® PEEK shapes since the material’s inception 12 years ago.

        zeniva peek polymer  
        Zeniva PEEK high-performance
biocompatible polymer

Stock shapes made from Zeniva PEEK, high-performance biocompatible polymers, are used in orthopedic and other implantable devices, yielding performance benefits of biostability, high strength and stiffness, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability. The stock shapes are suitable for close tolerance machining of finished components, and for prototypes used in injection molding. Compared to metals, the shapes offer a reduction in stress shielding, no heavy metal allergy or ion erosion and radiolucent properties that allow x-ray and CT scanning procedures to occur without interference.

“We are very excited to further our implantable shapes strategy with the addition of Zeniva PEEK, which complements our existing portfolio of UHMW implantable products. In conjunction with MediTECH’s unique Near Net manufacturing technology, we can provide customers with productivity improvements and a simplified supply chain,” said Eric Tech, Global Market Manager for the Medical industry at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. Matt Donahey, MediTECH’s Global Director, added, “As a global leader whose manufacturing facilities are certified under ISO 13485, MediTECH can also provide customers with deep expertise in regulatory, compliance, and supply chain management. For more than 30 years, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' MediTECH Division has supplied leading orthopedic implantable device manufacturers with premium implantable-grade UHMW-PE under the Chirulen® and Extrulen® brand names.”

Source: Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials