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Kapstone Medical, Spherofix™ Technology

Kapstone seeks to license Spherofix technology to qualified partners. A unique technology has been developed which allows for exceptional mechanical fixation of screw/plate fixation with the added benefit of adjustable angulation. Fixation is achieved through a simple twisting motion.


The technology is easy to use, scalable and adaptable. Screw/plate angulation may be fixed independent of depth of insertion. All types of fixation are achieved by a simple twist of the hand.

No other existing technology is able to provide the full set of attributes afforded by Spherofix. In addition, a strong intellectual property position is in place for the technology.


Devices have performed exceptionally well in early biomechanical testing with an anterior cervical plate construct for the spine.

The technology utilizes only clinically proven materials and standard manufacturing processes.


The Spherofix idea was championed by inventor Sven Olerud. Dr. Olerud is a retired orthopaedic surgeon and professor emeritus in orthopaedics from Sweden. Dr. Olerud is an inventor of over 30 patents along with several successfully commercialized spinal systems.

Designs and prototypes already exist for a variety of spinal applications, including posterior cervical, anterior cervical and anterior lumbar constructs.

Kapstone is seeking to license Spherofix to qualified partners.

Areas of application include Spine, Extremities, Trauma, Sports Medicine and Oral/Maxillofacial.

Founded in 2007, Kapstone Medical, LLC ( partners with physician inventors and manufacturers to develop and commercialize new medical devices. Kapstone also develops platform technologies that are used to help accelerate our clients’ R&D efforts.

To learn more about this and other technologies, please contact John Kapitan at 704-843-7852 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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