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Osteo-Pharma Coated Collagen Membrane Study Results

Osteo-Pharma, developer of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to improve the local healing of bone fractures and defects, completed a large preclinical porcine study showing that its OsteoActivator coated collagen membranes effectively promoted new bone formation. The data indicated a 24% increase of new bone within six weeks in defects covered by OsteoActivator membranes vs. those covered with uncoated collagen membranes. OsteoActivator membranes were well tolerated and there were no findings of inflammation.

While the study addressed dental defects, OsteoActivator technology is in development for three orthopedic applications: as a biodegradable film and  injectable biodegradable microspheres releasing osteoactivator APIs to enhance fracture healing, and an orthopedic screw coated with osteoactivator APIs to enhance osseointegration.

The proprietary OsteoActivator platform is used to develop biodegradable membranes, microspheres and coatings for implants with sustained release of small molecule drugs that enhance bone formation while simultaneously inhibiting bone resorption. The company is in late-stage pre-clinical development with various projects and anticipates initiating its first human clinical trials during 2019. Upon successful pre-clinical development, the company will seek partnerships with pharma and medical device companies to co-develop products for the European and U.S. markets.

Source: Osteo-Pharma