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Tadiran Introduces TLI-1550HT Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries for Medical Applications

Tadiran Batteries introduced TLI-1550HT rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that are specifically modified for medical applications requiring autoclave sterilization cycles at temperatures up to 125°C. Common applications include surgical saws, drills, reamers, staplers, shavers and wire/pin drivers.

TLI-1550HT offers a maintenance-free solution plus the cost savings associated with a reusable device, while minimizing the risk of bacteria and pathogen introduction during excessive handling.

TLI-1550HT cylindrical cells feature high capacity (0.4Ah), high energy density (170 Wh/liter) and high power density (210Wh/liter), allowing handheld tools to be compact and ergonomic to reduce operator fatigue.

Laboratory tests showed that after 100 sterilization cycles at 125°C, TLI-1550HT batteries continued to deliver a highly stable open circuit voltage (4.1V) with only a modest reduction in discharge capacity (370 mAh to 320 mAH) and pulse voltage (3.900V to 3.640V). 

Source: Tadiran Batteries