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FOBA Donates Laser Marker for University Research in Tuttlingen

The Innovation and Research Center Tuttlingen of the Hochschule Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences and FOBA Laser Marking & Engraving launched an innovation partnership focused on medical technology. FOBA has presented a laser marking system which the university will use for research as well as demonstrations to interested parties.

The Tuttlingen campus conducts research and education in cooperation with manufacturing companies. With FOBA's M2000-P fiber laser marking system, the researchers can now use a fully-equipped latest generation laser marking machine.

"75 percent of our work is applied research," said innovation manager Regina Storz-Irion. "The goal of our cooperation with industrial companies is to create benefits for the companies in the region. It also happens by putting science into practice, for example in the form of students' theses. "

In the consideration of the technical challenges of labeling different surfaces, materials scientist Professor Griselda Guidoni researches which laser parameters are most suitable for which material. To achieve durable and high-contrast inscriptions, the laser beam must change the surface in such a way that there is no damage to the material, while achieving the desired marking effect. Depending on the properties of a metal or plastic, the appropriate laser parameters such as wavelength or pulse duration are determined individually.

"Our systems offer the advantage that the parameters for certain materials are already integrated in the software," explained Christian Söhner from FOBA. "This way, the user can fall back on empirical values ​​when setting up a marking job." The camera integrated in the marking system also contributes to error-free marking.

Source: FOBA