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Evonik Launches New Composites, Intensifies Research on Regenerative Medicine

Evonik, a supplier of polymers for medical devices including bioresorbable RESOMER® and high-performance PEEK VESTAKEEP®, announced strategic initiatives including a new line of composites and an increased focus on regenerative medicine.

  • Evonik's new line of RESOMER Composites is designed to enhance the performance of bone fixation devices. The line includes a range of standard and customizable product grades with calcium-phosphate material options, including Hydroxyapatite (HA), beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and Bicalcium phosphate (BCP). The first composite product to launch is RESOMER Composite L 210 S plus 25% HA. Additional standard grades with β-TCP additives will release later this year. RESOMER Composites feature precise degradation rate profiles and mechanical properties, such as elastic modulus that can be tailored to match the natural bone. Such benefits can help to minimize stress shielding for bone fixation devices such as interference screws, suture anchors and fracture plates to encourage faster patient healing, according to the company.

  • Evonik opened its Tissue Engineering Project House, with a focus on regenerative medicine and development of materials for biological implants. Located in Singapore, this Project House will work closely with Evonik personnel in the U.S. and Germany. Using 3D-printed scaffold materials to produce desired tissue structures to repair injuries, for instance, is one area the company has identified as a research priority. Another focus is optimizing the conditions under which tissue cells grow on said scaffold materials. This is Evonik’s 12th Project House. Earlier this month, Evonik relaunched its Birmingham, Alabama Project House as a permanent R&D Competence Center, to manufacture and test prototypes from new materials not just in extrusion and injection molding processes, but also in additive manufacturing.

Source: Evonik