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Spine, Trauma Companies Continue a Focus on Sterile Packaging

Device companies and suppliers have made a considerable push to move from hospital-sterilized products to single-use, terminally sterilized devices. Increased infection rates at hospitals, regulatory implications on cleaning and the efforts of European and U.S. hospitals to cut costs have all driven sterilization changes in orthopaedic device packaging.

Here, we highlight more than a dozen announcements made in 2017 involving sterile-packed devices and products. Of note, as has been the trend in recent years, these announcements pertain to products in the spine or trauma space.

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Medical Device Packaging is Shaped by Increased Regulations

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OEM Insight: Nextremity Solutionsnextra2

From the company’s beginnings, Nextremity Solutions’ surgeon founders had a vision for single-use, sterile-packaged, procedure-specific kits. This mandate challenged the company from materials and design perspectives in order to keep the cost of goods low and quality standards high, says Chief Commercial Officer Ryan D. Schlotterback.

Sterile packaging has offered numerous opportunities, including differentiation in the marketplace and efficiency from product launch, supply chain and sales perspectives due to the elimination of coordinating reusable kits in the field.

From a customer standpoint, Schlotterback says, “We’ve found that hospitals, as well as ambulatory surgical centers, find an advantage with these single-use, sterile packed kits as it saves them from reprocessing activities as well as having to inventory large amounts of reusable kits. This helps when getting product approval at the value analysis committee level. We’re committed to the single-use, sterile-packaged procedural kits as we move forward to develop new systems for foot and ankle, as well as other areas of musculoskeletal care. Our delivery systems continue to evolve to allow for more efficiency in the operating room, which will be important for future product launches, such as systems for Lapidus fixation, as well as a full foot plating system.”

Photo courtesy of Nextremity Solutions