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2016: The Year in Products and Services



Introductions in this segment hailed from start-ups to well-established companies. Though numerous offerings had application throughout the body, we call out one specific area of higher volume than other trauma products within 2016.

Focus: Foot/Ankle

Acumed launched the Ankle Plating System 3, spanning the lateral, medial and posterior malleoli and used in combination with the Acumed Small Fragment Base Set. 

Agent Medical launched ArthroBridge, an implant for the treatment of hammertoes, and the ArthroMate rasp designed for use in rear foot fusion.

Arthrosurface launched CheckMATE 3.0, a fusion plate for end-stage toe arthritis.

Centric Medical’s launches included a Hammertoe Correction System IMAGE, Subtalar Arthroereisis Implant (limited launch, with full release coming in 1Q17) and TARSA-LINK, IMAGE a PEEK-based standalone wedge for internal fixation of fractures, fusions and osteotomies in the foot/ankle.

Extremity Medical announced launch of the AlignX Ankle Fusion system and completed over 20 procedures. The company also commenced U.S. launch of IO FIX 2.0 implants and instruments for midfoot fusion.

Flower Orthopedics launched an MTP Fusion Plate component for the First Ray IndicationCube and also commenced full market launch of Flower E-Kit, containing all required cannulated and plating instruments for midfoot, forefoot and ankle in one single-use package.

Prior to its acquisition by Stryker, Instratek launched the HammerFIT Extremity Reamer for hammertoe surgery in the U.S.  Medline launched the UNITE Foot Plating system and ARROW-LOK Digital Fusion system.


Focus: A First and an Only

Cartiva SCI web

Stryker web

  Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage (above)
    Stryker Sonic Anchor (below)

Cartiva’s Synthetic Cartilage Implant
—the first synthetic cartilage device to gain FDA approval—was implanted in the first commercial U.S. patient following its FDA Premarket Approval for the treatment of great toe arthritis.

announced U.S. availability of SonicAnchor, reportedly the only implant in the U.S. that employs ultrasonic energy to liquefy and flow into cancellous bone, for suture or tissue fixation. Though released by the company’s Foot & Ankle unit, the anchor has application in foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder open procedures.


Focus: Viscosupplements

Anika Therapeutics commenced Canada and EU launches of CINGAL viscosupplement to treat knee osteoarthritis pain.

Bioventus launched DUROLANE single-injection hyaluronic acid-based OA treatment in Taiwan for the treatment of mild to moderate knee OA. Further, the company commenced U.S. launch of GELSYN-3 three-injection hyaluronic acid to treat knee OA pain.

Fidia commenced U.S. launch of Hymovis 2-injection highly-viscoelastic hyaluronan, also for the knee OA pain indication.

Lattice Biologics launched AmnioVisc, a minimally-processed amniotic fluid supplement for the treatment of OA pain in all joints. Results from a 275-patient study demonstrated lasting pain relief and fewer adverse events than hyaluronic acid viscosupplements, the current standard of care, including single-injection MONOVISC, 3-injection ORTHOVISC and Synvisc-One.

Agent BZ 1    Centric BZ 1    Extremity BZ 1    Extremity BZ 2

  Agent Medical Arthobridge
Centric Medical TARSA-LINK
Extremity medical IO Fix 2.0
  Extremity Medical AlignX



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