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MedTorque Receives Patent for TRI-GEAR Ratcheting Technology

MedTorque was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,511,484 for TRIGEAR™ ratcheting technology. This mechanism is used in the ratchet products designed and manufactured by MedTorque for use in orthopaedic and spinal surgeries.

In comparison to traditional pawl-type mechanisms found on competing ratchet products, the axial-alignment of the gear set on TRI-GEAR is designed to provide engagement on the entire face of the mating gears. This increased engagement is intended to reduce stress on individual teeth, resulting in a more robust design. The axial alignment also allows for optimization of size.

TRI-GEAR ratchet mechanisms come in three size configurations:

  • Micro-Mini: About the size of a fingertip, this ratchet is ideal for those applications where fine precision and control are required in a small package.
  • Ultra-Mini: Small, yet robust, the ultra-mini size packs a punch when mated with one of MedTorque’s Petite Axial or Jeweler handles.
  • Standard: The largest ratchet in the TRI-GEAR family, this mechanism fits any MedTorque handle from the Mini Axial up to the Large T-Handle.

Components in the ratchets are standardized for use across various styles of handles and quick connect couplings. This allows for ease of assembly, supporting competitive lead times. TRI-GEAR ratchets are available in multiple handle styles and can be customized with color, logos or artwork.

New TRI-GEAR instruments were launched in 3Q15, and TRI-GEAR ratchets are also available in Europe.

Source: MedTorque, Inc.