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Autodesk Launches Within Medical Software for 3D Orthopaedic Implant Design

Autodesk Within Medical, generative design software that optimizes 3D printing of medical implants for the orthopedic industry, is now available. The software allows biomedical engineers to create orthopaedic implants with micro-lattice porous structures that help properly connect the implants to living bone and promote vascularization to facilitate healing.

Applications include surgical repair of defects or deformities of the skull, hip replacement, lumbar vertebral replacement and facial reconstruction. There are currently more than 600 patients living with implants designed using Within Medical technology.

Generative design is a process by which the infinite computing power of the cloud is used to generate very large sets of designs – thousands to tens of thousands – that meet specific goals. Generative design can increase design quality, efficiency and performance across the board. Components designed using Autodesk Within can be considerably lighter weight than traditional designs, are as stiff or as flexible as needed, and are refined to enable faultless 3D printing. Autodesk Within Medical is available as a Desktop Subscription offering.

Source: Autodesk