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OMTEC 2015 Preview: Meet 25 Longtime Exhibitors

Of the ~130 unique companies set to exhibit at OMTEC® 2015, 25 have exhibited since OMTEC’s early days. Many of these longtime exhibitors are full-service providers, while some maintain a more specialized focus in areas such as surgical instrumentation, sterilization or raw materials, to name a few.

Both business models have proved successful for these companies, who continue to grow and return to OMTEC to offer their solutions to you.

To familiarize yourself with these exhibitors, we’ve compiled profiles on each company to summarize the abilities they showcase at OMTEC, year after year. Companies have been broken out by a main capability.

 OMTEC 2015 highlights:

~130 exhibitors
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Meet 28 new exhibitors

200+ OEMS from 
60+ unique companies

30+ Education Sessions
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Implant/Instrument Machining

Acme Manufacturing 
Specialty: Robotic finishing systems for implants
Auburn Hills, Michigan
•   Capabilities: integrated robotic polishing, grinding and buffing systems for
    orthopaedic components
•   Founded 1910
•   Booth #231


Advantage Manufacturing Technologies 
Specialty: Manufacturer of implants and instruments
Monroe, Washington
•   Capabilities: rapid response prototyping, CNC multi-axis milling and turning, laser marking, non-sterile individual and bulk
    packaging services including labeling
•   Founded 2000
•   Booth #514

Autocam Medical
Specialty: Manufacturer of instruments and implants
Kentwood, Michigan
•   Acquired Southeastern Technology in late 2014
•   Capabilities: CNC precision turning; precision turning and milling; precision cutter grinding; precision grinding; laser-machining,
    cutting, etching, marking, welding; deep hole gun-drilling; surface finishing/coating; precision cleaning; subassembly and
    non-sterile packaging
•   Founded 2008
•   Booth #126

Bradshaw Medical
Specialty: Manufacturer of orthopaedic, trauma and spinal instruments
Kenosha, Wisconsin
•   Product offerings: Total Control™ ratcheting screwdriver handles, torque limiting drivers, torque limiting ratchet drivers, torque
    measuring devices, non-ratcheting drivers, bone awls, probes and sounders, German instruments, zero play adapters, Comfort
    Grip™ Silicone Rubber Handles, Universal Spine Lumbar Screw Extraction System, Universal Spine Cervical Screw Extraction
    System, Ratcheting Rod Cutter System
•   Founded 2006
•   Booth #224

C&A Tool Engineering
Specialty: Manufacturer of implants and instruments
Churubusco, Indiana
•   Capabilities: turning, milling, grinding, EDM, additive manufacturing, large machining, metrology, laser marking, finishing,
    molding, testing and quality control, engineering and programming
•   Founded 1969
•   Booth #515

Specialty: Manufacturer of instruments
Emerson, New Jersey
•   Capabilities: product development, CAD support, custom labeling and packaging, custom marking
•   Founded 1999
•   Booth #226

Jarvis Surgical
Specialty: Manufacturer of implants and components
Westfield, Massachusetts
•   Capabilities: RAM EDM and Wire EDM, 4 & 5 axis milling, turning (multi-axis), polishing, multi-axis grinding, anodizing,
    passivation, laser marking, media finishing, assembly of spinal implants, screw machining
•   Product offerings: shoulder components, hip implants, knee implants, broaches, spine implants
•   Founded 1992
•   Booth #331

Specialty: Manufacturer of instruments and implants
Holyoke, Massachusetts
•   Capabilities: complex parts machined in a single operation, 6-8 axis CNC multi-process machining, simultaneous 5-axis CNC
    milling, CNC Swiss turning, CNC wire and sinker EDM, CNC thread whirling, complex surfacing, product development and
    launching, prototypes, full-scale production, assemblies and project management
•   Founded 1951
•   Booth #137

Specialty: Manufacturer of sterilization cases, trays and accessory products
Totowa, New Jersey
•   Capabilities: metal and plastic fabrication, metal finishing, color and hard anodizing, nylon coating and final assembly
•   Founded 1966
•   Booth #607

Metal Craft
Specialty: Manufacturer of implants and instruments
Elk River, Minnesota
•   Capabilities: prototype services, assembly, turning/Swiss/gun drilling, wire EDM, welding (GTAW, TIG and laser), laser etching
    and passivation (passivation and ultrasonic cleaning, CNC controlled diode pumped laser etching, heat treating, metal finishing,
    deburring and glass bead blasting), CNC milling, machining and grinding (horizontal and multi-axis milling, multi-axis Swiss
    machining and CNC turning and 7-Axis grinding with robotics), aluminum vacuum furnace brazing, PFMEA (risk management)
•   Founded 1978
•   Booth #314

Onyx Medical
Specialty: Manufacturer of wires, guide pins, drills and screws
Memphis, Tennessee
•   Capabilities: close-tolerance manufacturing, precision CNC turning, grinding and milling, threading, forging, broaching, heat
    treating, glass beading, polishing and buffing, multi-alloy electropolishing and passivation, anodizing and custom coatings,
    epoxy inking, chemical and laser etching, design for manufacturing, R&D support, sterile and non-sterile final packaging and
    supply chain management
•   Product offerings: Cutting: drills, specialty drills, taps, reamers, drill point pins and wires; Nailing: one-piece ball tips, guide wires
    and pins; Fixation: half pins, fixation pins, one-piece olive wires, reduction wires, threaded and plain K-Wires and Steinmann
    Pins, locating pins, screws, anchors; Navigation: guide wires, fixation/locating pins
•   Founded 1990
•   Booth #413

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Specialty: Manufacturer of implants and instruments
Holt, Michigan
•   Capabilities: product design and development, forging, investment casting, advanced machining (implants, screws, IM nails,
    plates and plastics machining), injection molding of medical grade plastics, implant coatings and surface treatments
    (hydroxyapatite, titanium plasma spray, resorbable blast media and sintered beads), surgical instruments (complex instruments,
    cutting tools and handheld instruments), sterile packaging, customs, specials and prototyping and quality/regulatory consulting
•   Founded 2005
•   Booth #133

PAK Manufacturing
Specialty: Custom and specialty handheld surgical instruments
Irvington, New Jersey
•   Capabilities: prototyping, custom configurations built from raw forgings, CAD design, CNC milling, grinding, turning, EDM, heat
    treating, passivation and polishing/finishing
•   Founded 1995
•   Booth #507

Paragon Medical
Specialty: Contract manufacturer of instruments, implantable components and design and development services
Pierceton, Indiana
•   Capabilities: instrumentation: cutting instruments (broaches, reamers and drills), polymer trials (polymer and metal), cutting
    blocks and guides, handled instruments, complex assemblies, cannulated and non-cannulated instruments; implantable
    components: femoral knees, hip stems, bone plates, screws, anchors, rods, hooks and pins; cases and trays, concept through
    final product development, prototyping, regulatory assistance and laboratory evaluation and reporting
•   Founded 1991
•   Booth #412

PPD Meditech
Specialty: Manufacturer of plastic components
Waterville, Canada
•   Capabilities: UHMW compression molding, injection molding, precision dry machining, prototyping, in-house tooling design and
    production; plastic materials offered: UHMWPe (Vit E UHMWPe and eCIMA/CIMA), PEEK (PEEK-Optima®, PEEK continuous
    strand CF and Porous PEEK), Resorbable PLLA, Delrin®, Ultem® and Radel®
•   Founded 1960
•   Booth #408

Precision Metal Products
Specialty: Manufacturer of net and near-net forged and machined implants
El Cajon, California
•   Capabilities: Forging: precision screw presses, mechanical and hydraulic high-velocity counter blow forging; 3, 4 and 5 axis
    CNC machining, EDM and CNC turning centers; fully integrated chemical milling, heat treatment and surface texturing services;
    direct, high speed die sinking CNC equipment; vibratory and hand finishing services; CAD product design and engineering
    software programs
•   Founded 1963
•   Booth #125

Specialty: Manufacturer of CNC precision grinding machines
Mundelein, Illinois
•   Capabilities: offers tool grinders, rotary transfer tool grinders, cylindrical grinders, single purpose machines, accessories and
    software for grinding machines
•   Founded 1953
•   Booth #506

Seabrook International
Specialty: Manufacturer of instruments and implants
Seabrook, New Hampshire
•   Capabilities: manufactures cutting guides, screw drivers, complex assemblies and polymer machining
•   Founded 1973
•   Booth #406

Specialty: Manufacturer of components, instruments and assemblies
Wilmington, Massachusetts
•   Capabilities: forging, machining, photochemical machining, laser and e-beam welding, finishing, LaunchQuick™ Rapid
    Prototypes, instruments (precision machined surgical instruments, ratchet and torque products, German-forged instruments for
    spinal and orthopaedic procedures, custom-configured OrthoGrip® Handles and Evolution™ Revision Systems)
•   Founded 1964
•   Booth #407

Trigon International
Specialty: Manufacturer of components and assemblies
Aurora, Illinois
•   Capabilities: CNC vertical milling, EDM, full scanning CMM, laser cutting and marking, welding (electron beam, laser and
    GTAW), grinding (universal CNC and cylindrical grinding), cleaning/passivation and finishing
•   Founded 2000
•   Booth #127

Universal Precision Instruments
Specialty: Manufacturer of instruments and implants
Elkhart, Indiana
•   Product offerings: cannulated instruments, bone taps, sizers, trials, hip and knee broaches, reamers, bone screws,
    rods/connectors, drills, hex and torx drivers, guide wires
•   Founded 1979
•   Booth #336

Vistek Medical
Specialty: Manufacturer of components and implants
Ivyland, Pennsylvania
•   Capabilities: material procurement and qualification; in-house drawing capabilities; prototyping; process validations and control
    plans; risk management; Swiss turning of stainless steel, titanium, and other ferrous alloys; in-line gun drilling for cannulated
    products; integrated milling of stainless steel, titanium and PEEK; dedicated PEEK manufacturing cells; tumbling;
   electropolishing; passivation; anodizing; glass bead and soda blasting; ultrasonic cleaning; laser marking and
    manual device assembly
•   Founded 1987
•   Booth #307

Raw Materials

Carpenter Technology
Specialty: Raw materials supplier
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
•   Capabilities: stainless steels and specialty alloys, titanium alloys and metal powders for artificial discs, joint reconstruction
    implants, guide wires, spinal fixation/motion preservation and trauma products
•   Founded 1889
•   Booth #122

Total Plastics
Specialty: Raw materials supplier
Fort Wayne, Indiana
•   Capabilities: offers thermoplastics such as acetal copolymer, Ultem, Radel R, UHMWPe (implantable grade), heat stabilized
    polypropylene, carbon-filled and unfilled grades of PEEK, PEEK for long-term human implantation, and a complete line of
    medical grade tubing and tape
•   Founded 1978
•   Booth #614

Surface Preparations/Treatments

IHI IonBond
Specialty: Coating technologies for implants and instruments
Madison Heights, Michigan
•   Capabilities: biocompatible PVD, PACVD and CVD, ceramic, diamond like carbon and metallic thin film coating technologies for
    implants and instruments
•   Founded 1853
•   Booth #237