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OMTEC 2015 Preview: Meet First-time Exhibitors

Of the ~130 unique companies set to exhibit at OMTEC® 2015, 28 are newcomers to the floor. Below, we've compiled key information on these first-time exhibitors to give you a glimpse of what they're bringing to the conference. These companies offer a wide range of capabilities and solutions to meet your needs. They are broken out by one main capability, as most companies have multiple capabilities.

Stay tuned for the next exhibitor-focused article set to detail OMTEC's longtime exhibitors and what you can expect from them at this year's conference.


Superior Scientific
Specialty: Japan commercialization expert
Minatoku, Japan
 •   Capabilities: Advisory services for international medical device manufacturers
    seeking to supply Japanese medical device manufacturers and those seeking
    to market and distribute product in Japan
•   Booth #736


OMTEC 2015 highlights:

~130 exhibitors
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Meet 25 longtime exhibitors

200+ OEMS from
60+ unique companies

30+ Education Sessions
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Device Testing

MED Institute Inc.
Specialty: Testing and regulatory services
West Lafayette, Indiana
•   Capabilities: MR testing for heating, migration and marking of implantable devices with metallic or radiopaque additives, SEM
    investigation, EDS, physical bench measurements and examination, radial force testing, electrochemical corrosion testing,
    immersion corrosion testing, tensile and compression testing, torque, particulate matter counting and sizing, electrosurgical
    accessory testing, fatigue testing, flow testing, securement testing, physiological models and boundary conditions testing,
    radiopacity testing, crush resistance and local compression
•   Founded 1983
•   Booth #739

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre
Specialty: Testing and validation services
Winnipeg, Canada
•   Capabilities: Mechanical testing: Load Frame Testing – Bi-axial, Pin-On-Disc Testing – 6-station, Hip Simulation – 12-station
    and Knee Simulation – 6-station; Evaluation of medical devices: Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA) and Implant Failure Analysis;
    Surgical Training Wet Lab: Cadaveric Lab Facility; Metrology: CMM, Contact Profilometry (surface roughness and contour
    analysis) and 3D-Laser Scanning; Additive Manufacturing & Prototyping: Fused Deposition Modeling; Scanning Electron
    Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) system
•   Founded 2010
•   Booth #820

Implant/Instrument Machining

Additive Manufacturing 

Materialise NV
Specialty: 3D printing, patient-specific solutions
Leuven, Belgium
•   Recently acquired OrthoView, provider of 2D digital orthopaedic pre-op planning/templating software, for £8.47MM (~US
•   Founded 1990
•   Booth #336

Proto Labs
Specialty: Custom prototypes
Maple Plain, Minnesota
•   Capabilities: injection molding, rapid injection molding, prototyping, injection molded parts, CNC machining, additive
    manufacturing, metal injection molding, liquid silicone rubber molding, stereolithography, selective laser sintering and direct
    metal laser sintering
•   Founded 1999
•   Booth #732

Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)

Five Star Companies
Specialty: Surgical instrument repair, refurbishment and manufacturing
New Bedford, Massachusetts
•   Capabilities: EDM, Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), laser marking, engraving and welding, 5th Axis, CNC
     machining, AutoCAD, SurfCAM and MasterCAM software
•   Founded 1998
•   Booth #700

Perryman Company
Specialty: Contract manufacturer of forging of metals and fabrication of plastics and metal
Houston, Pennsylvania
•   Capabilities: surface texturing, finishing operations, cleaning/packaging and quality/validation; integrated titanium producer
    from melting to finishing
•   Founded 1988
•   Booth #612

Micro Machining

Peridot Corp.
Specialty: Custom device/instrument manufacturer
Pleasanton, California
•   Capabilities: precision miniature metal machining, medical device manufacturing, laser processing, electro-mechanical
    assembly, CNC Swiss machining, EDM, metal forming, metal stamping, packaging and distribution
•   Founded 1996
•   Booth #207

RepExact LLC
Specialty: Represents U.S. and European manufacturers of precision and micro-components
Gastonia, North Carolina
•   Capabilities: micro-components such as machined, laser-cut/welded/etched, EDM and molded parts
•   Founded 2007
•   Booth #502


Complexus Medical
Specialty: Contract manufacturer of orthopaedic and spinal instruments
Mishawaka, Indiana
•   Capabilities include: 4 axis CNC milling, 5 axis mill turn, Swiss turning up to 1 ¼ inch; 11 axis, certified welding, 
    in-house finishing, in-house laser welding, wire and sinker EDM, assembly, gun drilling and ultrasonic cleaning
•   Founded 1968
•   Booth #724

SPEC Engineering Co.
Specialty: Contract manufacturer specializing in implant and instrument development
Van Nuys, California
•   Capabilities: CNC machining, assembly, packaging and labeling of finished products and inventory management
•   Founded 1987
•   Booth #737


Linear Mold & Engineering Inc.
Specialty: Tooling, injection molding and 3D printing
Livonia, Michigan
•   Capabilities: Tooling for injection molds, compression molds and tooling required for processing of thermoplastic resins, 3D
•   North America’s largest privately-owned provider of 3D Metal Printing services
•   Founded 2003
•   Booth #712

Medbio Inc.
Specialty: Contract manufacturer focused on precision injection molding, device assembly and design support
Grand Rapids, Michigan
•   Capabilities: Detailed mold design, mold building, micro tooling, two shot tooling, prototype tooling, CNC, EDM, engraving laser
    welding, diamond polishing, medical grade thermoplastics, implantable grade thermoplastics, scientific process development
    (RMT), assembly/secondary processes, component assembly, laser & ultrasonic welding, gluing/solvent bonding, pad printing
    and hot stamping
•   Founded 2004
•   Booth #118

Sil-Pro Medical Manufacturing Solutions
Specialty: Contract manufacturer focused on silicone and thermoplastic devices and components
Delano, Minnesota
•   Capabilities: silicone molding, long-term implantable silicone molding, silicone extrusion, thermoplastic molding, tooling,
    automation and design and development
•   Founded 1998
•   Booth #110


Gsell Medical Plastics AG
Specialty: Manufactures and machines high-performance plastics
Muri AG, Switzerland
•   Capabilities: turning and milling with up to 7 axes, injection molding with material specific injection units, thermoforming;
    post-processing: inscribing and marking, incorporation of X-ray marker, blasting, ultrasonic cleaning and customer-specific
•   Founded 1984
•   Booth #829

Jade Precision Medical Components LLC
Specialty: Contract manufacturer of implants and components
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
•   Capabilities: CNC machining, Swiss multi-axis turning, five axis milling, EDM and grinding
•   Founded 2005
•   Booth #823 

Microcision LLC
Specialty: Contract manufacturer of implants, components and assemblies
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
•   Capabilities: CNC Swiss turning (4-axis through 12-axis), 5-Axis milling, wire and sinker EDM, laser welding/marking, cleaning, 
    citric passivation, assembly, inspection and packaging
•   Founded 1948
•   Booth #109

Product Design/Development/Incubation

Specialty: Manufacturer of silicon nitride implants
Salt Lake City, Utah
•   Capabilities: Assists OEMs with proprietary design, development, manufacture and supply of silicon nitride spinal implants;
    manufacturers fusion and pedicle screw systems
•   B. Sonny Bal, M.D., J.D., the company’s Chairman, President and CEO will take part in Wednesday’s keynote and Bryan
    McEntire, Amedica’s Chief Technology Officer will speak about silicon nitride
•   Founded 1996
•   Booth #733

Changzhou Kanghui Medical Innovation Co. Ltd.
Specialty: Manufacturer and distributor of joint reconstruction, spine and trauma products
Changzhou, China
•   Capabilities: Distributes products throughout China, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Europe
•   Acquired by Medtronic in 2012 and was the first Medtronic business unit headquartered outside the U.S.
•   Founded 1997
•   Booth #727

Cousin Biotech
Specialty: Designs and manufactures spinal implants
Wervicq-Sud, France
•   Capabilities: Subcontracts design and production for medical devices based on flexible and textile materials and
    manufacturers its own NAJA™ Ligament Correction System for Stabilization and IntraSPINE®, a device for the interspinous
    space with laminar support.
•   Founded 1848
•   Booth #636

Specialty: Manufactures instruments and provides design support
Le Locle, Switzerland
•   Capabilities: Design specifications, functional analysis, feasibility studies, detailed design plan, prototyping, testing,
    manufacturing hand off, rapid prototyping, CNC Swiss screw machining, CNC milling centers (3X & 5X), CNC lathes, gun
    drilling, CMM inspection, polishing, tumbling; packaging services: color anodizaton, type II anodization, laser marking, ultrasonic
    cleaning, clean room (ISO 7) and assembly
•   Product offerings: screws, plates, nails and cages
•   Founded 2014
•   Booth #139 

Merz Biomaterials
Specialty: Therapeutic products and materials
Franksville, Wisconsin
•   Capabilities: Supplier of HA and other materials to coating companies
•   Founded 1908
•   Booth #600

Specialty: Design & manufacture of mechanical components
Farmingdale, New York
•   Product offerings: Bone screws, plates and plate systems, drills and drill guides, taps, reamers, orthopaedic devices, complete
    instruments, fracture and trauma components
•   Founded 1950
•   Booth #811

Ostec Medical Device
Specialty: Instrument provider
SuZhou, China
•   Product offerings: surgical kits, locking plate systems, metal bone screws
•   Founded 2013
•   Booth #538

Sunoptic Technologies
Specialty: Surgical instrument manufacturer
Jacksonville, Florida
•   Capabilities: Provides surgical headlights, Xenon and LED light sources, video cameras, documentation/ recording devices,
    fiber optic cables, parts and repair services; offers OEMs and private label customers design, production and
    regulatory expertise
•   Founded 1978
•   Booth #330

Software/Technology Solutions

Swoosh Technologies & Solutions
Specialty: Software provider/consultant
Chesterfield, Missouri
•   Capabilities: Design, manufacturing, simulation and data management training and software
•   Founded 2005
•   Booth #725

Beacon Converters, Inc.
Specialty: Sterilization packaging
Saddle Brook, New Jersey
•   Capabilities: Preformed sterile barrier systems products, including peelable and non-peelable pouches, header bags,
    rollstock, lidding materials and custom die cut insert cards
•   Alison Tyler, Technical Director at Beacon Converters, will present packaging tips and lessons learned from past FDA recalls
•   Founded 1947
•   Booth #533

Surface Preparation/Treatments

Specialty: Contract manufacturer of metal coatings
Dayton, Ohio
•   Capabilities: Metal finishing, anodizing, plating, electro-polishing and coating processes
•   Founded 1962
•   Booth #637