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21 Notable Products from 2014

Of the hundreds of products introduced this year, this selection represents some of the more innovative offerings in their market segments. Here, we summarize a few highlights for each.

Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair   
Biomet Sports Medicine
JuggerKnotless Soft Anchor
  • All-suture knotless device for labral repair in the shoulder
  • 2.1mm drill hole preserves bone, allows more freedom in anchor placement
  • Demonstrated 57 lbs. of pullout strength
   Biomet Juggerknotless
Fracture Repair
DynaNail® TTC Fusion System
  • Internal shape memory element is simply stretched during the nail insertion procedure; once nail is fixed in place with screws, shape memory element maintains target fusion bones in close apposition and under sustained compression for longer time periods than static, non-adaptive intramedullary devices
  • Successfully implanted in >100 tibiotalocalcaneal fusion procedures during targeted beta launch
  • Large number of high-risk patients reportedly experienced fusion with DynaNail, including many requiring bone allograft
Paragon 28
GORILLA™ R3CON Foot Plating System
  • Initial U.S. commercial launch
  • Ten interchangeable subsystems, may be used for MTP fusion, Lisfranc stabilization, Lapidus procedures, various opening wedge osteotomies
  • Includes array of non-site specific plates for various procedures
  • Supplants Normed product line previously distributed by Paragon 28
Smith & Nephew
  • For distal radius fractures
  • Includes 4 complete single-use sterile instrument kits with implants and a tray of sterile packaged fasteners/templates
  • Offers Chart Sticks™ to record part numbers for every patient, and individually packed screws that may reduce waste
SmithNephew D-RAD
Joint Replacement
Cayenne Medical
Mirror™ Partial Knee
  • Uses patient’s own ligaments to kinematically balance knee as definitive bone cuts are made, thus balancing the knee throughout the entire range of motion
  • To offer the procedure, facilities do not need to acquire expensive equipment or incur additional costs tied to approaches that rely on software from CT or MRI imaging studies to create cutting guides for surgeons
DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction
ATTUNE®Rotating Platform Knee
  • Designed to improve conformity, stability throughout range of motion
  • Supports tibial insert to self-align and track with femoral component throughout range of motion
DJO Global
e+™ blended vitamin E polyethylene bearing for reverse shoulder
  • Reportedly the only company offering blended vitamin E poly throughout entire shoulder portfolio
  • Marked 1st surgical use
  • Demonstrated 92% wear rate reduction while maintaining yield strength of conventional polyethylene
ExactechGPS®Guided Personalized Surgery
  • Reportedly 1st advanced surgical technology to offer truly real-time patient-specific approach to total knee arthroplasty
  • Includes instantaneous data and imaging
  • Supports range of soft tissue strategies, ligament balancing options, less invasive approaches and techniques
Smith & Nephew
JOURNEY™ II Cruciate Retaining Knee
  • Preserves the posterior cruciate ligament; applies PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING™ technology using LIFEMOD™ human simulation software to analyze and account for bone, ligament and muscle forces within the design of an implant
  • Made from VERILAST™ technology (proprietary OXINIUM alloy + highly cross-linked plastic liner)
Wright Medical
INFINITY®Total Ankle Replacement
  • Full U.S. commercial launch; also available on a limited basis in select ex-U.S. countries
  • Combines low-profile implant and seamless integration with PROPHECY® Pre-Operative Navigation Alignment Guides
  • Features talar resurfacing option for preservation of talar bone, and a tibia design compatible with the INBONE® II System
  • Talar component of INFINITY is interchangeable with the INBONE II, which may serve as a revision option
Aurora Spine
ECHO™ (PLIF) and ECHO XL™ (OLIF) MIS Interbody Systems
  • Next-generation lumbar interbody cages featuring TiNano™ titanium spray coating to provide additional roughness and porosity, increased possibility of bone ongrowth and enhanced radiographic visibility
  • TiNano will be available on all Aurora interbody cages, including Cervical, PLIF, OLIF, TLIF, ALIF and LLIF
Benvenue Medical
Kiva®VCF Treatment System
  • For reduction and treatment of vertebral compression fractures
  • Implant-based solution for vertebral augmentation, next-generation alternative to balloon kyphoplasty
  • Data from 3 studies indicate that Kiva met or exceeded balloon kyphoplasty in the reduction of pain and restoration of function in treating VCFs, improved kyphotic angle restoration, reduced the rate of cement extravasation and reduced the rate of adjacent fractures one year after treatment
Benvenue KivaVCF
  • Patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod system designed to eliminate manual bending of rods in the OR during surgery
  • Software + real-time support help surgeons preoperatively analyze, design and order patientspecific rods
  • Received FDA 510(k) clearance in mid-4Q14
Medicrea Unid
KYPHON Express™ II Balloon
Kyphoplasty Platform
  • Includes next-generation KYPHON® Cement Delivery System
  • Features maximum pressure rating of 700 psi to offer a more powerful option for reducing fractures, while the KYPHON CDS includes new features designed to increase efficiency and precision of delivering bone cement into a vertebral body
Medtronic Kyphon1Medtronic Kyphon2
Spine Wave
Lateral Access Product portfolio
  • StaXx® XDL and IBL expandable devices, Abacus™ Lateral Spacer, XLR® Lateral Access system and full line of single-use accessories
  • Portfolio offers multiple expandable implant options as well as a more traditional non-expandable PEEK implant
 SpineWave Lateral
VIA™ Spinous Process Fixation System
  • Reportedly 1st Spinous Process Plate with independently compressible superior and inferior plates that are contoured to maximize the fit between the implant and the spinous processes/associated laminae
  • Part of the Anatomy Conserving Technology (ACT™) line
Spineology VIA 
Titan Spine
Warranty for its Endoskeleton®spinal interbody fusion devices
  • Provides a 1-time free replacement of any eligible Titan spinal interbody fusion device if revision surgery is required within the 5-year warranty period, per agreement terms
  • Endoskeleton devices feature proprietary implant surface technology with roughened topographies at the macro, micro and cellular levels to create optimal host/bone response and actively participate in fusion process
Anika Therapeutics
MONOVISC®High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan
  • 1st U.S. commercial sale as a single-injection treatment for knee osteoarthritis pain
  • First/only non-avian sourced single-injection HA approved for sale in the U.S.; available in EU since 2007
  • Received unique J-Code (J 7327) mid-4Q14
  • Sold via license agreement with DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine
DePuy Synthes Spine/DePuy Synthes Biomaterials
  • U.S. launch
  • Hydrated, pliable demineralized cancellous bone matrix for use in posterolateral spinal fusion
  • Claims both osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties
  • Processed by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
RTI Surgical
Precision Allograft Cartilage Kit (PACK)
  • Instrumentation set for osteochondral allograft resurfacing
  • Designed to improve precision, minimize cartilage trauma
  • Intended to provide a more uniform cartilage contact surface, more precise fit of allograft into recipient’s socket
  • Coring station articulates to several different angles, accommodating surgeon preference when coring the plug from the allograft
X-spine Systems
Axograft™ DBM Putty, Cancellous Crushed Allograft, Crunch Allograft and Amniotic Membrane
  • Beta launch
  • For use with fixation devices to promote spinal fusion, bone healing and wound treatment in spinal arthrodeses
 XSpine 1XSpine 2

Sources: Company press releases, websites; images are provided by manufacturers and used with permission.

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