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UPDATE: Mr. Packard's blog has moved to Medical Device Academy. Also, find his BONEZONE articles  by clicking on the author tab on the homepage.

Quality Control can be stale. Reading about it can be even duller. Rob Packard wants to change that by bringing the topic to life with his blog, QC is Dead. An independent regulatory consultant specializing in Canadian, European and U.S. medical device regulations, Packard puts an informative, conversational and refreshing spin on the mostly rigid topics that he tackles.

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Posts include:

  • FDA Approval is NOT a Coverage Guarantee
  • Where can I learn about this Quality Management System stuff?
  • How do you Learn New Regulations? Normal, Lazy or Strategically?
  • Advice from the FDA – Come early, be loud and stay late

This is how Mr. Packard defines his blog in his post, “QC is Dead: Muda vs. Kaizen”:

“Quality Control (QC) is not really dead. The concept is just old and tired. QA, or Quality Assurance, is the politically correct acronym of the twenty-first century. QC is no longer the focus of the Quality Department. In fact, progressive companies do not even have departments. Inspection is now the responsibility of manufacturing personnel, while the quality function is responsible for monitoring, measuring, data analysis, and improvement of processes and product. The purpose of the broader range of activities is to ensure that Quality Management Systems remain effective and companies continue to satisfy customers.”

“The primary role of QA today is to identify problems before they bite us in the ass and to recommend corrective actions to top management. Hourly inspectors of the QC era have been replaced by salaried quality engineers that wield tremendous influence over operational decisions. I am a consultant that trains this new generation of employees responsible for quality. If you happen to see anyone in your organization reverting back to the old ways, please remind them to follow the yellow brick road.”

Packard’s humor is evident. Those who read his posts that appear about three times a week will find his current news, personal and pop culture references provide enjoyable and interesting introductories to CMS, technology and Quality Assurance updates. And if another reason to read is needed, each blog post includes a music video.

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