Company Financials: Orthopaedics and Spine

ORTHOWORLD’s estimates place 3Q12 market growth at 3% over 3Q11, as shown in Exhibit 1 on the following page. Performance highlights follow and pertain to 3Q unless otherwise noted.

Exhibit 1: Orthopaedic Sales1 Increases by Product Segment: 3Q12 vs. 3Q11

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Notes to Exhibit 1:

1. Orthopaedic products; constant currency, pro forma growth
2. Includes biologics
3. For the quarter ended 8/31/12; includes Dental. Spine includes Bone Stim and Biologics; Bone Stim reflects all Bone Healing sales. Excludes trauma acquisition.
4. Excludes Synthes acquisition.
5. Spine
6. For the quarter ended 9/30/12
7. Extremities: extremities + fixation combined; Endoscopy: endoscopic + communications, most of which is orthopaedic; Spine: neuro + spine. Total growth excludes Patient Handling.
8. ORTHOWORLD estimates



$47.8MM, flat (U.S. $31.0MM, -5%; ex-U.S. $16.8MM, +12%)

  • Launched BridgePoint spinous process fixation system, NEXoss biologic
  • Phygen asset acquisition brings access to >100 U.S. spine surgeons, Leucadia AutoLok Pedicle Screw


$57.0MM, +5% (Americas $37.1MM, +9%; International $19.9MM, -3%)

Ÿ Sports Medicine $55.2MM, +8%; Other (includes spine) $1.8MM, -23%

  • Minimal sales arising from agreement to supply Wright Medical with Opus knotless suture technology
  • Launched phase 2 marketing strategy: medical education campaign to reinforce clinical facts concerning Coblation during knee arthroscopy; phase 3 to focus on ACL reconstruction; phase 4 is platform to deliver Coblation in versatile operating modes (expected late 2013)

Biomet (FY 1Q13 ended 8/31/12)

$707.4MM, +10% (U.S. $452.2MM, +9%; Europe $142.9MM, +9%; International $112.3MM, +14%)

Reconstructive $393.0MM, +2% (U.S. +1%)

  • Ÿ Hips +2%; Knees +2%; Bone Cement/Other +4%

Sports Med/Extremities/Trauma (S.E.T.) $127.3MM, +59% (U.S. +52%)

  • Ÿ Sports Med +12%; Extremities +15%; Trauma +199%

Spine & Bone Healing $77.9MM, +5% (U.S. +5)

  • Ÿ Spine +11%; Bone Healing -9%

S.E.T. includes acquisition. Excluding trauma acquisition +10% (U.S. +11%)
Trauma excluding acquisition, flat worldwide and U.S.


  • Commenced rollout of Taperloc Complete microplasty version to strong response
  • Further decline in Oxford Partial Knee sales
  • Initiated U.S. lifetime warranty for Oxford Partial implanted with Signature, as well as direct-to-consumer advertising
  • Launched Signature dynamic femoral positioning


  • Launched Comprehensive Nano Stemless Shoulder in Europe; will launch Comprehensive SRS Shoulder there in FY3Q


$51.3MM, +11% (U.S. $35.3MM, +12%; ex-U.S. $16.0MM, +7%)

  • Hips $9.2MM, +18%; Knees $18.2MM, +4%; Extremities $12.2MM, +26%; Biologics/Spine $5.9MM, +12%; Other $5.6MM, -6%
  • Knee sales offset by inventory reserve issue with distributor in Spain
  • Cruciate retaining element of Optetrak Logic system entering full launch 1H13
  • Cage glenoid in limited release; full launch to occur 1Q13, along with CTA humeral head and Silverbolt 2 MIS lumbar pedicle screw

Globus Medical

$94.8MM, +13% (U.S. $87.1MM, +11%; Ex-U.S. $7.6MM, +38%)

  • Ÿ Fusion $57.8MM, +4%; Disruptive Technologies $36.9MM, +30%
  • 3Q milestones: completed IPO, received Premarket Approval for Secure-C cervical disc in 1-level procedures
  • In 7/12, closed acquisition of Soteira for $6MM + potential revenue-sharing payments based on sales
  • Expects U.S. launch of Soteira’s Shield kyphoplasty system via Algea Therapies in 1H13

Greatbatch Medical

$27.1MM, -6%

  • Fewer customer product launches, development opportunities due to operational issues
  • Streamlining Swiss orthopaedic line: discontinuing non-core products
  • Implant business expanded nicely year to date
  • Ramp-up of delivery systems has somewhat mitigated effect of Swiss operating problems

Integra Orthopedics

$94.1MM, +9.9% (U.S. $82.0MM, +13%; ex-U.S. $12.1MM, -5%)

  • U.S. Extremities $32.9MM, +33%
  • U.S. Spine & Other $49.1MM, +2%
  • New biologics launches offset declines in spine hardware

Johnson & Johnson

$2,290MM, +69% (U.S. $1,242MM, +68.5%, ex-U.S. $1,048MM, +68.7%)*

Ÿ Hips +3%; Knees +3%; Trauma +4%; Spine -3%

*Includes Synthes. Excluding acquisition of Synthes, divestiture of neurosurgical instruments, overall growth +3% (U.S. and ex-U.S. +3%)

  • Hip and knee sales in Europe marked by lower-cost competitive pressure, soft market
  • U.S. joint recon volumes improved (around a mid-single-digit rate), too early to signal meaningful recovery

MAKO Surgical

$29.2MM, +46%

  • ŸImplants/disposables $12MM, +32%
  • RIO Systems/THA Applications $14.4MM, +55% (RIO $14MM, THA $0.4MM)
  • Service/Other $2.7MM, +71%
  • Launched RIO 2.5 software, designed to improve efficiency of partial knee application
  • Launched THA 2.0 software, enabling direct anterior approach
  • Released RESTORIS PST Cup/Tapered Stem


$148.4MM, +12% (International ~$14.8MM, +45%; Monitoring $9.6MM; U.S. Lumbar flat, U.S. Biologics flat, U.S. Cervical +12%)

  • Revenue shortfall attributed to account churn in certain U.S. regions, aggressive competition from small companies, encroaching PODs (estimates that PODs represent ~15% of U.S. market)
  • Received Premarket Approval of PCM in 4Q


$114.8MM, +1%

  • Spine $79.4MM, +4% (Stimulation $42.8MM, +8%, Implants/biologics $36.6MM, flat); Orthopaedics $35.4MM, -4%
  • Launching Trinity Elite next-generation biologic in 2013
  • Growth in orthopaedics challenged by weak Physio-Stim sales, challenges in Brazil (latter impacted by increased competition, product delays due to strike at regulatory agency)

RTI Biologics

$29.9MM, +6%

  •  Sports Medicine $11.8MM, +7%; Spine $10.1MM, -1%; Bone Growth Substitute/General Orthopaedic (BGS/GO) $7.9MM, +13%
  • Received FDA Warning Letter regarding environmental monitoring of incoming tissue in Alachua, Florida processing facility; does not restrict implant distribution or require any product withdrawal
  • Sports Med supported by strong exports

Smith & Nephew

Advanced Surgical Devices (ASD) $698MM, flat (U.S. $326MM, flat; Established Markets $290MM, -1%; Emerging/International Markets $82MM, +3%; China +20%)

  • Hips $149MM, flat excluding BHR (BHR -36%); Knees $193MM, -1%; Sports Med Joint Repair $126MM, +8%; Arthroscopic Enabling Technologies $94MM, -3%; Trauma $112MM, +2%; Other ASD, including Clinical Therapies $24MM, -5%
  • Birmingham Hip ~7% of overall hip sales
  • REDAPT revision hip in limited market release, on track for 4Q U.S. launch
  • Full global launch of late 2013/early 2014 expected for JOURNEY II knee
  • Double-digit growth in U.S. Sports Med
  • Launched 2 new anchors for hip arthroscopy


$2,052MM, +3% (U.S. $1,360MM, +5%, ex-U.S. $692MM, -0.4%)

Reconstructive $891MM, +1% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. -4%)

  • Hips $288MM, -2%; Knees $315MM, +3%; Trauma/Extremities $235MM, +3%

Neurotechnology/Spine $380MM, +7% (+5% excluding acquisitions) (U.S. +11%, ex-U.S. -0.2%)

  • Ÿ Spine $175MM, +0.1%; Neurotechnology $205MM, +14%
  • Accolade II stem launched, gaining traction
  • GetAroundKnee direct to consumer campaign yielded good early uptake

Symmetry Medical

$100.9MM, +20%

  • Instruments $29.6MM, +19%; Implants $25.6MM, -4%; Cases $14.2MM, -11%; Other $6.7MM, +10%
  • OEM customers increased spending on instruments to support new product launches
  • Orthopaedic procedures stable, but not improving
  • Recent FDA action requiring contract manufacturers to register/list products in the FDA Unified Registration and Listing System could accelerate supplier rationalization by OEMs


$58.0MM, +6% (U.S. $34.3MM, +5%; ex-U.S. $23.6MM, +6%)

  • Ÿ Total Extremities $48.7MM, +7% (Upper $39.4MM, +8%, Lower $5.8MM, +0.1%, Sports Med/Biologics $3.4MM, +8%); Large Joints/Other $9.2MM, -1%
  • Completed 1st clinical use of Ascend Flex convertible shoulder
  • Launching Latitude elbow ex-U.S. in 2013

Wright Medical

$110.4MM, -5% from 3Q11 (U.S. $65.7MM, -5%; ex-U.S. $44.6MM, -5%)

Recon $59.4MM, -10% (U.S. -12%, ex-U.S. -9%)

  • Ÿ Hips $33.0MM, -13%; Knees $25.6MM, -4%; Other Recon $0.7MM, -46%

Extrem $50.8MM, +2% (U.S. flat, ex-U.S. +7%)

  • Ÿ Foot/Ankle $29.0MM, +14%; Upper Extremities $6.2MM, -7%; Biologics $14.6MM, -12%; Other Extremities $1.0MM, -27%
  • Launched additional sizes of PRO-TOE Hammertoe in U.S.


$1,026MM, +3% (Americas $584MM, flat; Europe $246MM, +8%; AsiaPac $196MM, +2%)

Recon $756MM, +2%

  • Hips $309MM, +2%; Knees $407MM, +1%; Extremities $40MM, +12%

Dental $55MM, +3%
Trauma $74MM, +11%
Spine $50MM, -7%
Surgical/Other $91MM, +11%

  • Continued limited developer release of Persona Personalized Knee
  • Impressive global growth from Anatomical Combined Shoulder, Trabecular Metal Revers Shoulder
  • Sidus Stem-Free Shoulder providing opportunities for account conversion, ex-U.S.
  • Received FDA clearance to market Trabecular Metal Total Ankle, will launch broadly in 2013
  • Supply chain structured such that company will account for medical device excise tax as a cost of goods; thus, half of the $40MM-$50MM expected to owe gets deferred for half a year

Sources: Company press releases, earnings calls, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

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