Company Financials: Orthopaedics and Spine

ORTHOWORLD estimates place overall market growth at 5% over 3Q10, as shown in Exhibit 1, which displays orthopaedic sales growth by product segment. Performance highlights follow, and relate to 3Q unless otherwise noted.

Exhibit 1: Orthopaedic Sales Increases1 by Product Segment: 3Q11 vs. 3Q10 

 BZ December_-_3Q11_Financials_-_Final_-_2

Notes to Exhibit 1
1 Orthopaedic products only; constant currency, pro forma growth
2 Includes biologics
3 For the quarter ended 8/31/11; Spine includes Bone Stim and Biologics; Bone Stim reflects all Bone Healing sales.
4 For the quarter ended 10/28/11
5 Spine
6 For the quarter ended 9/30/11
7 Extremities: extremities + fixation combined; Endoscopy: endoscopic + communications, most of which is orthopaedic; Spine: neuro + spine. Total growth excludes Patient Handling.
8 ORTHOWORLD estimates
9 Excludes "Other" (Aerospace) 

aap Implantate
€6.9MM (~US $9.4MM), -4%

  • Commenced international launch of LOQTEQ trauma products
  • Signed 2 new contracts for biomaterials with customers in Brazil and Israel

Alphatec Spine (pro forma)
$47.6MM, +3% (U.S. $32.7MM, +9%; ex-U.S. $14.9MM, -8%)

  • Greater than expected slowdown in procedure volume
  • U.S. pricing stable for past 2 quarters, low single-digit decline year over year
  • Growth propelled by launch of Illico MIS system in Japan
  • Relaunched Solus ALIF to 20 U.S. and 5 ex-U.S. beta sites (See ORTHOKNOW, 8/11.); full release slated for 1Q12
  • PureGen allograft now implanted in >1,000 patients, no adverse events
  • Negotiating with FDA to accept patients treated with OsseoFix under original protocol as completion of feasibility study
  • 4Q product launches include Discocerv ex-U.S., as well as products in Australia and Russia
  • Added 10 distributors, 2 direct sales reps

Anika Therapeutics
Orthobiologics $10.3MM, +35% (U.S. +28%, ex-U.S. +55%)
Ÿ ORTHOVISC U.S. +28%, ex-U.S. +72%
Ÿ MONOVISC ex-U.S. +3%

  • Resolved 2Q ex-U.S. backorder issue with ORTHOVISC
  • Added distributors in EU for Hyalograft C, Hyalofast cartilage regeneration
  • Will submit data for CE Mark approval of CIGNAL by end of 2011
  • No update on FDA clearance of MONOVISC

$54.5MM, -10%
Ÿ Sports Medicine $52.1MM, -9%
Ÿ Other [includes spine] $2.4MM, -17%

  • U.S. sports med procedure volumes remained weak
  • Active U.S. sports med customers declined slightly
  • ~1% increase in sports med average selling price (ASP)
  • Ambient products >25% of U.S. sports med Coblation sales
  • Ambient Advantage promo intends to migrate existing customers to Ambient platform, capture competitive accounts
  • Ambient-equipped HipVac Coblation Wand fully launched globally
  • Received FDA clearance for SpeedLock PEEK knotless anchor

SEK 4.7MM (~US $0.71MM), -8%

  • Launched complementary Artelon Tissue Reinforcement products, mainly in foot/ankle applications
  • Received CE Mark approval for Artelon CMC Soft (spacer for thumb base OA) and MTP Soft (spacer for large toe OA)

$104.2MM, +1%
Ÿ Arthroscopy $69.4MM, -1% (Single-use $54.4MM, +6%; Capital $15MM, -21%)
Ÿ Powered Instruments $34.8MM, -2% (Single-use $18.7MM, -3%; Capital $16.1MM, -1%)

  • Sports med bolstered by new products (SRS Shoulder Repair, Sequent Meniscal Repair)
  • In 4Q, launching Y-Knot suture for shoulder instability procedures
  • “Very near future” launch slated for new hip arthroscopy instrumentation

$1,384MM, +2%* (U.S. $737MM, -2%, ex-U.S. $647MM, +6%)
Ÿ Hips +1% (U.S. -4%, ex-U.S. +8%)
Ÿ Knees -4% (U.S. -7%, ex-U.S. -1%)
Ÿ Spine +1% (U.S. -3%, ex-U.S. +10%)

*Growth is operational and reflects constant currency. DePuy sales do not reflect purely orthopaedic revenue and growth.

  • Entered into definitive agreement to acquire SterilMed, reprocessor/remanufacturer of medical devices in U.S.
  • U.S. hips still impacted by price pressures, low metal-on-metal sales
  • Seeing more competition in knee market
  • Received clearance to market TRUMATCH knee implant positioning software for use with Sigma Fixed-Bearing Knee

DJO Global (pro forma)
$263.1MM, flat
Ÿ Bracing/Vascular* $101.4MM, +0.7%
Ÿ Recovery Sciences $81.9MM,-5%
Ÿ International $64.4MM, +3%
Ÿ Surgical Implant $15.2MM, +5%

*Includes products serving the diabetes market.

  • Seeing early success with Reaction knee brace, Exos upper extremity braces, Turon shoulder
  • Shoulder portfolio delivering >25% growth
  • Hip and knee sales declined due to market conditions, loss of certain customers
  • Empi revenue impacted by unfavorable insurance pricing, decrease in patient visits to physical therapy clinics

$47MM, +10% (U.S. $31.5MM, -1%; ex-U.S. $15.8MM, +56%)
Ÿ Hips $8MM, +22%
Ÿ Knees $17.9MM, +15%
Ÿ Biologics and Spine $5.4MM, -15%
Ÿ Extremities $9.8MM, +34%
Ÿ Other $6.2MM, flat

  • Pressure from hospitals on adding biologics products (notably demineralized bone, cell therapies)
  • Spine hampered by transition following purchase of Silverbolt from Vertiflex
  • LPI Prime short hip stem rejected by FDA; resubmitting in 12/11
  • Revision Intergrip Cup in pilot launch; full launch expected 3Q12
  • Good reception in U.S. for Logic Cruciate Retaining Knee, Logic FIT Tibial Tray
  • Posterior stabilized constrained tibial insert in full launch
  • 1Q12 launches include CTA Humeral Head Pusher, Augmented Glenoid, Augmented Reverse Faceplate
  • 65% sales are direct; ~75 direct reps in Europe, 255 in U.S.

Greatbatch Medical
$31.1MM, +4%

  • Continued price pressure from OEMs
  • Plans to open 2 new orthopaedic design centers, transfer production of several lines to lower-cost manufacturing facilities, consolidate ortho operations in Switzerland, etc.
  • Still winning design projects in instruments, cases, trays, implants

Integra Orthopedics
$86.4MM, +18%

  • Observed some softness in elective extremity procedures
  • Spine hardware and orthobiologics saw double-digit increases
  • Acquired Ascension Orthopedics for $65MM in cash
  • SeaSpine transition progressing well, will be complete by end of 4Q
  • Will introduce reverse shoulder and fracture plating options in U.S. by end of 2012

Kensey Nash (for fiscal 1Q12 ended 9/30/11)
$12.7MM, +140%
Ÿ Sports Medicine $3.6MM, +36%
Ÿ Spine $5.4MM, +113%
Ÿ Trauma & CMF $3.7MM, flat

  • Growth includes ~$1MM in spine sales from 5/11 Norian acquisition.
  • Royalties from Stryker $1.4MM, +8%
  • Stryker has ~1,000 reps that may sell products acquired from Orthovita; includes expanded ex-U.S. presence
  • Plans to release new Orthovita-based products in 2012

MAKO Surgical
$20MM, +67%
Ÿ RIO Systems $7.7MM, +2%
Ÿ MAKOplasty Total Hip $1.6MM
Ÿ Implants/disposables $9.1MM, +124%

  • 1,813 MAKOplasty procedures performed; 1,752 in U.S.
  • Performed 10,000th MAKOplasty knee procedure
  • Sold 11 RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic platforms
  • Launched MAKOplasty Total Hip, sold and installed 12 applications
  • Completed 88 hip procedures
  • ASP for RIO: ~$860,000, Hip: $134,000
  • Initial release of hip application includes RESTORIS MetaFix Femoral Stem, RESTORIS Trinity Acetabular Cup
  • Developing additional MAKO systems for use with hip application, to be available in 2012
  • 75 reps selling MAKOplasty implants

€4.0MM (~US $5.5MM), -13%

  • PASS-LP polyaxial system accounts for ~75% of revenue
  • Low growth partially attributed to time taken to get new sales staff up to speed
  • Unveiled 6 new products, including GRANVIA-L hybrid lumbar disc, CARYTID VBR corporectomy implant (made with additive manufacturing technology), etc.
  • Filed with FDA for clearance of K-Jaws cervical compressive mini-frame

$132.9MM, +11% (Biologics $25.5MM, +10%; ex-U.S. ~$10MM)

  • U.S. lumbar +6%, ~65% of overall business
  • Cervical business +20%
  • Strong growth continues in Asia, Latin America
  • European “turbulence” impacting surgery volumes, European distributors reluctant to invest in growth
  • Completed acquisition of Impulse Monitoring
  • Team of >300 spine reps has little overlap with Impulse’s team of 150 neurophysiologists
  • Of Impulse’s 200 hospitals, NuVasive has current business in 20
  • Not seeing anticipated pull-through for Osteocel Plus
  • Not seeing increase in business due to Infuse issues
  • Launches of AttraX synthetic biologic and PCM cervical disc now expected in 1H12

$142.9MM, +3%
Ÿ Spine $76.5MM, -1% (Stimulation $39.7MM, -8%, Implants/Biologics $36.8MM, +8%)
Ÿ Orthopaedics $40.8MM, +8%
Ÿ Sports Medicine $25.6MM, +7%

  • Mid-single-digit price erosion in spine
  • Sales of exfix and infix more than doubled in Brazil due to distribution expansion
  • Launched Collage synthetic bone graft substitute, Lapidus Plating System
  • Expecting significant opportunities “all over the place” in spine as result of Infuse controversy

Bracing & Supports $52.3MM, +17%

  • Launched 4 new products, including Hiptric V2 post-op brace, Rebound Knee ligament brace

RTI Biologics
$28.4MM, +8%
Ÿ Sports Medicine $11MM, +2% (U.S. +3%)
Ÿ Spine $10.3MM, +6%
Ÿ Bone Growth Substitute/General Orthopaedic (BGS/GO) $7MM, +24%

  • Spine growth attributed to inventory replenishment from a few smaller distributors
  • BGS/GO growth due to strong increases in direct business in U.S., Germany
  • Medtronic ~17% of total sales

Seikagaku (for fiscal 2Q11, ended 9/30/11)
¥6,898MM (~US $88.4MM), +3%

  • Export sales of ARTZ (injectable for treatment of knee OA) to China continue to rise

Smith & Nephew
$774MM, +4%*
Orthopaedics $548MM, +3% (U.S. +1%, Europe +3%, Rest of World +9%)
Ÿ Hips $162MM, -2% (U.S. -6%, ex-U.S. +2%)
Ÿ Knees $202MM, +6% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +6%)
Ÿ Trauma $113MM, +4% (U.S. flat, ex-U.S. +8%)
Ÿ Clinical Therapies $60MM, +7%

Endoscopy $226MM, +7% (U.S. +3%, Europe +4%, Rest of World +16%)
Ÿ Arthroscopy $194MM, +7% (Repair +8%, Resection +6%)
Ÿ Visualization $26MM, -1%

*Excludes Wound Management.


  • Life for like price reduction ~3%
  • Double-digit growth from Oxinium bearing surface products
  • Orthopaedic segment challenged by too high a cost base, instigating tighter cost controls
  • Sales of Birmingham hip still low


  • Expanding distribution of Fast-Fix 360 Meniscal Repair system
  • Launched HD1200 Autoclavable Camera, signed agreement to sell off Digital OR business

$2,031MM, +12% (U.S. $1,298MM, +11%; ex-U.S. $733MM, +14%)
Reconstructive $901MM, +4% (U.S. +3%, ex-U.S. +5%)
Ÿ Hips $300MM, +5% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +6%)
Ÿ Knees $311MM, -0.5% (U.S. -2%, ex-U.S. +2%)
Ÿ Trauma/Extremities $236MM, +12% (U.S. +20%, ex-U.S. +5%)

MedSurg Equipment $767MM, +10%* (U.S. +12%, ex-U.S. +3%)

Neurotechnology/Spine $363MM, +43% (U.S. +26%, ex-U.S. +85%)
Ÿ Neuro $184MM, +119% (U.S. +69%, ex-U.S. +241%)
Ÿ Spine $179MM, +5% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +6%)

*MedSurg includes patient handling and emergency medical equipment.


  • Volume mix contributed 6.1% to top line growth; company wide price declined -2%


  • Excluding acquisitions, Recon grew +2%
  • U.S. hips continue to benefit from MDM offering
  • Launch of OtisMed shape-matching knee going well


  • Excluding acquisitions, Neuro/Spine grew +0.5%
  • Commenced initial launch of lateral access fusion system

Symmetry Medical
$84.0MM, -8%
Ÿ Instruments $33.6MM, -7%
Ÿ Implants $26.7MM, -6%
Ÿ Cases $17.6MM, -18% (mostly non-ortho)
Ÿ Other $6.1MM, +7%

  • Decline driven by lower aggregate sales to 5 largest orthopaedic customers, though partially offset by aggregate double-digit growth with all other ortho and medical device customers (and impact of currency, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Experiencing more frequent inquiries on pushing orders to 2012
  • Launched Elbow Lock arm positioning
    system under ACCESS Arthroscopy brand, initial feedback positive

$1,007.0MM, +7%
Ÿ North America $567.3MM, +5%
Ÿ Europe $230.6MM, +7%
Ÿ Asia Pacific $134.3MM, +18%
Ÿ Rest of World $74.8MM, +3%

  • Stockholders to meet on 12/15/11 to vote upon merger agreement to become wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson

North America

  • Still facing weak economy, pricing dynamics
  • Continued growth in trauma, specifically VA-LCP Forefoot/Midfoot system
  • Continues rollout of MATRIX pedicle screw
  • Launched Vertecem vertebroplasty system


  • Growth supported by new product launches, integration of Anspach power tools

Asia Pacific

  • New products across all groups contributed to growth
  • Australia and New Zealand growing at or greater than +15%
  • China, India and Korea sales growth >20%

Rest of World

  • Latin America contributed double-digit growth
  • Successfully transitioned Chile to direct sales

$57.5MM, +11% (U.S. +9%, ex-U.S. +14%)
Ÿ Total Extremities $46.9MM, +12% (Upper $37.6MM, +14%, Lower $5.9MM, +4%, Sports Med/Biologics $3.3MM, +2%)
Ÿ Large Joints/Other $10.5MM, +7%

  • Sports Med/Biologics under pressure in U.S., partly due to market forces and timing of product launches
  • Sales growth driven by Aequalis Ascend shoulder system, continued adoption of Aequalis Reverse Shoulder and CortiLoc glenoid
  • Will order additional instrument sets for Ascend before end of 2011
  • Ordered additional instrument sets to support lower extremity products (e.g., Stabilis ankle fusion)
  • Will introduce 19 new products by year-end
  • In a position to move quickly in Brazil and China, once products receive regulatory clearance (likely by 1Q12)

$4.7MM, -26% (U.S. $4.3MM, -12%; ex-U.S. $0.4MM, -2%)

  • U.S. AxiaLIF $3.9MM (63% 1-level, 37% 2-level)
  • Non-AxiaLIF ~$0.37MM ($0.18MM lateral cases)
  • 387 TranS1 procedures performed (305 U.S.)
  • Received $18.3MM equity financing, will support clinical trials, reimbursement efforts, sales, R&D
  • Received subpoena under Federal Healthcare Fraud/False Claims statutes, seeking documents from 2008 through 2011; no claims against company, cannot comment further
  • Number of surgeons performing AxiaLIF procedure decreased sequentially
  • Announced positive coverage decision in Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield NJ lumbar spinal fusion reimbursement policy for medically necessary interbody fusion using AxiaLIF pre-sacral approach
  • Fully launched AxiaLIF 1L Plus
  • Expecting full launch of MIS direct lateral system in 1Q12

Wright Medical
$118.1MM, -6% (U.S. -7%, ex-U.S. -3%)
Ÿ Hips $39MM, -7% (U.S. -14%, ex-U.S. -2%)
Ÿ Knees $27.2MM, -10% (U.S. -7%, ex-U.S. -13%)
Ÿ Biologics $16.6MM, -16% (U.S. -20%, ex-U.S. +4%)
Ÿ Extremities $32.3MM, +6% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +9%)
Ÿ Other $2.9MM, +23%

  • Plans to narrow product portfolio, selecting projects that have best leverage in hips, knees, biologics, extremities
  • Needs to be “very active in M&A” in extremities
  • Negatively impacted by slowdown in foot/ankle educational programs, working through new compliance processes and procedures
  • Observed significant increase in rate of claims this year relative to PROFEMUR modular neck fractures, with higher rate of fracture in North America
  • >200,000 modular neck stems implanted, with worldwide fracture rate ~0.1%
  • Rolled out cobalt chrome version of modular necks in North America

$1,031MM, +2% (Americas $582MM, -1%; Europe $252MM, +7%; Asia Pacific $197MM, +7%)
Ÿ Hips $315MM, +4% (Americas $142MM, flat; Europe $103MM, +6%; Asia Pacific $70MM, +11%)
Ÿ Knees $417MM, flat (Americas $253MM, -4%; Europe $90MM, +7%; Asia Pacific $74MM, +7%; Patient-specific instrumentation +70%)
Ÿ Extremities $36MM, +4%
Ÿ Dental $55MM, +9%
Ÿ Trauma $69MM, +14%
Ÿ Spine $55MM, -5% (Asia Pacific +12%)
 Ÿ Orthopaedic Surgical/Other $84MM, +4%

  • Overall price pressure -0.9% (Americas -1.5%, Europe +0.4%, Asia Pacific -0.8%)
  • Hip sales reflect positive volume and mix of 5.5%, price -1.6%; knee pricing -1.9%
  • Observing increased utilization of posterior referencing and patient-specific knee instruments
  • Posterior referencing instruments driving competitive gains in Europe
  • Trabecular shoulder performing well against new competition
  • Gel-One will most likely not launch in 2011

 Sources: Company press releases, earnings calls, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission 

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