Celling Spine Acquires Assets of Link Spine

Celling Spine acquired all assets of Link Spine, a subsidiary of Link Orthopedics of Germany, and will develop a spinal fusion system focused on facet fixation and minimally invasive surgery to complement its own cell-based biologic portfolio. Celling's products collect, process and deliver autologous cells to the patient at the point of care.

Kevin Dunworth, Celling's founder, believes that Link's assets provide Celling with a platform to merge hardware and biologics. He adds, "We have always maintained that the future of medicine will rely on cells and the environment in tissue restoration and regeneration that cells play a part. With the addition of the Link product portfolio, we are able to rely on an innovative spinal fusion system that gives the cells everything it needs to optimize the fusion."

Link Spine's midline system features three platforms: FacetLink, CorticalLink and Vertbralink, and is integrated to minimize the number of trays required and to allow intra-operative flexibility regarding fixation.

Dr. Christopher Chaput, a lead designer for Link's system, will help Celling with their development strategy. Dr. Chaput noted that the platform is able to address a range from minimally invasive fusion up to more maximally open procedures, and improves the surgeons' ability to perform less invasive surgery from a traditional midline approach using incisions that are as small or smaller than what is considered minimally invasive.

The combination of increased options for "graded" fixation and implants that complement cell-based healing may be particularly attractive in an ambulatory surgical center or short-stay setting.