2010 Company Financials: Orthopaedic and Spine

The following summarizes publicly available year over year earnings results to date. Our estimates place year over year market growth at 5% thus far, as indicated in Exhibit 1, which displays growth by product segment. Performance highlights relate to 2010, unless otherwise noted.

Exhibit 1: Orthopaedic Sales1 Increases by Product Segment: 2010 vs. 2009


1Orthopaedic products only; constant currency, pro forma growth
2For the quarter ended 11/30/10; excludes dental; trauma includes stimulators; spine includes stimulators and orthobiologics.
3ORTHOWORLD estimates

Biomet (for fiscal 2Q11, ended 11/30/10)

$698.3MM, +2%

  • U.S. $416.9MM, +2%
  • Europe $188.8MM, -1%
  • International $92.6MM, +7%

Reconstructive $540.5MM, +3% (U.S. +3%)

  • Hips flat (U.S. flat)
  • Knees +3% (U.S. +3%)
  • Extremities +23% (U.S. +36%)
  • Other -3% (U.S. -2%)

Fixation $56.3MM, -2% (U.S. -1%)

Spine $56.0MM, -3% (U.S. flat)

Other $45.5MM, +2% (U.S. +2%)

  • Sports Medicine +17% (U.S. +17%)
  • Other -14% (U.S. -16%)

Overall growth includes Dental.

  • Not observing a lot of movement in larger U.S. hospital customers toward purchasing to eliminate the distributor and manage inventory on their own



  • Worldwide hip/knee sales +2% (U.S. +2%)
  • Continued deceleration in procedure volume growth, increased price mix pressure
  • Average selling prices (ASP) for U.S. hips/knees declined slightly in low single digits; ASP decline worse than previous quarter
  • Performance improving in U.K., especially Germany
  • International performance very solid, with strong double-digit growth in Australia
  • Growth in Japan decelerated into single digits (partially due to price decreases from 4/10)


  • Continued mix shift from metal-on-metal (MoM) acetabular systems to RingLoc cups with E1 bearings in U.S. and to Exceed ABT in Europe
  • Noticing some impact of MoM shift on company’s overall market share, some price impact, especially in Europe, where metal-on-poly alternatives offer lower price point
  • Will complete initial U.S. launch of Arcos Modular Revision Hip in 3Q
  • Launching additional sets for Arcos throughout end of FY11, into FY12
  • Rollout of new Taperloc Complete Hip in 4Q


  • Vanguard, E1 Tibial Bearings and Regenerex Porous Titanium key supporters of knee growth
  • Received FDA clearance for Vanguard SSK 360 Revision for stabilized knee; will commence limited launch during 3Q
  • Trained ~250 U.S. surgeons on Oxford knee
  • Will commence limited launch of Oxford Partial Knee extensions and instrument upgrades during fiscal year


  • Double-digit growth for 12th consecutive quarter worldwide and 10th consecutive for U.S.
  • ExploR Modular Radial Head, primary reverse and fracture shoulder systems strong contributors to growth
  • Trained ~250 U.S. surgeons (strong focus on comprehensive shoulder), will train 150 more during 3Q

Trauma and Spine

  • Trauma hardware operations business now fully transferred into U.S. orthopaedic division
  • Strong craniomaxillofacial fixation sales offset by decreased sales in internal/external fixation, electrical stimulation
  • Planning 3Q release of IQ intelligent delivery system for increased speed of titanium screw insertion with cordless drilling
  • Significant price pressure in spine hardware continues
  • Spinal stimulation supported by strong sales of SpinalPak
  • Expects increased market demand in 2HFY11 for Polaris Deformity System with Trivium derotation instruments for scoliosis, and for MaxAn Anterior Cervical Plate


  • Soft goods/bracing sales decreased, but sports med supported by increased demand for JuggerKnot Soft Anchor, MaxFire MarXmen meniscal repair device, etc.
  • Completed patient enrollment in U.S. clinical trial for Recover Kit to treat chronic tennis elbow: 230 patients, will conclude mid-calendar 2011


  • Update on AVAmax Vertebral Balloon: ~125 customers to date; market showing some volatility based on payer comments/actions, but CareFusion not seeing particular impact due to very small market share


$430.7MM, +4%

  • Arthroscopy $288.4MM, +5%
  • Powered Surgical Instruments $142.3MM, -3%
  • Expects single-use arthroscopy business will continue to lead growth as economy continues to improve
  • Working to structure U.S. sales more like ex-U.S.: dividing U.S. into territories similar to size of European counties
  • Orthopaedic salesforce stands at 260 reps
  • Not losing market share in surgical video imaging, in which customers are replacing equipment vs. upgrading
  • Maintaining market position in powered instruments
  • Received FDA 510(k) clearance for Sequent hybrid knee arthroscopy device, uses sutures plus PEEK implant material to repair meniscal tears
  • Sequent and Shoulder Restoration System will continue to drive arthroscopy growth


Full year: $5,585MM, +3% (US $3,145MM, +2%; ex-U.S. $2,440MM, +5%)

  • Hips +3% (US -1%, ex-U.S. +8%)
  • Knees +3% (US +3%, ex-U.S. +4%)
  • Spine flat (US -4%, ex-U.S. +7%)
  • Medical devices expected to feel continuing effect of economic slowdown in 2011
  • Slower growth in procedure volumes continued in 4Q
  • U.S. hips impacted by lower volume on metal-on-metal bearings, intensified pressure on price net of mix
  • Ex-U.S. hip growth, driven by acetabular and cementless systems, partially offset by ASR and softness in procedure volumes in Europe
  • Knees impacted by slower growth in revisions, continued price pressure (price net of mix quarter over quarter did not change very much)
  • U.S. spine affected by pricing pressure, softness in procedure volumes
  • Products in the pipeline pending clearance include AOX Poly for Sigma and LCS, shoulder fracture platform, TLIF Cage, etc.
  • In 2011, plans to submit for clearance products including Platelet Rich Plasma System, new poly hip bearings, bone-preserving hip stem, Next Generation DVR Wrist Plate, as well as ex-U.S. CAIS Cartilage Regeneration system
  • 2012 planned submissions include CAIS Cartilage in U.S., as well as DeltaMotion hip, Next Generation hip and shoulder, hip resurfacing system, etc.


Kensey Nash (for 2Q11 ended 12/31/10)

$4.8MM, -20%

  • Spine $2MM, -30%
  • Sports Medicine $2.6MM, -14%
  • Other Orthopaedic $0.2MM, +34%
  • Royalties from Orthovita $1.4MM, -7%
  • Spine sales continue to reflect overall market weakness and inventory reductions from largest spine customer
  • New orders for FY3Q11 expected to increase: Sports Medicine +30%, Spine +50%
  • Not currently pursuing U.S. regulatory clearance for cartilage product, but will publish 2-year data from equine study in summer 2011

Agreements and Acquisitions

  • Signed agreement with Arthrex for distribution in Europe of Cartilage Repair Device (11/10)
  • Entered into manufacturing agreement and made minority equity investment in Orteq Sports Medicine, specialist in biodegradable polymer technology for meniscus repair (1/11)
  • Acquired Nerites, developer of medical adhesives and anti-fouling coatings (1/11); can use with current collagen and polymers, and could develop standalone products based on adhesives


€18.2MM (~US $24.3MM), +39% (U.S. ~$12MM, +50%

  • PASS LP platform = ~75% of group sales
  • Granvia C cervical disc = 5% of group sales
  • 250 patients treated to date using Granvia C

RTI Biologics

$104.3MM, +0.5%

  • Spinal Constructs $33.9MM, -17%
  • Sports Medicine $45.0MM, +14%
  • Bone Graft Substitutes and General Orthopaedic $25.4MM, +10%
  • Sports Medicine will remain key growth driver going forward
  • Availability of Sports Medicine tissues somewhat dependent upon growth rates of other businesses
  • Over 2011 and beyond, seeking tuck-in acquisitions to enhance Sports Medicine portfolio, leverage direct distribution
  • Spine expected to be relatively flat in 2011 due to pressure from hospitals, payers
  • Will expand spinal distributors during year
  • Anticipates early 2012 launch for Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cell (MAPC) technologies (via exclusive agreement with Athersys), adding reps incrementally in Bone Graft segment during 2011 to support launch
  • Will initiate small and large animal studies early in 2H11 for MAPC, with initial human implants in 4Q11


Seikagaku(for 3QFY11, ended 12/31/10)

¥7,224MM (~US $88.2MM), -3%


$7,320.0MM*, +8% (U.S. $4,792.8MM, +11%; ex-U.S. $2,527.2MM, +2%)

Orthopaedic Implants $4,308.4MM, +3% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +1%)

  • Hips +3% (U.S. +5%, ex-U.S. +1%)
  • Knees +3% (U.S. +6%, ex-U.S. -2%)
  • Trauma +7% (U.S. +11%, ex-U.S. +5%)
  • Spine +1% (U.S. -1%, ex-U.S. +6%)

MedSurgEquipment $3,011.6MM, +15% (U.S. +19%, ex-U.S. +4%)

*MedSurg includes patient handling and emergency medical equipment.

Please note, full year segment growth is not available for MedSurg. We include 4Q10 growth instead for Instruments and Endoscopy.

4Q10MedSurg Equipment

  • Instruments +10% (U.S. +11%, ex-U.S. +9%)
  • Endoscopy +5% (U.S. +2%, ex-U.S. +11%)
  • In 1Q11, closed sales of OP-1 platform for orthopaedic bone applications to Olympus
  • Forecasts assume joint replacement market will grow at similar rates seen in 2010
  • 4Q U.S. hips and knees continued to experience pricing pressure, partially offset by mix
  • No current signs pointing to worsening pricing trends in hips/knees
  • Realizing price premiums for ADM and Rejuvenate hips (launched in early 2010)
  • Not fully ramped up on new recon launches, but certainly on track
  • The impact of metal-on-metal in the marketplace at minimum eliminates challenging head winds; may create opportunity to gain some hip market share (seeing a little bit of movement in metal-on-metal, but can’t get granular at this point)
  • Ex-U.S. impacted (particularly in knees in Europe) by distributor changes, obsoleted products, some slowness in rolling out instrumentation for Scorpio knee
  • Overall European market dynamics may still be soft for 1H11
  • Still on track for 2011 clearance for OtisMed customized cutting blocks (not yet narrowing down to 1H or 2H)
  • Still feel great about Triathlon knee; reported U.K. registry data that showed Triathlon has lowest revision rate (See BARE BONES®, 12/10.)
  • Ongoing price pressure in spine, similar to what market is seeing; thinks there’s a stabilization trend
  • iVAS balloon off to a steady start (See ORTHOKNOW, 5/10.); nothing meaningful right now, but “we like the trajectory”
  • Feelingwell-positioned to continue delivering good results in trauma in 2011



$4,220MM, +2% (U.S. $2,432MM, +2%; Europe $1,099MM, +1%; Asia Pacific $689MM, +6%)

  • Hips $1,262MM, +2% (U.S. +4%, Europe -1%, Asia Pacific +4%)
  • Knees $1,790MM, +1% (U.S. +1%, Europe flat, Asia Pacific +4%)
  • Extremities $150MM, +10%
  • Dental $219MM, +8%
  • Trauma $246MM, +3%
  • Spine $234MM, -7%
  • Orthopaedic Surgical Products/Other $319MM, +11%


  • Completed acquisitions of Beijing Montagne Medical Device and Sodem Diffusion (See BARE BONES, 1/10.)
  • In 4Q, noted some stabilization of procedure volumes
  • For full-year 2010, experienced price decrease of -1% (Americas -1.2%, Europe +0.6%, Asia Pacific -3.4%); does not anticipate accelerated pricing erosion
  • Expecting to take market share in hips and trauma; claims good position with new knee instrumentation to close gaps there
  • Implementing restructuring and transformation initiatives (including staff reductions, reduction of management layers, centralization of global sourcing)


  • For 4Q, hips reflected volume and mix +5.6%, price -2% (does not see price pressure growing)
  • Continuum Acetabular Cup posted substantial sales growth in 4Q
  • Circumstances with respect to metal-on-metal will benefit hip growth, moving forward
  • Secured premium reimbursement for Trabecular Metal Modular Cup in Japan
  • For 4Q, knees reflected volume and mix of +2.3%, price -2%
  • Continuing to ramp up launch of personalized knee
  • Starting to see traction in Posterior Referencing Instruments
  • Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder and Trabecular Metal Glenoid supported 4Q growth

Trauma and Spine

  • Zimmer Natural Nail products proving to “be real door openers” for global sales
  • Spine challenged by U.S. market pressures/reimbursement, decreased revenues for Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System
  • Planning 2011 launch of PathFinder NXT Percutaneous MIS Pedicle Screw
  • Seeking to return spine to positive space and market growth levels in 2011

Sources: Company press releases, earnings calls, analyst conferences, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

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