2010 Company Financials: Orthopaedic and Spine

Here are the remaining full-year performance highlights for select orthopaedic companies. We include 4Q10 revenue breakdowns where available, as well. Detail relates to full year, unless otherwise noted. Exhibit 1 displays growth by product segment.

Exhibit 1: Orthopaedic Sales1 Increases by Product Segment: 2010 vs. 2009



1. Orthopaedic products only; constant currency, pro forma growth
2. Includes biologics
3. ORTHOWORLD estimate for the quarter ended 11/30/10; excludes dental; trauma includes stimulators; spine includes stimulators and orthobiologics.
4. For the 12 months ended 1/31/11
5. Spine
6. Endoscopy (most of which is orthopaedic)
7. ORTHOWORLD estimates
8. Excludes "Other" (Aerospace)


€28.4MM (~US $40.2MM), -14%

Orthobiologics $30.7MM, +34% (ORTHOVISC U.S. +32%, ex-U.S. -8%; MONOVISC in EU +126%)
4Q10 revenue: $8.4MM, +40% (U.S. +25%, ex-U.S. +96%; ORTHOVISC U.S. +25%, ex-U.S. +21%)

  • Requested review of MONOVISC via FDA’s orthopaedic advisory panel, no meeting date set yet

$15.4MM, +~109%
• Tissue Sales $15.2MM, +114%
• Royalties/Other $0.2MM, -30%
4Q10 revenue:
$5.3MM, +~141%
• Tissue Sales $5.2MM, +150%
• Royalties/Other $0.9MM, -88%

  • Secured ~$15MM in funding
  • OsteoSponge ~45%-50% of 2010 revenue
  • Launched OsteoSelect DBM Putty, OsteoSponge SC, hMatrix
  • Increased direct and indirect biologics sales force by >150% (includes 52 biologics sales reps, will grow to 64 by end of 2011)

Augment Bone Graft

  • ~650 patients enrolled in Augment clinical trials over 4 years
  • FDA orthopaedic advisory panel meeting confirmed for 5/11 to review premarket approval application
  • In Canada, transitioning from single exclusive distributor to network of >30 independent agents covering whole country
  • Presented preclinical study results demonstrating beneficial effects of technology on cartilage and bone repair in knee, effectiveness of rhPDGF-BB intra-tendon delivery for tendon repair
  • Announced results of preclinical study of interbody lumbar fusion in 2-level ovine model: Augment-treated specimens demonstrated highest fusion scores, showed equivalency to autograft


RMB 242.7MM (~US $36.9MM), +32% (Japan ~$1.4MM; Domestic +30%, International +77%)
• Trauma $23.5MM, +36%
• Spine $10.3MM, +36%
• OEM $3MM, -3%
4Q10 revenue:
RMB 72.3MM ($11MM), +33%
• Trauma $8.4MM, +23%
• Spine $1.6MM, +70%
• OEM $0.9MM, +15%

  • 4Q10 results driven by L-8/U-Spine pedicle fixation and PolyNices thoracolumbar systems
  • In 3/11, acquired majority stake in Wei Rui (recon), will launch knee product in China early 2012
  • 2011 launches include kyphoplasty system

£44.8MM (~US $73.3MM), +6%
• Hips $32.1MM, +1% (non-Metal-on-Metal [MoM] +21%)
• Knees $15.3MM, -13%
• Other $25.8MM, +32%


  • 2H10 non-MoM hips +28% (vs. +15% in 1H10)
  • MoM ~10% of sales in 2010 (~40% in 2008)
  • MiniHip gaining significant interest in U.S., U.K., Australia
  • Achieved CE Mark approval for ECIMA
  • advanced highly crosslinked polyethylene liner, commenced evaluation surgeries using ECIMA plus Trinity cup
  • Rolling out number of enhancements to hip portfolio, including extensions to Trinity, more liner/shell options, additional cementless hip stem
  • In Japan, expecting to launch CTi2 hip during 2011
  • Upgrading Taperfit hip stem with complete offering of sizes to launch in 2011
  • Will not launch Trinity cup in U.S. until other options in cup system are cleared, expected in 2Q11
  • In 3/11, entered into agreement to supply hip implants (initially MetaFix and Trinity) to MAKO Surgical for use with RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic system


  • Decline in mature systems noted specifically in Germany, Turkey
  • Will commence Unity total knee system evaluation surgeries in 2011, launch in 2012
  • Will add metal-backed fixed tibia option to Uniglide in 2011


  • Increasing interest for use of LARS ligament augmentation system for ligament/tendon injuries throughout the body
  • Zenith Ankle contributed strong growth in U.K.


$94.7MM, +2% (Biosurgery +6%; Vitoss -4%; Vitoss Bioactive Foam +8%; U.S. Cortoss and Aliquot $4MM, +263%)
4Q10 revenue: $23.4MM, -4% (Biosurgery $5.7MM, flat; Vitoss Bone Graft Substitute -6%, Vitoss Bioactive Foam +3%, Vitoss Morsels +1%, U.S. Cortoss and Aliquot $0.8MM, +14%)

  • 4Q sales reflect continued weakness in ortho and spine
  • Realized modest increases of 1% to 2% in 4Q Vitoss and Biosurgery pricing; hemostatis pricing stable
  • Losing Vitoss Classic Foam sales to lower-priced competition (major hardware suppliers heavily discounting standard bone grafts as part of larger package)
  • Anticipates adjusting price for Vitoss Classic on case-by-case basis
  • Recently launched Vitoss Bioactive Foam 2X (BA2X), has 50% more bioactive glass than Vitoss BA
  • Received FDA clearance of Vitoss BA Bimodal
  • Launched new marketing to promote use of Vitagel hemostatis product in joint recon
  • On track to launch cavity creation device (directional bone tamp) in mid-2011; expects clearance for balloon bone tamp in 2012
  • Will file 510(k) for Cortoss for cranial defect repair in 3Q11
  • Launching Bimodal by end of 2011 or early 2012 depending on performance of BA2X
  • Developing new structural biomaterial BA PEEK with bioactive glass
  • Hybrid sales force of 70-75 direct sales reps (DSRs), ~25 distributors and 40 independent agents
  • DSRs provided ~60% of sales in 4Q

€2.4MM (~US $3.4MM) +135%


  • 43 patients treated throughout Europe
  • Received regulatory clearance and reimbursement in Belgium
  • Discussions advancing in other countries (e.g. France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, U.K.) relative to pricing, reimbursement


  • Launched in 9/10 with distribution agreements signed in Europe

Sources: Company press releases, earnings calls, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

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