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White Papers

Advanced Metrology Options for Medical Device Manufacturers

by Mark G. Arenal | Feb 2018

Manufacturers need not rely on go/no-go gaging methods. With non-contact video and multi-sensor systems, not only can 100% inspection be realized, but speed and throughput can increase due to automated measurement routines. High QC demands on orthopaedic devices warrant a look at advanced metrology ... Read more »

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Case Study: Surgical Hip Retractor

by Solvay | Jan 2018

Simple design modifications can support the replacement of metal with high-performance polymer in a device that requires high strength and stiffness. The conversion can also add improved ergonomics in the finished product, and yield significant economic advantages for OEMs. This white paper posits t... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing: An Investigation on the Re-use of Titanium Powder

by Renishaw | Sep 2017

Manufacturers are concerned about re-use of the metal powders they process, as this affects confidence in the quality of their manufactured components. This study cycled a single batch of titanium powder through the additive manufacturing process for 38 builds to determine whether the powder’... Read more »

Profile Tolerancing Optimizes Design Intent and Speeds Time to Market

by Lowell | May 2017

The increasing feature complexity of tight tolerance parts can be a challenge for orthopaedic device companies. Profile tolerancing can clarify design intent by explicitly defining uniform boundaries around the physical geometry. This efficient and effective method for measurement and quality contro... Read more »

Ultrasonic Testing of Medical Grade Bar Products

by Banner | Feb 2017

Banner Medical explains the primary advantage associated with ultrasonic testing is the accuracy and speed in which a given material can be evaluated. Even the smallest indicator can quickly and easily be interpreted to determine if a potential flaw exists. Many medical implant products and instrume... Read more »