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Articles written by Deborah Munro

Examining Methods to Determine Sample Sizes

by Deborah Munro | Dec 2017

Consider use of the acceptance sampling approach or the six sigma acceptable error approach to determine a sample size using statistics.   ... Read more »

Learn to Incorporate Sensors Into Your Next Design Idea

by Deborah Munro | Dec 2017

Microelectromechanical Systems, referred to as MEMS devices or sensors, are being used for tasks that were previously only conceived of in science fiction. ... Read more »

Your EU Medical Device Regulation Guide

by Deborah Munro | Oct 2017

Big changes are underway for the European market and how it regulates medical devices with the recent unveiling of the Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745. ... Read more »

Entrepreneurial Engineering: Start with the Problem

by Deborah Munro | Aug 2017

Entrepreneurial engineers look beyond the obvious to see the bigger picture. So often, it’s less valuable to take problems at face value and solve them as assigned without looking at the matter more broadly. Ask yourself some key questions to gather ideas, make them tangible and lend detail to you ... Read more »